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Marketing Metrics That Must Be Mastered By New Startups.

When you are just starting as a new business owner, you are very prone to the market risks. So, in order to start fresh and safe one need to follow many marketing metrics, but then the problem is that there are too many marketing metrics. Moreover, following all of them won’t be possible and also it would require a lot of time. Now the ques arises then what are those best marketing metrics to be followed ?

Here we have the list of important marketing strategies which will definitely help the new startups to move ahead quickly and also it will help them gain best SEO rankings.

Master These Marketing Metrics :

  • Web Traffic:  This is the ancestor of all the marketing metrics. It basically covers all the things listed below. It is important to know that from where the content traffic is coming from and what kind of traffic is coming in. one important factor for increasing the traffic is getting leads. This factor is discussed below but here it is important to mention that before investing any lead one should estimate the profit he will get. Moreover, it is also important to keep the track of traffic coming in from different sources. For example, have the record of paid traffic and what is the ROI(return of investment) on it. It should also be noted that how much traffic is coming from organic searches? How much is coming in from the social media and that traffic is due to your own actions (posting, tweeting) or other’s actions like shares.

  • Keyword Ranking: Although keyword ranking might be an old news for the established business owners, but the new one’s must have a quick and good grasp on this. Selecting appropriate keywords is the most quick and easy way to get high ranks on Google search results. Hence, getting the word out that your site contains worthwhile content is indeed an important marketing metrics. This can be done by monitoring the success of your keywords on Google Analytics by performing a custom search.

  • Get popular on Social Media :  Social Media still remains one of the best and easiest way to reach out to the audience. Social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and linkedin can connect you to billions of people all over the world. Thus, the social media reach and shares are an important marketing metrics to master for the new ventures. Moreover, as mentioned above it is important to take the record that how much traffic is coming in from your actions and how much is coming in from other’s actions. If more and more people are sharing your content then it is a sign that people are loving your content.

  • Cost of leads and lead generation: Apart from the social media, another way of knowing from where the traffic is coming in is by tracking, where your leads come from. Your leads will tell you what kind of audience is attracted by your content and also the cost which you are spending on the leads(only if any) is worth the returns or not. Moreover, before tracking down the leads it should be made sure that you first decide an action and should analyze about it strictly.

  • Return Of Investments(ROI):  ROI is one of the most important metrics to master. It is a simple understanding that the profit of the business will naturally depend on the amount invested and the output of that investment. Keeping the track of the money being invested is thus important, that will tell you whether the money is gaining you profits or it is just being wasted. Although calculating ROI is very important but it is also very complex as it includes the cost per piece of content, the traffic it produces, the leads generated by your content and what is the worth of each visitor to your site in terms of potential growth.

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Get the best out of your Meta Description

Meta description basically provides brief description of your page. It is basically 130-200 character snippet written in a html tag. The search engine shows your meta description along with your site name, during the Google search done by the users. If your meta description holds the searched words or phrases then it will give you best results. Hence, optimizing your Meta Description becomes a vital aspect for your On-Page SEO.

What is the job of a Meta Description?

As mentioned above, the task of a Meta Description is to give the gist of your content in a very optimized manner. Now it is in your hand to optimize it to the fullest and make it worth so that the visitors can be lured to your website. However, according to Google this meta description do not have any direct affect to your rankings, as it do not serve as a ranking factor in Google’s ranking algorithms.

But here’s a catch :

Although meta description do not play any direct role in increasing your ranking, but it plays an important role on increasing your CTR (Click-through-rate). Yes, if the users will find your meta description relevant to their search they will certainly give a visit to your site. Moreover, more the number of clicks on your site more will be the Click-Through-Rate which is inturn a very important ranking factor. So, making an optimized meta description is going to help you a lot in the long run too and also it is helpful in providing best SEO services.

Next up, we will see the ways to create a well optimized Meta Description.

Guidelines to create a good Meta Description

  • It should have 135-160 characters: Your meta description should have character within the range of 135-160. As, chances are there that Google might also add some content like the date of published article or something like that, this will increase the word count. Although the suggested range for a meta description is 200 characters for desktop and 175 characters for mobile devices.

