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What rules in the world of SEO: Content or a strategy?

As they say “content is king” in SEO and we can certainly put concise with that. Ask the market strategists and they have all to say that content plays a vital role in SEO. In most SEO practices from technical optimisation to content, this has taken a stand in all aspects. Today, content hold more values than anything else in an SEO company.


As we all know that digital marketing is a strong interconnected field that has changed all the parameters in the past years. It has evolved widely from being nothing to grabbing a place in our daily lives. A lot of different web strategies affect each other in quite a crucial way. Content has the power to affect other web strategies where Search Engine optimisation (SEO) and Search engine marketing (SEM) are two different strategies of digital marketing.


What role does content play?


In many SEO campaign the contribution of content is undeniable and it is primary for any SEO campaign to succeed.


  1. Indexable Pages: When you produce more content it means you are ingesting more indexable pages to your site. We all know that in any business quantity does not play a severe role as much as quality. Quality is anyway important for the product to make its market presence. As you know if you keep stuffing your content that is not meeting quality you may not rise in rankings also. Getting quality content is what the web is looking for?
  2. Perceived Authority: When you increase the quality of your website by putting quality content, Google’s perception of your authority will automatically increase. Maintaining a consistent high quality content will give you reward points from Google and your website may rank in the top lists.

How relevant content matters?


In order to provide contextual relevance to your pages, content is important. With the semantic search of Google that analyses the natural meaning of the languages of pages on high priority than the keywords, relevant content came out to be pivotal making all the presence.


  • Interlinking: Content aids in interlinking your website with the authorised websites to draw traffic. It could also be said that how close your pages are linked, the higher will be the authority.


  • Inbound links: In order to rank in search engines, inbound links are quite crucial. They are the external indicators of the authority of your brand. You can also build these links but earning them naturally adds more points. Produce the content that people would like to naturally link to.


  • Off site publishing opportunities: Content does a lot more in linking you to the outside world. It is an add-on to your services and products that help you building a network. By having a content that is quality approved and unique may help in distributing your content to multiple channels.


Even the big SEO companies understand the vital importance of content in SEO, where SEO company in Israel and SEO Haifa are laddering up to make their content more interactive that can engage user attention.


What you need to stay alive in business?

Even the big empires may get demolish with a little wrong strategy in the business and your ignorance here plays the role. Playing the game of business is all about being an opportunist. You need to be selfish in this game as what you need to see is your growth. But yes learn how to be selfish in a good way.

What’s is needed to keep the business afloat?

As we land to SEO, there are many aspects and elements of SEO that makes it a complete win game. You need to be all alert and energetic when you execute a market strategy. So, here are some basic points you need to bring up to let your business do all the talking:

  1. In any SEO agency there are various limits and boundaries but you need to push all the bars to mark success in the game. It is very important to stay on your toes and be ready to sway the opposites.

  1. A mind-set that keeps pushing you on a continual basis. Having a healthy mind that is constructive and works out all the positives for business growth. As they say “slow and steady wins the race”, be a steady partner and execute everything as set in mind.

  1. You need to conquer all the angst that is hurdling in your business. It is a key strategy as when you learn how to push the difficulties it automatically paves way for the sky limits.

  1. A lot of people launch their products after working on it for months and sometimes years, that is okay? But what is important that working on the product is as important as presenting the product in the market. You cannot sustain in this stride just by your product in hand if you do not have the competitive strategy upright.

  1. Create a sustainable business that goes upscale. Instead of investing so much in a product that may get flop, you can put less resources and give a contribution to product that works wonder and go up with a slow and committed scale.

  1. Help yourself first rather than helping others. First thing first, you need to stable yourself and then you can give your hands to others. This is necessary that you do not go in unnecessary mess with anything for the sake of supporting someone.

  1. Mark the ethics and legitimacy. It is indeed that you must drive on a legitimate path to serve longer. If you are taking the shorter path and commit some deceitful things it may ruin your sustainability. Think before you execute anything.

Even the big market players who are unleashing the best of ethical services in the market also praise the fact of executing business that may give time for results but is promising. An SEO company Israel which is catering to the business needs in a location and churning some incredible results may prove out to be a survivor with a right strategy.

Images are Essential, But How Many?

