How to present your SEO Plan in the most impressive way

Are you preparing to to present your SEO plan? However, knowing how to prepare and justify your plan is as important as what you actually put in the plan. Top houston seo company shares some tips to guide you throughout the process of presenting your plan.

  • Organize your thoughts

Here you have to apply the same principles as your teacher taught you in school for writing the term paper i.e starting from the introduction all the way to the conclusion. Start with the set of points clearing what you are going to talk about i.e what activities or campaigns you are recommending. From there identify your supporting point for each activity, why you are recommending a particular approach? What will be the benefits? And also be sure to discuss any potential risks and how those risks can be addressed.

There should be logical flow in whatever you present be sure that if some elements are related you present them in sequence to maintain a good flow logic.

Also discuss time and cost investments and anticipated benefits for every item.

Once you have created all your recommendations create a concise summary of your overall plan to make sure nothing is overlooked.

  • Make it Matter to them

When you present your plan to your management team or c-suite think about what matters the most for them.

Every company should have clearly stated set of overall company goals, along with an outline of annual goals by department. So make sure you use your department and company goals in your presentation and refer each of your recommendations to at least one of these goals. This assure your management team that you are in tune with the company goals and your work will support them.

Be sure to include the following factors-

  • How much time the particular activity is expected to require? Will work priorities needed to be adjusted in order to carry out the recommended steps.
  • Is there any out-pocket cost associated with the particular recommendation?
  • Are there any special or technical skills required to execute the plan that company lacks in house? Is so you can recommend to collaborate with best houston seo services to make your plan work.

Once you have discussed the above factors make to justify them with projected benefits and the value it provide in achieving your company goals. These benefits typically include increased traffic, CTR, leads and ultimately conversions.

  • Acknowledge the unexpected

You are well aware of how unpredictable is the world of SEO. You never know which update in Google’s algorithm can bring changes to SEO. Therefore it is crucial to point out that how you prepared for and responded to previous changes from Google as well as SEO plans should have direction but also be allowed to change in response to industry shifts or data from analytics to provide the best results.

  • Be confident and open

Present your plan with confidence and open attitude. Show you have understood your industry, your company and SEO, and also respect the experience and knowledge of your management teams and peers.

Be ready to answer the questions and also provide details how you developed the ideas by citing industry statistics and trends  as well as referencing past successes and failures .

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