  • It should be written in active voice:  It is important that your meta description is in active voice because writing it in passive voice will make it look dull and won’t grab the attention of the users. Hence, to make it more appealing to the user it should be written in active voice.

  • Call-to-action must be present: The meta description have a call-to-action which means it should be able to reach out to the users. You should use the ways to invite them to use your product and services. For example, you can use invitations like Try it now, Learn more, Get it now etc.

  • Use structured content: Make sure that the content you are writing is completely structured, which means the content in your description should be to the point. For example, if you are selling any product useful to a tech savvy person then you should include the price, manufacturer’s name, any offer if available. This will attract the user straight away and you don’t have to put in much efforts to grab the attention.
  • It should be relevant to the page content: The content in your meta description should be relevant to the rest of the content of your page. It should match the information provided in the page. However, if you fail here the user might click your site but won’t be staying there for long and in addition to that he might not visit it again. So, make sure that the content present in your meta description is matching the rest of the content present on your page.
  • It should contain keywords: If your meta description contains the search keywords then it will act as an icing on the cake. This will allow Google to highlight your description in its search results, not only it will help you gaining high ranks but will also bring you more users.

Your description should be unique: Last but not the least, it is important to make sure that the description should be unique because duplicate description will decrease your user experience. Moreover, you will be seen less on Google or any other search engine. Although if you intentionally want to use duplicate content or asked to do so, then I would advise to leave the meta description section empty. However, in that case Google will automatically add some stuff related to the searched keyword or the queries. After all, it is Google it is smart!

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Google removes 1.84 billion websites

Yes, you have heard it right Google has deindexed over 1.8 billion websites from its search results. This number will continue to mount because there has been a lot of copyright infringement cases. This was confirmed by Google itself on the copyright section of Google’s transparency report. Since, the online market is growing day by day and the fight for the number one spot has also taken a different turn. Now the business owners and the best SEO firms are not only focusing on the best content online, but side by side they have become very watchful and keeping an eye on the copyright issues of their own content. Due to this there has been a rise of about 53% cases in copyright related issues. However,  if we talk about rejection of copyright takedown request they will account merely to a number of 39 million, which is very much less than the amount of sites that are removed by Google these days.

In Google’s report about copyright infringement cases you can track the amount of track down requests google has received overtime. Moreover, you can also track the number of pending URLs, invalid URLs, duplicate URLs and more information about all the actions Google is taking against copyright issues. However, it can be said that Google is apparently quick at responding to the copyright takedown requests as there are zero pending request currently.

What is Copyright Takedown Request? How to make one?

A copyright takedown request is basically a complaint registered by a site to Google stating that it’s content is being used by other sources without their consent. It must be noted that to make a copyright takedown request, the site itself should make sure that it holds the copyrights for that particular matter. However, if the request is not found to be authentic or if Google is not convinced fully, then the request will not hold any weightage and it will be cancelled by Google.

Here’s how the process works :

The copyright takedown request has to be issued by the owner of the copyrighted content. As Google is not sourcing the net all the time and keeping an eye on the copying of content. It becomes the duty of the owner itself to make google aware about it.

As soon as the request is placed, the Google team beings the work to review the request. If the request placed by the owner is authentic and true, the offending URL will be removed. Google will then notify the owner in its own typical fashion through Search Console, that the right action has been taken and the offenders have been punished.

However, in few cases the owner of the removed site issues a counter notification regarding the action taken by Google. In case of such counter notifications, Google once again considers whether or not the content should be indexed in the search results. Just to let you know that over 20 million copyright takedown requests have been issued, leading to the removal of about 1.84 billion URLs from around 900 thousand domains.

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Effective CRM Strategies for Customer Retention

The online business world is evolving constantly with customers having the power to access unlimited information through media and internet. The revolutions in the digital market has shifted the power from the hands of business heads and given it to the customers. So, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become an important aspect for the business holders in order to achieve the success. It is essential to develop a healthy ongoing relationship with the client, for that the business holders need to have a customer-centric framework. Therefore, the business leaders have to modify their thinking according to the mindset of the marketers to boost up the revenue scales.