Every SEO expert like SEO company Orlando, marketer or advertiser suggests that images should be there in your blog posts. Even you also think that if you want your website to grow images are essential to grab more and more traffic. If you are a marketer then you must have come across clients you are very fond of images and visuals and ask you to put as many as you. On the other hand, you also have clients who do not demand many images. So, you work according to the. But what is the actual no. of images needed to put on a blog spot? No one is clear about this.

Researchers say that more images increase your user engagement but to be more clear about this fact this data was mostly based on Facebook results. If it is a social media platform then it is, of course, more oriented towards images and other visuals but people confuse=se it with blogs and websites also. Engagement of users on Facebook simply means a like or a share but on blogs it means reading and commenting too.

Another research said that if you use people’s photos then also it will attract more users as they keep gazing at your blog posts more. But again the question arises here, is only looking at pictures the real outcome of a blog? No, not at all.

So, to find out the exact no.of pictures on a blog post, number of studies and researches are carried out regularly and one of them states that the prominent blogs use an average of 3.2 images per post. This means using one image after 350 words for long posts.

Let us look at a couple of experiments done by various marketing experts and companies like SEO company Orlando:

1.One post has image other does not:

Many experts carried out an experiment in which they used two posts with same topic but on on different websites. On one post they used a catchy featured image while on the other there was no image. The results were surprising as they stated that the blog without images comprised of four times more traffic than the blog with the image.

2.One post has less images and the other has many images:

Research say that the post with 13 images was more popular as compared to the post with 2 images. While the post with highset time on the page had only one image.

These studies and researches make it clear that no. of images on your post can’t be decided by someone else, you have to work on your own decisions. Let your personal views flow in and you should work accordingly.

Also Include Snapchat in Your 2016 Marketing Plan – Here’s Why?

Snapchat, this name brings curiosity to almost all the millennials out there. The curiosity to check what their near and dear ones have shared the latest. The tagline of this amazing social media platform ‘Life’s best when you live in a moment’ itself throws a never fading impact on anyone who comes across it.

This social media platform was developed four years ago and till now it has been able to attract a hell lot of population of this ‘online freak’ world. The outstanding and different ways provided by Snapchat are still gaining more and more users day by day. You can share your story of each and every moment with your family and friends and this creates an attachment with this platform. Every now and then someone or the other is ready with their story and the viewers are eager to know it all. Especially, the millennials enjoy the most of it. Reports from Kansas city SEO company state that millennials occupy the largest audience space on Snapchat.

How is Snapchat helpful in marketing?

Now, let us discuss how this fun and entertainment based app helping the marketers. In Feb 2016 Snapchat came up with their strategy which has proved really advantageous to many brands and businesses. As we know today all social media platforms have grabbed the attention of almost all the brands for marketing, so, how can Snapchat lag behind? Snapchat had introduced their paid ad strategy earlier which was beneficial for big brands but the small brands were not able to afford the budget of these paid ads. So, help these emerging brands, make the space in the online market Snapchat introduced on demand Geofilters. It is one of the affordable paid strategies as it starts from the lowest price of $5. This price increases according to the length and time of the geotargeted area.


As the price of this new advent is low hence even the budding businesses can make use of this opportunity and come up. Kansas city SEO company states that over 60% of users regularly generate content on Snapchat. While the rest find viewing those videos and images more comfortable, rather than posting anything. Snapchat’s Geofilters give a spark to users to check what all geofilters are available related to the place they have visited. This gives users a reason to open the app and capture the moment.

Industrial events:

Not only from an individual point of view, but, these on demand geofilters have helped many industries and brands to build up their logos related to any event and then propagated their business. Suppose your company has organised an event then these geofilters will make the attendees curious to share their images accompanied with your brand’s logo and this will connect thousands of other audience too.

Holidays and fun:

If your company is organising some campaign or trip then these geofilters will help you the best in marketing. Turn those cultural moments into snapchat campaign and spread the message across the world. Like The National Donuts Day.

How large business dealing with Local SEO?

We know that small businesses need local SEO, but do the large business enterprises have importance for local SEO?

Yes, in this big game for search engine optimisation, local SEO is a delight for small business and they can pull up their customers in the best way. The numbers in this race makes all the difference where the big businesses are already established and targets big customers, the need of local SEO is still evident for them? What about sprawling organisations and shopping chains and big outlets? Do they need local SEO for this endeavour?

