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Top Quotes By Sundar Pichai That Will Change Your Perspective Towards Work

Are you bored from your work or you want something interesting to be added in your work? If it so, then you must look forward to what Sundar Pichai has to say in this regard. Surely, it is going to be beneficial for you. Few days back Sundar Pichai visited IIT KGP. There he addressed 3500 students, professors and media in a talk of an hour. He felt nostalgic after visiting to his own place of education. Sundar Pichai’s invigorating session included something quite important for everyone present there.

Well, here are some quotes with their explanations that were said by Pichai to the people he was addressing at the IIT KGP campus. These quotes can prove of great value to the students and the employees of the various organisations including top SEO professionals to grow and prosper in their jobs. Let’s have a look on the following strong quotes by Sundar Pichai.

  • ‘At Google we have an ambitious approach to things we do we call it Moon shots.

According to Pichai it is essential to learn to let go at all level of the company or an organisation. It is important for a company head to trust others (employees) to do the right thing. He asks people to value creativity and experiences of doing things. Pichai further says that everyone does well in all phases of life and it is essential to have a perspective in life. Students were advised to believe in what they’re doing and to understand things deeper. He says to follow your dreams and how to play life is all up to you.

  • We try to work on things which billions of people will use every day.’

‘Ensure that you are surrounded by good people all around’, says Sundar Pichai. He says that the making other people successful is foremost to do, and eliminating the barriers and roadblocks is the secondary task to make such successful people. The things are progressing online in India at a rapid rate. He also believes that mobile is an amazing revolution in digital India. Since digital market in India is growing faster, more people are getting the advantage of it. Digital platforms in India tend to answer all the probable queries of the potential audience every day.

  • ‘We see to it that it solves real problems for them’

Value team work, it is quite important for every business to do. Pichai believes to set up a company where people love to work  together and set up collaborative cultures. Pichai also believe that with the technological advancements and increase in the adoption rate by Indian companies, the day is not far when top global companies will come from India.

  • ‘We aim high.’

Pichai advised the large audience present at the campus to aim high. He says that aims should be such that make you fall once or twice, coz if you’ll not fall down you’ll not be able to accomplish your targeted goals. Pichai believes that one has to be all rounder and he should try everything in his life. He urges people to take risks to fly high.


The aforesaid quotes of Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai enable a person to love his work life and enjoy everything that comes his way. These inspirational quotes are worth appreciation for you and every person working out there in the digital or technological era. The top SEO experts will be highly benefitted by these quotes and they’ll surely achieve success in their field.


6 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Post For SEO

If you are owning a blog for your company, then it is expected from you that you understand the importance of business blogging, being an entrepreneur of the top SEO firms. But, do you really know the importance and way to optimize your blog posts to make them more search engine friendly. Might be you are knowing about it, but not every blogger or entrepreneur knows about it.You must know that the blogs you post on your brand’s website can bring a lot of advantages for your brand. If you consistently post relevant content on your website and also update the existing content, there are chances for you to take advantage of the benefits blogging offers.

The SEO vendors suggests six easy search engine optimization tips to consider to get your blog noticed:

  • Do your research

Conduct proper keyword research. Make sure you include all essential and required keywords in your content, taking help from tools like Google Adwords Keyword Planner and many others. These tools will help you get necessary keywords related to your content displaying maximum search views on the top. Also, there are chances to include keywords naturally if you do not think of them and focus on creating valuable and relevant content.

  • Utilize keywords throughout your post

After completing the research on keywords, make sure to include them in the content at the place where they will have the most valuable impact on human’s mind. Also, think of the search engine crawlers, they should also be able to see the valuable keywords you inserted in your content. The most impactful places in your content to put keywords are:- title, headings, subheadings, introductory sentence, follow up or ending paragraph, anchor text or hyperlinks, title tags, and meta descriptions.

  • Optimize your images

At the time of uploading an image to your content, make sure you include the targeted keyword in the meta description of the image and also mention the keyword in the file name of the image you’re going to upload. This will show your image in the search engine result pages when anyone will search for that particular keyword.

  • Refer others with links

While writing a blog post, many times you consider mentioning either the name of any blogger or his article in your post. Make sure to include a link to either that blogger’s website or to the information you want your target audience to know about.

  • Give readers the opportunity to subscribe to your blog

Ensure that you include ‘subscribe now’ button or a ‘feedback’ or ‘contact us’ form at the end of your blog so that after reading your blog, the reader have some option to react to your blog post apart from like share and comment options. This is a part of inviting call-to-action from your visitors.

  • Use social media to broaden the reach of your blog

Since social media is gaining a lot of prominence in the digital market, you should also effectively make use of this medium to promote your brand and its blogs. Utilise channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to advertise your blog posts and maximize its reach among a large number of audience. Also, make sure to promote your blogs on the websites that are directly or indirectly related to your blogs.