However, the basic objective of a CRM solution is to enhance customer retention. In addition to that, the other objective of CRM is acquiring new customers at a low cost, without hampering the existing customer relations and also to make sure that the new customer transforms into a long-term client. So, here are some effective CRM strategies which will help you in Customer Retention. The SEO providers also follow these strategies to provide solid customer retention to their clients.

Here are few ways by which CRM improves your customer retention:

  1. Keeps a comprehensive track of Customer’s journey:

Collecting information about your customers is very important, as it helps to track the needs and demands of the target audience.However, the raw data is not sufficient for knowing the experiences of your customers, but mapping of that information will certainly help in jotting down the centre points of customer’s experience. The customer relationship management tools provide you the complete information about the customer’s journey by mapping the information from the initial contact(awareness) to the long-term relationship(post purchase involvement). Moreover, this kind of mapping will help you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing strategies.

  1. Provide tailor-made offers to the customers:

The customers making online purchases often have a fixed pattern of purchasing. The CRM tools collects customer’s media and purchase history to point what kind of offers will be appealing for the prospectus. Providing offers and discounts which will convert customer’s interest into actual purchasing is the main objective here. Such tailor-made offers helps in building a proactive customer relationship.

  1. Personalizing the interactions:

The CRM softwares provides you the insights of your customers beyond the routes of revenue. The personalization provided by these tools is of great impact for not only purchase but also post purchase relationships. So, remember to take the personal details of the customers while finalizing their registrations. The customers will appreciate if you take special care of them by providing some special offers to them on their birthdays or any other special occasion.

  1. Helps assess performances:

The other advantage of using CRM is that it allows you to keep a check on your performances. The variety of features available on the tools helps the business holder to keep an eye on the overall performance. The satisfaction of customers and success of your market strategies can be easily analyzed by using CRM tools.

So, by the above points it is quite clear that CRM will help you in improving your performance and improved performance means satisfied customers, which will further lead to customer retention. The best rated SEO companies have gained a lot of benefits by using these CRM strategies to retain their customers.

Changes that occurred in SEO in the last 10 years

Everything changes with time and so has the world of Search Engine Optimization. There is no doubt about the fact that SEO has become the key factor for the success of your online presence. In it’s starting days people think SEO as a shady practice of gaining good results in short span of time. They used keyword stuffing and link spamming in the name of SEO. However, these practices were stamped out by Google soon after it launched it’s search algorithm. Since then Google has given enormous attention towards its search algorithms and due to that there has been a significant change in the world of SEO and the best SEO firms in the world.

Today, we will see what changes have occurred in the SEO world over the last decade and how it has affected the rankings of different sites all over the internet.

Ways in which SEO has changed so far:

  1. Rise of Content Marketing- The rise of content in the world of digital marketing has changed the game of SEO. Nowadays a lot of importance has been given to  content marketing as compared to the other orthodox marketing ways. Over the years Google has managed to reach a certain standard to classify the content as good or bad for the users. Moreover, after the Panda update in 2011, keyword stuffing and spammy content suffered a death blow. All the search engine winners have adopted content marketing in their SEO practices to stay on the top.
  1. The death of link schemes- Google has its own definition of link schemes, it has also provided some example for the same. However, in simple language link schemes can be defined as any deliberate attempt to influence your rankings illegally.

By the end of 2010, google was able to stamp out most black-hat and spam based link-building practices by penalizing the defaulters or even blocking the whole domain at times.

  1. “Local” becomes the new unique-  Since 2006, the definition of being local has changed completely, with the passage of time local SEO has taken a different form altogether. After the penguin update, Google has given special importance to the optimized sites in the local search too. So, SEO has also become important for the local businessmen too. Moreover, google has also boosted the visibility of high-authority directories in its search results.

4. The rise of Knowledge Graph- Another major change that occurred in SEO is due to the introduction of Google’s Knowledge Graph. It was introduced in 2012, the knowledge graph provides to the point answers to the straightforward queries. These graphs present quick information to the user closed in a box and the information might contain any image or graph with it. Although this is great from the user’s point of view but it overshadows the organic results as it appears  above the organic results.

