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Twitter is one of the most popular platforms for people to voice their opinions. If you want to monitor your product’s experience, make sure to follow Twitter. From October 2015, Twitter made it even more easy to follow your brand’s opinion by Twitter polls. You can create native polls in minutes with Twitter polls which let you have valuable feedbacks.

But unfortunately, this immense potential of Twitter polls is not completely harnessed.

Here are six ways by which Twitter polls can be used to drive engagement.

1.Product research and promotion

Experts from top SEO company in California believes that Twitter polls are a powerful medium for research purposes. Usually, social media is a platform where customers speak their heart out and this is certainly helpful for brands. A better research work would mean getting the feedback from customers about your brand and product. Besides getting feedback, twitter polls can be used to attract new customers. Start new Twitter polls that talk about your new offers.

  1. Create unique industry statistics

Getting real-time results from your audience also provide the ability to become thought leader of the industry with actual statistics. If your industry has an active Twitter community then make sure to create exclusive industry statistics.

  1. Repurposing the content type

It is difficult at times to generate fresh content every day to keep your audiences engaged and captivated to your brand. Consultants from best SEO company in Boston suggested an alternative for generating fresh content with repurposing the content. Repurposing a long form content by generating Twitter poll around the topic and drive engagement with your content with the information.

  1. Settle debates to drive engagements or settle for fun

Twitter polls are helpful to break the monotony and add some fun to the regular posts. You can use different images according to your targeted customers. For targeting the younger generation, you may use emojis in polls which can be an eye-attracting factor. The basic funda is to create something that attracts your audiences. For making your posts much more interesting use languages that are prevalent among your targeted audiences, use emojis etc. Always remember, better engagement with the brand will lead to better loyalty within people for the brand.

  1. Mark your presence in current events

If you are a news publisher or active in current events, creating Twitter polls regarding the current affairs can be an easy way to grab engagement. These Twitter polls will be able to make your connection with your followers even fresher and create better retention for your brand.

  1. Using Twitter polls to promote your content

Although images cannot be used in Twitter polls yet links and hashtags can be used to promote your other pieces of relevant content. Using Twitter polls for promoting content have many benefits such as:

It drives interest and makes the brand stand out of crowd

You can get followers feedback on the content shared to do further improvement.

Find additional topics from the feedback gained.


Whatever is the way you use Twitter polls for your business, it will provide you with better exposure and engagement levels. Consider experimenting with different type questions, answers to see what works best.

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Virtual reality is the most advanced version of the technology in recent times. This technology is been used in wide scale as a tool for marketing to attract the attention of the users in the most attractive manner. If you look at the brands like Facebook, Samsung, Sony and Google, all are investing in virtual reality. The main purpose of VR is to provide an authentic experience to its users by eliminating all the background noises and scenario. VR has the capability to transport the users in the world they dream to be.

Even though usage of virtual reality is in the initial stage yet companies have started planning on how to incorporate VR in their content strategy.

Experts from best SEO companies in Atlanta has suggested 3 tips to keep in mind while incorporating virtual reality.

  • Concentrate on impressive storytelling

Storytelling is the most effective way to project the brand message to potential customers. Using virtual reality will help brands to connect with people in the most effective and creative way as compared to traditional practice. The most benefitted industry by virtual reality is gaming industry. Currently, experiments and discussion are going on for incorporating VR in promotional purposes in other industries as well. As a content strategist one should be vigilant enough to link the usefulness of VR from other industries into content promotion.

The best example of VR storytelling was UNICEF’s “Cloud over Sidra”. This was meant to display the story of a small girl living in Syria refugee camps and her life that was suffering due to civil wars. This VR-based storytelling was a huge hit and end up raising billions of funds.