As small business may have small retails outlet in small groups, the big business will have more outlets spread in more cities and countries. For example, pizza hut, Mcdonalds, Walmart have a global presence.

By catering to customers in their very small location, the business can glide meeting exclusive returns. The SEO service philippines need to cater to the clients locally and then step for global marks.

Big Businesses relation with Local search

When it comes to local search for big business they share a more rocky relationship than a smooth dice. Brands that are cutting themselves from local search are undoubtedly losing their presence. Search is growing more local should be taken as a sign to add dimensions in this frame.

Jared Del Prete of Search Engine Land writes“They benefit from regional exposure and brand recognition. They usually have deep pockets and the digital clout to outrank smaller brick-and-mortars. Yet still, they fail to achieve their potential.”

As the big organisations have too much data to be managed reliably, they are swinging in the globalised market. In this big management it also offers some management errors and lead to some frustrated customers.

With outdated profiles, inaccurate listings and other management errors, these are hindering the existence of local SEO for big business. Likewise SEO service philppines should look for the wider business.

How to solve the local SEO problem?

In this platform, the large business can offer accuarte results to local consumers:

  1.      Automation:

A tool that makes this process earlier can be used. You can organise your brand information using a cloud platform and edge business in the confidential stages.

  1.      Manual Verification:

The local manager or franchise owner can locally inspect and churn out useful information. He/she plays an important role in verification and validation. Make sure that there are no duplicate listings.

  1.      Page for each store:

What if there is a page for each store that is ingested with the information needed. A page where the page owner can post regular updates. These pages however, need to be checked for quality purposes and making a difference to interact with the queries of the consumers.

Big players need to see the local market with more insights and ramp up with catering the local market.

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Good Riddance: Google’s Toolbar PageRank

The often asked question regarding Google’s update on toolbar PageRank has been laid at rest. The answer is—never. According to a company’s official the PageRank has been shuttered. In the coming week, any browser toolbars currently making use of the data will stop displaying it.

Yes, something that hold a gold standard once a time is now a history. As I say it previously, I will say it now also that SEO is constantly changing. It has evolved time and gain as is continuing to do so to make it better and more effective. This step by Google is definitely raised considering some huge prospect forefront. As you know that in SEO navigating through all your choices is never easy.

Well, obviously the documents that support toolbar PageRank is officially hinged up with slow burn. From years and years, Google had stopped updating PageRank update and remained quite illusionary about the updates. More appropriately, you can target Google for making the PagerRank score more visible.

When Google first started, PageRank was something it talked about everywhere in the press releases, tech pages and conferences.

For many brilliant SEO professionals like for the one playing with SEO new york and SEO Bilbao the cream has been wiped off. It is not wrong to say that PageRank was and always remain one part of Google search algorithm, and a complete system that told how to rank pages on the web. However, PageRank was not the only factor that could possibly determine the score of the page. There were times when a high page rank was capable to beat a low PageRank when other factors were playing in their favour.

Well SEO, it is right said that the toolbar was an amazing present, a numeric rating of how important Google considered any of their pages to be.

The slow death of PageRank

Well, the Google toolbar that had launched PageRank in the early 2000 slowly became a fading memory. After tasting a decade of success and growth, it felt on its knees. Google when  launched its own Chrome browser that lead search from the toolbar built in , it affected  the major search.

Pager rank witnessed a slow death since 2010 and now it’s a history. Google after taking 10 months in 2013 to finally update the PageRank scores it was feeding into the toolbar for IE users. Google post that has never updated the scores.

PageRank was undoubtedly the most tasteful sauce that Google took kelp of to become the world’s most valuable search engine.

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Why We Do not Talk About ‘Bookmark’ Audience?

Search traffic and social media traffic; these are the only two important sources of getting audiences nowadays. We do not consider targeting the audiences which have already bookmarked our page. So, is it not worth creating content for them? Let us see the reasons given by Top 10 SEO Agencies why bookmarking is nearly dead.

#1. Googling is easier

When it comes to searching something that people frequently do, they rely on Google more than the dedicated websites on that subject. It seems better to them to Google search about the subject than to search the bookmarked site. Anyhow, Google displays more relevant results because of the intent matching algorithm.