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How to make URLs better using SEO

SEO has many different aspects which are needed to be taken care of for getting the best results. Link building, content creation, using keywords etc. are well known SEO factors, but there is another factor which is a bit underrated as compared to the others and that is the URLs.

Yes, the structure of URLs also matter in SEO. Although people do not give much importance to the structure of the URLs  which they are using, but for a fact it must be noted that meaningful URLs play an important role in getting traffic. Creating effective URLs is an important task according to some best SEO firms all over the globe.

So, today we will learn about some SEO techniques to make  URLs better:

  1. Keep the structure simple and readable

This is the most important tip to follow while making the structure of your URL. If your URL will be simple and more informative it will attract more and more users. So, keep it simple like- and not,

Use actual words instead of numerals and symbols because it can be easily understood by anyone, especially when copied into some other documents or emails.

  1. Use hyphens to break up words in a URL

Break your URL into parts by using hyphens as  punctuations because it increases the readability. For example-

( instead of underscores (_).

Use hyphen instead of underscore because it is recommended by Google.

  1. Use only lowercase in your URLs

Include only lowercase letters in your URL, because sometimes the only difference between two URLs is of alphabets. So, using both upper and lowercase might lead to duplicacy of URLs. For example- versus – can be considered different pages.

  1. Use of Stop-Words in URL

Initially it was used to say that Stop-Words(a, an, the etc.) are not used in URL but now it is not so, you can easily use the stop words in your URLs if it plays any role in improving the readability.

  1. Headline does not have to match the URL exactly

It is not like that you have to make your URL same as your headline in order to make it more informative and readable. In fact use few words of your headlines to make it concise.

  1. Place the keywords near the front of URL

Try and place your keywords in the front of the URL, but do not stuff your URL with the keywords you use in your text.

  1. Make use of single domain or subdomain

The Moz says that “a company blog is far more likely to perform well in the rankings and to help the rest of your site’s content perform well if it’s all together on one sub and root domain.”

It has been noted that whenever a company moves a its data from a subdomain to a subfolder, there is an increase in its traffic visibility.

  1. Do not use much slashes in your URL

However, use of more slashes in your YRL won’t do any harm but still it gives an illusion of depth and makes the indexing of your content more complex.

  1. Use verb stem in your URL

According to the guidelines given by use should use the term “apply” rather than “applying” for instance.

  1. Don’t use high number of URLs which point to same kind of content

By using complex URLs with multiple parameters you can cause problems for the Googlebots, by creating too many URLs pointing to the same site.

A list is provided by Google which states the problems caused by using very complex URLs which points to the similar content:

  • Use of problematic parameters(like session ID).
  • Documents which are generated dynamically.
  • Sorting Parameters
  • Use of irrelevant Parameters
  • Dynamically Generated Calendar

These were some useful tips which you can use while making URLs for your site. In Fact, the best SEO firms follow it to make the best URLs.

How to present your SEO Plan in the most impressive way

Are you preparing to to present your SEO plan? However, knowing how to prepare and justify your plan is as important as what you actually put in the plan. Top houston seo company shares some tips to guide you throughout the process of presenting your plan.

  • Organize your thoughts

Here you have to apply the same principles as your teacher taught you in school for writing the term paper i.e starting from the introduction all the way to the conclusion. Start with the set of points clearing what you are going to talk about i.e what activities or campaigns you are recommending. From there identify your supporting point for each activity, why you are recommending a particular approach? What will be the benefits? And also be sure to discuss any potential risks and how those risks can be addressed.

There should be logical flow in whatever you present be sure that if some elements are related you present them in sequence to maintain a good flow logic.

Also discuss time and cost investments and anticipated benefits for every item.

Once you have created all your recommendations create a concise summary of your overall plan to make sure nothing is overlooked.

  • Make it Matter to them

When you present your plan to your management team or c-suite think about what matters the most for them.

