Need to run a Link Audit for your website

It is very much essential to run a link audit atleast once a year.  While conducting a link audit its important to visit each and every link on your link portfolio no matter how many links there may. You can do it the way you want as set of links in a day over time or any other way you want to do it but its imperative to visit every single link in your link portfolio. Seo experts from Best Seo Company In dallas says that there are many benefits of conducting a link audit. Here are some of benefits you will get from your efforts.

  • Discover Harmful Link

Website owner should try to reduce and minimize the number of ‘bad’ links(link from pornography sites, gambling sites or link farm)as they cause harm the integrity of your link portfolio. Many of these links were trying to hide themselves and you may not get to know about them without running a full link audit to your site and visiting each and every link.

  • Categorize Inbound Links and Identify holes in link portfolio

You will get a clear outline of your link portfolio. Which link building strategies are missing from your strategy? Which are links you are relying heavily on?

Search engine likes diversity in link sources, if you are having too many links coming from one source only will get you in trouble. Search engine might see as black hat practice and your site will be in vulnerable position.The more links from unique sources your site has the stronger your SEO campaign will be.

  • See what link building activities have been successful

You must have been keeping some kind of monthly link building report that tracks your link building activities.As you will compare those reports against your link audit you will be able to discover what links have gone live and which ones have not. Through this you can better focus your link building activities in the direction that produce value for your SEO campaign. For instance, if you have been commenting on a particular blog every month but not a single comment has gone through, it is the time to look for a new place to comment and not waste your time.

  • Uncover more Link Building Opportunities

Site owners should consider running link audit fon their competitors. It will not only give idea about how good or bad your site measures up against the competition, but also help you uncover new link building activities. Which forums and messages boards they are active on ? For which blog they are writing guest blog? Which industry association they are part of? It will provide you insights of what you can do further to benefit your company.

If you manage to conduct link audit more frequently than once in a year its better off because if any problems do surface, you will  want to react to them quickly so that you don’t get a penalty.

Dallas seo company will help you in conducting link audit in pretty much better way and guide on your link portfolio.

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