#2. 1 out of 10 bookmarked website is visited

People keep forgetting that they have bookmarked some website. Whenever they feel the need to search about a subject, they would rather Google search it. They put a bookmark in the first place because the article which they have read was interesting but that does not mean that rest of the articles would be the same qualitative. Thus, even if they visit a bookmarked website the second time, the probability is high that they delete it this time.

#3. Managing bookmarks is tough

Firstly, you forget that you have bookmarked a page and secondly, finding a bookmark while in need is very tough. You want to reach to your facebook, Gmail, Maps, Skype, etc at one click and all the other websites are secondary and you put them in folders. While you need to search for a particular subject, you would prefer quick Google search to the bookmark search.

#4. One option is never enough

Moreover, while you actually visit the bookmarked website, it is not the only place that you search for the topic. You would surely Google it to get a large number of options to confirm and to gather enough knowledge. So, when you are not satisfied with a single result, why to bother bookmarking.

When does bookmarking actually works?

  1. When you are doing some research work and the website provides some important insights.
  2. For blogs which are humorous, and people click on it to read funny articles everyday.
  3. For sites, that provides fast news on any subject.

How can you make sure that audiences bookmark your website even if it is not as important?

So, it is pretty clear that bookmarking is dead and you do not have to develop a content to make people do so. Anyhow, isn’t it good for your business if people visit your website firstly and if they find satisfactory services, they complete the action at your website only? So, if you have a news website or e-commerce website or a humorous blog, it is essential to get bookmarks.

What you can do for a blog is link the similar kinds of posts altogether. When audiences read one post, they will be tempted to read similar another one, and then the third one. This way when they will not be able to read all interesting posts altogether, they would bookmark it.

For an e-commerce website, you pretty much get loyal customers only. You have to make your product pages so informative that people prefer to visit your website first to search a product rather than going to Google. Provide as much information as you can on the homepage.

For a news website, you have to be quick in releasing the news because people want to be updated when they see that you give the quickest report about everything, they would realize the advantage of bookmarking.

So, you can still get traffic on your website through bookmarks. According to Top 10 SEO Agencies you are not doing any extra efforts for that because everything you do for SEO, works here too.

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All SEO experts have Hearing Issues and that is for real!

It may come out as a little offensive but that makes it no less than a truth. Our SEO friends of Top 10 SEO Company also have some such inabilities to hear what is said to them. They probably have some filters which allows them to hear only what they want to. No one said that they do not deliver exactly what is asked but the thing is they process everything differently. Let us see how SEO experts actually do the good for the local branding of the business.

Habit #1. When we say SEO, they hear web + mobile optimization

SEO experts know that only web optimization is not enough to improve the ranks of a website. Even when clients do not specifically ask them for mobile optimization, they know that it is an inseparable aspect of Google rankings. If client’s website is not optimized for mobile usage, they would lose the edge over the millions of mobile users.

Habit #2. When we say tell to everybody, they hear post on social media

Again, SEO experts know that the quickest way to reach to audiences and potential customers is through social media. Whenever the clients have to make an important announcement or they want to deliver some promotional offer to their targeted audiences, SEOs recommend posting it on social media even before going for a press release. They know that social announcement amplifies the message and doubles its impact.

Habit #3. When you ask whether audiences are along, they turn to Google Plus and Yelp

Audiences reviews matter a lot for any local business. If you want to know whether your audiences are liking you or supporting you, then Google plus and yelp reviews are the best way to find out. These two platforms also decide your Google rankings, good reviews means improved rankings. So, whenever a client asks SEO experts about audience’s reactions, they do not tell anything, just show them the reviews.

Habit #4. When you tell them that You are expanding, they hear create a new Google My Business Page.

For any local business, it is very important that it has local landing pages for all the locations. Different locations also demand different Google My Business page. Constant updating of Google account makes sure that Google recognizes your input and indexes it ASAP. So, expanding or any other location/service based alteration means optimizing Google account for them.

Habit #5. You say be discoverable in ‘Nearby’ search, they hear On-page and Off-page optimization

Whenever a client specifically asks to rank in local results like ‘best SEO company in Boston’, all they understand is; include address everywhere where it can be seen. They embed address of the local branch in website’s H1, H2, meta title and Alt tag of images. They include the website in local directories and listing sites. They also use NAP info on every page of the website and a Google Map is the priority.