Every company should have clearly stated set of overall company goals, along with an outline of annual goals by department. So make sure you use your department and company goals in your presentation and refer each of your recommendations to at least one of these goals. This assure your management team that you are in tune with the company goals and your work will support them.

Be sure to include the following factors-

  • How much time the particular activity is expected to require? Will work priorities needed to be adjusted in order to carry out the recommended steps.
  • Is there any out-pocket cost associated with the particular recommendation?
  • Are there any special or technical skills required to execute the plan that company lacks in house? Is so you can recommend to collaborate with best houston seo services to make your plan work.

Once you have discussed the above factors make to justify them with projected benefits and the value it provide in achieving your company goals. These benefits typically include increased traffic, CTR, leads and ultimately conversions.

  • Acknowledge the unexpected

You are well aware of how unpredictable is the world of SEO. You never know which update in Google’s algorithm can bring changes to SEO. Therefore it is crucial to point out that how you prepared for and responded to previous changes from Google as well as SEO plans should have direction but also be allowed to change in response to industry shifts or data from analytics to provide the best results.

  • Be confident and open

Present your plan with confidence and open attitude. Show you have understood your industry, your company and SEO, and also respect the experience and knowledge of your management teams and peers.

Be ready to answer the questions and also provide details how you developed the ideas by citing industry statistics and trends  as well as referencing past successes and failures .

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Need to run a Link Audit for your website

It is very much essential to run a link audit atleast once a year.  While conducting a link audit its important to visit each and every link on your link portfolio no matter how many links there may. You can do it the way you want as set of links in a day over time or any other way you want to do it but its imperative to visit every single link in your link portfolio. Seo experts from Best Seo Company In dallas says that there are many benefits of conducting a link audit. Here are some of benefits you will get from your efforts.

  • Discover Harmful Link

Website owner should try to reduce and minimize the number of ‘bad’ links(link from pornography sites, gambling sites or link farm)as they cause harm the integrity of your link portfolio. Many of these links were trying to hide themselves and you may not get to know about them without running a full link audit to your site and visiting each and every link.

  • Categorize Inbound Links and Identify holes in link portfolio

You will get a clear outline of your link portfolio. Which link building strategies are missing from your strategy? Which are links you are relying heavily on?

Search engine likes diversity in link sources, if you are having too many links coming from one source only will get you in trouble. Search engine might see as black hat practice and your site will be in vulnerable position.The more links from unique sources your site has the stronger your SEO campaign will be.

  • See what link building activities have been successful

You must have been keeping some kind of monthly link building report that tracks your link building activities.As you will compare those reports against your link audit you will be able to discover what links have gone live and which ones have not. Through this you can better focus your link building activities in the direction that produce value for your SEO campaign. For instance, if you have been commenting on a particular blog every month but not a single comment has gone through, it is the time to look for a new place to comment and not waste your time.

  • Uncover more Link Building Opportunities

Site owners should consider running link audit fon their competitors. It will not only give idea about how good or bad your site measures up against the competition, but also help you uncover new link building activities. Which forums and messages boards they are active on ? For which blog they are writing guest blog? Which industry association they are part of? It will provide you insights of what you can do further to benefit your company.

If you manage to conduct link audit more frequently than once in a year its better off because if any problems do surface, you will  want to react to them quickly so that you don’t get a penalty.

Dallas seo company will help you in conducting link audit in pretty much better way and guide on your link portfolio.

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How you can dominate a competitor’s social media marketing

Social media marketing can get you great success in brand building. If you are dedicated to engage your audience on social media nothing can stop you from achieving growth.But this growth might be limited if there exists a fierce competitor in the market which is similar to yours and has a bigger, more engaged following, it will naturally affect on your campaign. New competitors can also interfere in your efforts. So how to dominate them?

  • Investigate

You need to find out what actually is going on? You have to play a role of follower and find out why that company’s strategy is appealing? What kind of post they are making to attract people? How frequently they are posting and how their followers are responding upon those posts. By proper investigation you will get to know your competitors surface -level objectives and tactics they are using to appeal their audience. Take the note and compare them with strategy. You might find something you are doing wrong way.