This experience gives all marketers a lesson in the usability of virtual reality. SEO professionals from top SEO company in Miami suggest following the pattern of VR usage in content strategy:

  • The impact of culture is remarkable hence marketers should use culture to educate audiences about their brand or product.
  • Marketers will have to be creative. Traditional marketing strategies are not that effective in recent times. VR experience should be created with the help of creative ideas and valuable content. Introducing the mix of creativity and content can bring better user engagement.
  1. Encourage user generated content

User generated content has always proven that beneficial to content marketing. There are many brands that are immensely popular due to the user generated content. User generated content in VR is a new concept yet it is likely to generate better development in VR content marketing. People may start using high-end cameras to create VR content. VR has the potential to give marketers full control over their messages are given to users. This control tends to provide significant benefit to marketers in terms of boosting better user engagement and brand trust.

  1. Brings the product to the customers

The biggest advantage of using VR is, it brings the product very close to its customers in the comfort zone of the customers. There are companies like IKEA that are using augmented reality product catalogue. This app helps to show the product catalogue and with the help of phone camera facilitates in visualising the product in your space.

In this competitive market, being different is the only way to get discovered. Google is bringing a new VR dimension in tourism. With the introduction of Google cardboard, people will be able to choose to among variety of virtual tours. VR is also getting prominence in the food industry with the campaign of “Happy Google” started in Sweden by McDonald.


From ecommerce to tourism to food industry, VR has the potential to bring better engagement in any industry. The type of content used in VR will be a significant factor to get better results. Make sure to utilise VR in the best possible way to generate a better message for your brand.

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How to target the audience for better content marketing?

Marketing is all about showing off the product or the content to the audience. It’s about making people buy the product even if they do not show any interest initially. The key to great business success is the great marketing tactics and strategies which really work! There are lots of factors which come into play while deciding the success of any business or an organisation. One of the important, yet most ignored factor is the audience, the right audience! The word “ Marketing” makes people think that they have to just explode their products to the world, without considering the effectiveness of the task. Well, marketing means to let more and more people know about your stuff, but targeting the right set of people is very important. It is useless to sell the product to an audience which is least interested in it. Some of the top SEO companies in Ludhiana are experienced and skilled in developing the content marketing strategies which are totally dedicated to the suitable group of people. These companies have earned name and fame in their niche by providing services that are highly appreciated by the clients.

In this blog post, i have mentioned some of the tips which will help you out in targeting the right audience for your business.

1. Identify the right demographic.

It is very important to know what sector of the population will be of use. Which sector of population will get benefits from your products or services? You will not get any benefits from selling the product, which are meant for kids, to the mature people. Or selling a product which serves best to those who live in hilly areas, to the people who live in coastal regions wont do any good to your company.

2. Know what you are specialised in.

Learning more about the product will give you an insight about the audience you should pursue. It should be very much clear in the mind about how the product or the service is going to be helpful to the crowd. That is when you will be able to create relevant and effective strategies.

3. Know where to find your people.

Just having the knowledge of your prospective customers will not take you anywhere. You have to reach out to them and give them what they are looking for and what you have to offer. Now a days, people are mostly active on the social media, so it is great opportunity to find them, contact them and turn them into your customers using various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. Keep your online presence active and it will be helpful in staying engaged with your clients.

4. Keep your presumptions good.

Being a marketer, you always have to keep an eye on the current scenarios of the market. It very important to know what changes might take place in the industry. Having a short eye vision is undesirable in the industry. You have make decisions keeping the long term aims and visions in mind. Keep complete knowledge about the various shifts in the mindsets of the people. Stay updated about the latest trends in the markets and the tactics that are being used by the competitors.

Marketing requires patience and effort. No fruit can be seen in a fortnight. You have keep trying new tactics and see which one works best for you. There many SEO companies in Mumbai which have proved their capabilities in the field of online marketing. You can find them through their social media platforms. For those who want to do their marketing campaign on their own, these tips will surely help them in the long run.

How to make your content SEO friendly?

Content matters! Users will not be satisfied with the headlines, or the website design, or the popularity of your company or the site. They need content. And they need good quality content. You cannot dare to ditch your customers with poor, irrelevant content. The search engines, today, have become so sophisticated and so vigilant that they can catch any spammy low-quality content in no time. Therefore, it is very necessary to provide good quality content to the users, not just to get higher rank in the search result page, but to gain trust and credibility from the users. The Top SEO companies in Noida believe that a good quality content is more important than any SEO strategy.