By following these easy and convenient search engine optimization tips, you can ensure higher rankings of your brand in search engine result pages, increase in web traffic, and high conversion rates.

Best Content-Marketing strategies to Stay on the top of Competition

Promoting unnecessary content to your customer base is as pointless as taking a knife in a gunfight. The issue is no longer that whether targeted content is a competition worth accessing, but how to take home the gold.

With more than 86 percent buyers constantly use mobile phones to mark all the business-related content, it’s no fascination marketers as well as publishers are leaving their best ppc software and display strategies in the closet and choosing for the gold medal of all promoting methods: content distribution services.

Here are few of of the strategies being used by most of the winning companies:

  1. Leveraging influencers

Influencer marketing is the compulsion of nature shaking the marketing world online. There are basically two major things to know while utilizing influencer-based marketing, that is, it’s expensive and it works. With that said, deciding the right influencer takes more than a bit of browsing the YouTube site. Successful influencer marketing does not actually end if a video goes live. It is rather significant to follow up with comments as well as viewer queries across your channels.

Mention let your brands to recognize the best influencers for brand and, with tools like the influencer scorer, it allow you to know the amount of grip his or her brand will provide. The Mention dashboard also allows for you to interact directly with users.

  1. Making it move

Digital storytelling must be as engaging and fluid as your content. Having a enthralling user experience is exactly what your brand require to draw your customer and retain them. Content distribution services must be moving with your customer and enhance their online customer journey.

Connected content is also useful way for testing online preferences of the audiences, offering for brands to enhance the content they chose.

Apester let the brands engage using customized experiences like quizzes and interactive content.

  1. Creating for your customer

Around 61 percent of targeted consumers are more likely to buy from a company which delivers personal content which is specific to their needs and requirements. Being that content has such an smash on retention, having a great awareness of trending and latest topics and industry keywords is a better way to understand what your customer is looking for online.

It’s essential to remember that content must be targeted to your customer’s wants, and not your own. While self promotion are major forces in marketing, providing information to your clients with no strings is the great way to organically reach your customer and keep them for good. By knowing your customers’ personas as well as breaking down pain points, you can also adapt your content to your customer and make deeper connections.

Many Popular sites such as use Spot.IM’s social sidebar to make conversations easy as well as simple.

  1. Letting the journey drive content

The competition with the outstanding content begins starts a keen understanding of the customer journey. By building road map for this epic, you can also position your content distribution services to tell a regular story. Much of content story can be use to smart planning and well-devised content calendar.

Take a Look at 301 Redirect. When should you use it?

Mail forwarding is considered as an essential step in moving process, because it makes sure that you don’t lose any important information that’s sent to you. Similarly, when you’re moving a website from a URL to another one, you have to take the essential steps to ensure that your visitors get sent to the correct place. This is what we called a 301 redirect.

A 301 redirect maintains a domain authority of website and search rankings when the URL of site is changed. It sends visitors and search engines to another URL than the one for which they originally requested.

Why Set up 301 Redirect?

According to seo companies uk, the reasons why marketers set up 301 redirect are:

  1. To link common web conventions with one URL to enhance the domain authority.
  2. To rebrand a website with another URL
  3. To direct traffic to website from other URLs owned by same organization

When a brand is changing its website name, a 301 redirect is essential to maintain the power of inbound links to the original URL. 301 redirect allows to send website visitors to the correct web address to get what they’re searching for.

Brands sometimes purchase domains which are similar in subject matter to their brand to create more traffic to their website. A 301 redirect makes sure that brand’s original domain maintains its search authority.

Some 301 Redirect Mistakes to avoid:

  • Don’t move to new domain without setting up a 301 redirect first.

Few years back, seo cheshire purchased a domain without setting up 301 redirect, and their new site’s SEO results fall, since it was re-crawled by Google as new domain without any inbound links from the original site. Make sure to set up 301 redirect before moving your website content so that your site doesn’t lose traffic.

  • Set up redirects to older internal links on your website.

According to  seo companies uk, if you don’t set up redirects from the older internal links, you are more likely to build a bad user experience for visitors on your site who click on older, not-directed links. The old internal link will ultimately then kick over to the new domain, but it may take few more seconds or show white screen in the meantime.

  • In many cases, set up a 301 permanent redirect rather than a 302 temporary redirect, which might be the default setting of your website management software.

Unless you are temporarily drifting your website’s content while updating and repairing your website, use a 301 redirect to maintain the inbound links efficiently and your search rankings while making alteration to your domain.

Final Thoughts:

Basically, a 301 permanent redirect is much better for (SEO) search engine optimization, than a temporary redirect since it is likely to transfers the inbound links from redirected domain to the new one, which assist the website to maintain its search rankings and prevent any fall in the search traffic.

Hope you like this blog. We will be back soon with some more knowledgeable content. Till then, Stay tune and don’t forget to leave your reviews in the comment box below!