  • Choose and understand your niche

Identify your target niche. If you already know who your target audience is then you will need take step forward to beat your competitors by differentiating yourself. You can do that by choosing a more specific niche (or an entirely different one) and dedicated on it by delivering highly relevant, curated content. In any case, you’ll have to reevaluate what niche you are targeting and discover some more details about what’s important there.

  • Imitate what works

Figure out what works for your competitors providing them long term benefits and you can apply those tactics in your strategy. Observe on a conceptual level why their strategies work, and utilize those concepts to your own brand. For example, have they grown in popularity through video tutorial content? Perhaps you could come up with your own such offerings.

  • Be different or be better

To beat your competition you have two choices, either be different or be better. The former is easier as you will choose different niche, construct a different brand voice or otherwise fundamentally remove yourself from this competitive space. Other option is doing what your competitors do in a far better way so that you can dominate your competitors. Do it in such a way that it becomes difficult for your competitors to catch you at that level.

  • Provide value

Make a priority to provide value to your targeted customers. Think about what your ideal followers would most like to see. Craft your strategy focusing on the way it engage more and more customers to your brand.

  • Learn and Improve

Your best weapons are ongoing improvements. Consistently measure your progress. Determine which of your posts are more popular and which ones went flat. Compare your follower-engagement rates with your competitors’. When a tactic doesn’t seem to be working, don’t waste time on it, and if you find one that carries a massive impact, replicate it. Working with san diego seo company would help you stand out your competitors.

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Take your business to Snapchat

With Snapchat you can increase your brand awareness and community engagement through innovative marketing campaigns.

Why Snapchat?

With 100 million snapchat users and around 400 million snaps per day, Snapchat is fastest growing social networks. Snapchat recently launched a colossal expansion of its advertising with a host of new Snapchat for business features. The huge change will be rollout of Snap Ads Between Stories. Ads will appear in between snapchatters stories and they are skippable. Adds will not be inserted into the stories themselves, rather will occasionally appear when snapchatters transition from one story to another.  Moreover business ads will be certified with third party agencies. Businesses will be able to choose additional actions when users swipe up on business content. Your business can send them to an extended video, prompt them to install another app or direct them to a website or article (without leaving Snapchat). Snapchat says its ads gathered twice the visual attention of Facebook and 1.4 times more than Instagram. They were also 1.3 times more effective than YouTube.

Here are some ways you can surprise and delight your audience through Snapchat and grow awareness of your brand.

  • Provide access to Live Events – Snapchat provides you perfect real-time marketing opportunity. You can provide the audience direct access to your live events like you can use it for product launches, trade shows etc. Snapchat gets your audience more excited as you are providing different and more authentic view of what’s going on in your event.
  • Deliver Private Content – Through snapchat you can also provide special content to your audience that they might not get at other digital platforms. For example fashion brands can debut their collection before they hit the runway. This will let your audience engage more with your brand.
  • Offer contests, perks or promotions – everyone love and attracted towards social media giveaways and promotions, so think of what you can do so that your followers can come back for more. For example you can offer discounts or promo codes to your fans who watch your full snapchat stories or you can ask them to post a snap holding your product. This way creates two-way communication between the consumers and brand. The company was able to capture user-generated content while increasing loyalty.
  • Provide behind the scenes content – with snapchat you can take people behind the curtain. You can provide more closer view of your company which helps create and engage more followers. Show off your company and make sure to have a fun with it. You can show your company culture in the different ways like tours to offices, happy hours, birthday parties, company outing etc. so that people feel more excited to see your posts on snapchat and feel connected with your brand.
  • Partner with Influencers – just like Instagram or other social media channels look for your influencers and partner with them to reach broader audience that’s hard to reach with traditional media thus increasing more brand awareness and recognition.

Snapchat provides you an authentic platform where you can creatively show off your brand and get more followers thus building great brand awareness. This will also have impact on your search engine rankings. Seo experts from seo companies in virginia believes that social media impact is significant for rankings and thus greatly helps in search engine optimisation.

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