This blog post is a complete guide on how to deliver brilliant content. So, let’s get on with it.

1. Give them what they want.

Search engines are named so for a reason. These are used by the users for searching something. People access the internet for many purposes but the core purpose remains the same i.e. to look for something. Provide them what they want and they will never turn their back on you. The prime focus should always be to provide what the users are looking for.

2. Give them relevant content.

Providing anything and everything but relevant information is as good as providing nothing. It is very important to be the one who provides nothing but relevant information. Today, the Internet is full of people who are ready to sell their stuff. And this is true for any discipline you talk about. So, to survive such a cutthroat competition, you cannot afford to lack in providing relevant information.

3. Give them fresh and unique content.

You pick any single topic and search for it on the Internet, you will be amazed to see the number of related articles it shows. Simply providing stuff that are already present on the Internet will be very boring for the user. Aim to deliver content that is relevant and new in the market. This will definitely attract the user and it will grow your traffic.

4. Avoid giving thin content.

Years ago, writers used to provide content that lacked in-depth knowledge. Just providing the surface knowledge isn’t a good practice. Always thrive to present the complete in-depth knowledge. The users will definitely appreciate the hard work you would put in. Try to research about the topic as much as possible. Use the trustworthy and genuine resources to gather the less known facts and information.

5. Avoid keyword stuffing.

Keywords are crucial in any content. Therefore, many are mistaken by using too many keywords in a single article. This is known as keyword stuffing. Good search engines such as Google, mark such type of content as spammy or rank them very low. Therefore, it is very necessary to make optimum use of keywords.

A good content is something that is high in quality, relevance, something that is unique. A poor content will disappoint your users and will definitely make them bounce off. Customer satisfaction is the main thing that should be kept in mind and nothing more than a good content will keep your customers happy. Many SEO companies in Secundrabad are known for their great job in providing great content to the customers. They imply various tricks to make the content SEO friendly. Content is something you cannot compromise with. So, use these mind-blowing tips and your content quality will improve eventually.

How to fish a good SEO company?

Gone are the days, when the sole purpose to access the Internet was to look for information. Today, the Internet has found its usage in the business field, right from setting up a small business to running an internationally famous enterprise. For any person using the Internet as a platform to run their business, the main aim is to get the highest ROI. The more visitors a page receives, the more profit it generates. This is the reason why webmasters all around the world are trying to get their client’s page the maximum number of traffic. Google lets the most optimized page or the site get the top position in the search result. This has given birth to various companies that render their services to their clientele by making their content SEO friendly. These companies have grown so much in number that it is hard to pick a genuine company out of them.

In this blog post, I have mentioned some great tips to catch a company that delivers what it promises.

1. Ask your fellow mates.

If you are new in the game then it is recommended to better ask other business owners who have already worked with these companies. They have experience and they know which company is true to their words and which one is fraud. So, before hiring any company, asking for a little help will be better.

2. Select a company with same interests.

Optimizing a page or a content requires in-depth knowledge of the core topic. A company that shares the same interest will provide better results.

3. Get details of the budget and the fees.

SEO companies charge fees for their service. So, it is very important to create a budget and select a company that will provide its services suitable to the budget. It is very important to see that the company provides the work that is according to the fees paid. Going for the freelancing companies is an also a very cost effective option.

4.  Ask for the company’s report and the progress detail.

Before going for any company, it is very important to go through the company’s report. This will be very helpful in knowing the past experiences of the company. After hiring a company, it is very important to keep monitoring the company’s work. Ask for the progress report to see what all work has been done and how good it has been done.

5. Going through the company’s review.

A company’s review speaks volume about the company’s performance. It is highly advised to go through the company’s review written by the users. An SEO service reviews will help the user in understanding the various positive and negative points of the company. Reviewing any SEO company before hiring it will help in taking better decisions.

SEO requires patience. It is a hard way to get your page to the desired level. Although, many experts all around the world suggest that various DIY SEO tricks should be used to save money. But due to the shortage of time, it is believed that hiring a company to provide the SEO services is a better option to go with. You can also check the best SEO company reviews to understand the things that should be kept in mind while going to hire a company. This will help you in knowing various other shortcomings or noteworthy points to keep in check while hiring any SEO services provider.