We can never know why SEOs have such habits and why they cannot hear what we say in a plain English language. Anyhow, whatever they are doing, all benefits the client ultimately. Top 10 SEO Company of the world have such SEO experts with same kinds of issues, maybe this is the reason for their success.

The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO

Guest blogging back in the days was considered as one of the best practices in order to gain links for your website. However, over time, it has been converted into a spammy practice by SEO agency Milton Keynes. Many spammy guest bloggers offer you 100% original well written relevant articles. They only demand to follow links in return which are obviously related to the content and audience of the article. These writers’ claim to be exceptionally professional and versatile.

But most of the times, they are people who basically offers money to get links that can pass PageRank easily. That’s a clear violation of Google’s quality guidelines. Most of the times, people don’t even realize it and they end up inserting spammy links on their blogs and websites.

This type of reason is the main cause why people don’t trust anyone that easily in the SEO space. Now instead of having people writing guest posts for you, other topics that have been evolved here to write about are ‘how to eradicate guest blogging spamming’ or ‘how to automate the guest blogging for no breakage of guidelines’.

Hence, the end result is that people just can’t trust any guest blog and wouldn’t recommend relying on guest posting, guest blogging websites and guest blogging SEO as a link building strategy unless there is any personal contact present.

In the current time, when you talk about the high-quality guest blog posts, you’ll end up noticing how everything else simply talks about low-quality/spam guest posting and guest articles.

Hence, you can easily call it as the decay of a once-authentic way to reach people, ‘guest blogging’.

There are still many good reasons to do some guest blogging like exposure, branding, increased reach, more impact, etc. Those reasons were there even before Google and they’ll continue into the coming future. And there are absolutely some fantastic, high-quality guest bloggers out there.

We’re only talking about guest blogging for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes and not the high-quality multi-author blogs like Boing that have been around since the beginning of the web, and they can be compelling, wonderful, and useful.

In the present time, a bunch of low-quality or spam sites has latched on to “guest blogging” as their link-building strategy, and we see a lot more spammy efforts to do guest blogging. Because of that, the environment of the SEO in the SEO Company York is full of skepticism when someone reaches out and offers you a guest blog article.

How to create the ultimate Appealing headline?

Behind the making of an ultimate headline, a lot of creativity and thinking goes in. However, there are a few technical guidelines which make it 100 percent appropriate for the search engines. Let’s read those guidelines for an optimized title.

1) Something innovative:

The trends of the market keep changing and hence you also need to keep yourself updated accordingly especially in the market of SEO service London. If everyone is talking about something specific, then you should also have a look on it in order to not miss out on any essentials. The main objective behind it is to keep a track of all those trending terms which are highly optimized according to the search engines.

2) Create subheadings to provide the readers with specifications

Try to create sub-headings inside your write-up. This is not just b beneficial from the purpose of a normal reader but it has more benefits for those who want to read a particular section from the entire content.

3) Stick to the ideal word limit

For any type of headline, there is a specified word limit given. For example: usually Google consider 65 characters and 7 individual words as a perfect choice for any headline. You can stick to the same or even alter it a little according to the requirement.

4) Create a mirror image of the article

The headline should reflect an image of your article. It should provide you with an idea about the main theme of the content. However, it is not important that it should exactly match up with the theme, you can even five a title which resembles the irony of the situation.

However, search engine gives more preference to those articles which carry off a clear, understandable and concise heading in comparison to those headings which are vague and confusing.

5) Personify your heading

Try to personify your heading by putting an appropriate image right below it. It will increase the influence of the write-up in the mind of the readers. Images are amazing as they boost the conversation and increase the dynamics of your webpage.

6) Make the best use of the time

By any chance if you are posting some content during a festival season or on the onset of festivities, try to make the best use of that time. Usually during festive seasons, people like to read about anything related to that particular environment.

All the tricks mentioned above are a result of the experience of the experts of SEO agency Chester. According to them, you can always learn so many small tips from the things around you will are very helpful. Learn from TV ads, street signs, newspapers, magazines or even textbooks. The only trick used here is the focus on better observation rather than just looking at it.

Use this extraordinary trick and make the best out of it!