How you can dominate a competitor’s social media marketing

Social media marketing can get you great success in brand building. If you are dedicated to engage your audience on social media nothing can stop you from achieving growth.But this growth might be limited if there exists a fierce competitor in the market which is similar to yours and has a bigger, more engaged following, it will naturally affect on your campaign. New competitors can also interfere in your efforts. So how to dominate them?

  • Investigate

You need to find out what actually is going on? You have to play a role of follower and find out why that company’s strategy is appealing? What kind of post they are making to attract people? How frequently they are posting and how their followers are responding upon those posts. By proper investigation you will get to know your competitors surface -level objectives and tactics they are using to appeal their audience. Take the note and compare them with strategy. You might find something you are doing wrong way.

  • Choose and understand your niche

Identify your target niche. If you already know who your target audience is then you will need take step forward to beat your competitors by differentiating yourself. You can do that by choosing a more specific niche (or an entirely different one) and dedicated on it by delivering highly relevant, curated content. In any case, you’ll have to reevaluate what niche you are targeting and discover some more details about what’s important there.

  • Imitate what works

Figure out what works for your competitors providing them long term benefits and you can apply those tactics in your strategy. Observe on a conceptual level why their strategies work, and utilize those concepts to your own brand. For example, have they grown in popularity through video tutorial content? Perhaps you could come up with your own such offerings.

  • Be different or be better

To beat your competition you have two choices, either be different or be better. The former is easier as you will choose different niche, construct a different brand voice or otherwise fundamentally remove yourself from this competitive space. Other option is doing what your competitors do in a far better way so that you can dominate your competitors. Do it in such a way that it becomes difficult for your competitors to catch you at that level.

  • Provide value

Make a priority to provide value to your targeted customers. Think about what your ideal followers would most like to see. Craft your strategy focusing on the way it engage more and more customers to your brand.

  • Learn and Improve

Your best weapons are ongoing improvements. Consistently measure your progress. Determine which of your posts are more popular and which ones went flat. Compare your follower-engagement rates with your competitors’. When a tactic doesn’t seem to be working, don’t waste time on it, and if you find one that carries a massive impact, replicate it. Working with san diego seo company would help you stand out your competitors.

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