How small businesses can use social media to boost their growth?

The role of social media in the online business is huge. It doesn’t matter if you are a fresher or someone with great experience, you cannot deny the importance of social media. It has the power to turn a huge number of people into customers. Plus, it also helps many emerging businesses in becoming a success in their field. Social media has a lot to offer to the small businesses. SEO agencies all over the world offer their services in order to help small or new businesses.

This blog post is a guide to small businesses how they can leverage social media for maximum gains!

Expand your outreach!

Social media is all about connecting and reaching new people. The more you meet new people, more they will come to know about your business. So, make an effort in knowing your prospective customers and contact them as much as you can.

Enhance your local ranking!

For any small business, it is very necessary to be recognised in its local area. Social media does this work easily. Connecting and delivering products and services to more and more local customers will make your business’s local rank high.

Direct your users to the website

Once you gain popularity on social media, you can direct your users to the website. Provide the link to your website in your social media which will take the users to your website.

Improve your social media profile.

It is often seen that when the social media profile is highly famous among the people, it gets its place in the top list of the search results. This is very helpful in boosting the rank of the website.

Stay active!

People use social media so as to get to know about the new stuff that is going on in the world. They demand something new, fresh and creative. Make it a platform to share latest post about your business’s visions, offers, updates. Do this on a regular basis otherwise there will always be threat of losing the followers.

Share your fellow business’s posts.

Not everyone in the field is your enemy. Sharing other people’s post will build trust among the circle. The other businesses or organisations will trust you and it will develop a good image of yours in the business world. This image will help you in climbing the ladder of success when you will shift your business to a bigger level.

Social media has been proven as a great platform to give a start to various businesses and startups. It has enormous powers in it to take any business to great level of success. All it takes is a set of proper strategies to harness this power so as to take as much benefit as possible. Various website ranking companies take interest in a business’s social image. They look how famous and popular a business is among the people through social media so as to analyse how seriously the owner takes the business. So, make full use of social media and it will definitely help in taking your business to good heights.

Top Reasons Why You Need Emotionally Smart People In Your Company!

Usually, when the entrepreneurs start looking out to hire, they prefer those people who already have experience and possess high skills along with some long term or short term goals. Of course all these factors hold much importance, but then there are one more core factor that most of the entrepreneur forgets to look for and that is emotional intelligence.

You might not believe that, but top press release distribution also suggests that hiring emotionally intelligent people in your company leaves a much positive impact on your company’s performance.

What does emotional intelligence is?

In a simple language, emotional intelligence allows one to handle and identify his or her own emotions along with the emotions of others.

When someone is able to manage his or her actions and sympathy from others, and keep them in check are more likely to have a positive impact on the business.

How does it affects your work?

See why it is essential for your employees to have this emotional intelligence factor:

Better communication

You will be no less than shocked if we tell you that most of the communication you conduct among your workplace is usually non verbal. Which simply implies that it depends on the tone of your talks and what body language you are using while interacting with others.

In fact, it is the tone and body language of our communication is which act as one of the most important factor which determines how you perceive things and how you react on a specific situation, but understanding each other.

According to the studies, those people who are emotionally intelligent are more likely to handle the situation and understand things efficiently and act as a source motivations for your co workers. In addition to this, they also help others to do a better job for expressing his personal feelings and ideas.

Even temperament

This is not a secret for you that how stressful work could be and it only gets doubled when you tend to lose your temper. When you learn to remain calm at workplace, you automatically being able to focus on more productive task and think with more clarity, and also manages to find the much suitable and better option for your problems.

On the other hand, losing your calmness will lead to take uninformed poor decisions and broken communication as well.

Although, emotionally intelligent people are not always remain calm, but they know well in advance that how to handle the stressful situation efficiently.

Co- worker rapports

According to the web analytics companies, emotionally intelligent people finds it easy to build better social connection, since they are more able to relate the feeling and emotions of another people.

And being the head of your team, this has to be the most essential quality that one must possess, since this quality helps to a great extent to unites its team by offering them with the best possible environment to work with. The more better environment you offer to them, the more your employees will be able to deliver the result.

Need of a client

No one likes when the client leaves, and in the corporate world, you don’t get an idea that what went wrong. Clients always come to you by stating clearly about their needs and requirements. But when the time they think that you are not being able to meet their needs, they decide to leave your place.

Employees who possess emotional intelligent qualities are more likely to efficiently read the mind of clients and are more suitable when it comes to handle the unmanageable situation. Having such employees within your business is a must because they are more efficient in building the strong relationship with clients as well as with potential customers.

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How To Make Your Customers Loyal By Prioritizing The Customer Services?

Have you ever thought what is going to make your brand a stronger one in 2017? If you are thinking to give the answer your social media marketing strategies and product development, then of course they are going to work, but won’t be effective unless you take care of one of the most essential factor, that is, Customer Services.

Customer services might not generate the same result as the best social media management tools do, but surely, it is one of the best marketing tool, which helps your customer to stick to your brand instead of going anywhere else.

If you succeed in making your customers experiencing the amazingly awesome experience, then surely they will return back to you and more are the chances that they will bring their other friends referring your brand to them.

In today’s world, where so many brands are available, customers can identify within few minutes that how your brand will provide service and what they are likely to experience. And if your brand fails to deliver what it has promised to the customers, then they will move to your competitors in no time.

This is the only reason why shopping cart provider reviews have raised the stake of the businesses. Although, there are so many other tried and tested ways which can ensure that you deliver the best customer experience.

Develop customer insight

If you are thinking that you will offer your customers with an amazing services and experience, without understanding your customer, then you are halfway of achieving failure.

A successful market research, qualitative customer insight and competitors analysis are the most essential things to be keep in mind while identifying your customer to make a purchase.

For instance, you are running a successful restaurant in south india, and planning to open one more branch in north India. Do you think the food you serve in that region will be liked by the people out there in north?

Of course not! Because people from different regions have different taste, likes as well as expectation. You need to analyze your target audience and identify what they like the most. Therefore, it is important to research carefully and then plan your services  after audience analysis. The better analysis you made the better experience you are going to serve your customers.

Build a welcoming environment

It is a human nature that everyone love to spend few of the moments in nice and clean atmosphere. Whether it be going out for the shopping purposes, or to have a dinner or anywhere, customers will always to go on such places where they feel a clean and welcoming environment. This makes them feel that you value your customers and also it increases you chances to rank among the top service providers.

Of course, your customers might forget after few days about the napkin you offer them, but they will never forget the way they feel welcomed at your place. They will always remember the environment and entire experienced.

Make sure to enable transparency

Nowadays, customers are more eager to know about all the details and specifications about the products. Make sure to let them know about every single detail, whether it be the history, or the manufactures, sources, and everything.

Allowing your customers to know about all such information makes your customers to build more trust towards your brand. And remember, one loyal customer is always equal to the 10 new customers.

Brand transparency ensures that your customer don’t feel cheated, so it is essential to show them up everything regarding the products details, social media ads, promotion techniques and even the menus sometime.

Ask for the feedback

Directly or indirectly, your customers will say definitely something about your brand about how they like it or what they didn’t like. Whether they will say at your site’s review section, or to their friends or family. So why don’t ask them to give feedback directly to you?

Inviting feedbacks from your customers gives you an opportunity to know how your customers feel about your brand and how you can improve your brand for the betterment. And this also increases chances for gaining the customer loyalty.

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How to manage your blog post for SEO?

It’s shocking to know that about 60% of the blog posts do not get enough good ranking in the Google’s ranking, in spite of having good content. There are many factors which come into play when SEO is concerned. It’s not enough to just have good content to get that higher ranking in the Google’s search result page. Some of the top SEO companies in Jaipur believe that a good content is just one part out of many of the SEO campaign. There are lot more to be done to take a blog from a low rank to a higher rank.

In this blog post, I have mentioned some of the easy-to-use tips to manage the blog post  and, thus, elevate the rank,

1. Optimize the title.

Your title plays a very important in optimizing your blog for a better rank. It is the first thing that a user reads about your post. It contains the core essence of your content. The title should be catchy, yet relevant. It should revolve around the main keyword you are using. So, put enough time and effort in creating the title for your blog post.

2. Improve the content body.

To keep the user engaged in reading the blog requires the content to be very interesting and relevant. Plus, the body of the content should be good enough for the bots to easily crawl it and index it properly. The more easily bots will crawl and index the content, more will be the chances of getting the higher rank.

3. Choose keywords properly.

The role of keywords in determining the overall rank and thus, the success of any blog cannot be underestimated. If you choose the wrong set of keywords then, you are most likely to miss out on a major chunk of great opportunities. You can use various tools which are available online to do the keyword research. These tools will let you know about the keywords that are most likely to be searched. Try to use long tail keywords and interrogative type keywords.

4. Optimize the images.

Using images in your posts are a good move. These images make the user’s experience and the stay on the page pleasurable and interesting. But, it is very important to know that the images should also be properly optimized. Heavy size images will lower down your page’s rank. So, it’s necessary to use quality images but also small in size. Another important thing to keep in mind is to use the relevant and fresh images. Using copied images might do more harm than good.

5. Use proper interlinking and backlinking.

Interlinking plays an important role in lifting up the page rank. But, it’s very important to keep in mind that it should be done properly so as to yield maximum benefits. While interlinking, direct your users to the relevant pages. This will boost your popularity and credibility. Pay attention to the backlinks which point out to your site. There are many faulty backlinks which lower down the rank of the page it refers to.

Taking your site to the top positions of the search result page takes lots of effort and time. If you think it’s hard to manage your business along with the optimization campaign then you can contact to some SEO companies in Kolkata, which does the work for their clients at very low prices. Those who want to do this on their own can follow the above-mentioned tips and you will see positive results in no time.

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How social media affects SEO?

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Today it’s hard to find a person who is not active on the social media and it’s even harder to find someone who can live without social media. Holding this much importance, it is no surprise that the fate of a site or a page also depends on social media. If not directly, then indirectly it affects the chances of a business’ success. Even the top 10 SEO firms believes in the fact, that social media presence and popularity has a great impact on SEO.

In this post we will see how social media affects SEO and thereby, affects the search engine ranking of a site or a page.

Fame matters!

Your social media presence and popularity has a great role to play. Although, it does not affect your ranking directly but, it gives an impression of the credibility of your content. If your social media profile is popular among the crowd, then you have a great chance that people would visit your website.

Links through social media are important.

Links present on your social media accounts, directing the users to the website are considered as equivalent to backlinks. Though, experts believe that these links do not affect the ranking of a website, but on the other hand, they go on saying that these links are responsible for driving a good number of users to the corresponding website, therefore, making an impact on the ranking of your page or site.

Social media is no less than a search engine.

Although Google is still the undisputed king of the Internet world when it comes to providing the best search results to its users, but with people spending a majority of their time on various social media platforms, it will not be wrong to say that, it has become a secondary search engine. Again, the search engine doesn’t take the search records over the social media platforms into account while ranking a site, but it is a clear message that, it will be very soon when social media will be considered as a mini search engine.

Your social media profile boosts your ranking.

Webmasters all over the world are working hard to get their sites to the top of the search result. Having your page or the site on the top of the search result guarantees you good traffic rush. Good news is that, once your business’s social profile gets famous among the crowd, it will be shown on the top of the search results. That means, it will boost the company’s pagerank. It has been seen many times that, when searched for a company’s website, their social media profiles on various platforms, show up. This strengthens the fact that, your social media profile boosts your website’s ranking.

With this we come to the conclusion that, although the social media does not affect the ranking of a website, its importance cannot be overlooked. The trends of the internet world keeps on changing and it is always recommended to be few steps ahead, to always be in lead. Big shots, in their respective fields, have already seen it coming and they have already included the social media in their arsenal! Best SEO companies all over the world are helping small businesses and the beginners in developing a good social media presence so as to influence the world with their success.

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