3 Conversation Starters to Convert Prospects Into Customers

Your first conversation with a prospect is one of the most important parts of the entire selling process. If you nail this conversation, you’re likely to set up a meeting, which can turn into a closed deal. Unfortunately, most salespeople have no idea how to start a successful conversation with a prospect. Instead, they just launch right into a pitch.

Instead of ruining your chances with a salesy monolog about your product or service, it’s time to be strategic about the way you talk to new prospects.

Some conversation starters simply work better than others, and you should start using these proven talking points right away, every time you engage with a prospect. The experts of the top SEO company advices you to set yourself apart from the competition, crush your sales goals and convert more prospects into customers by adding these three powerful conversation starters to your repertoire:

  • Here’s whats going on in market now….

This conversation starter establishes you as an expert in the prospect’s market and immediately builds trust between you. If you can show that you understand the trends in your prospect’s industry, you’ll open the door to a whole new level of connection between you. When a prospect thinks you’re going to provide them with valuable information, they’ll listen closely to what you have to say — and that’s half the battle of any sales conversation.

When you start a sentence with, “Here’s what’s going on in your market right now…” you are showing the prospect your value right out the gate. Continue on to share your key observations about the prospect’s industry today, and you’ll have your prospect’s full attention for the rest of the talk.

  • ‘The three challenges I see in your industry are….’

This next one is about sharing three common challenges that you see in the prospect’s marketplace. Pretty simple, right? Surprisingly few salespeople do this, and it’s an incredibly powerful conversation starter. Make sure that whatever challenges you bring up are ones that you know how to solve for your prospect.

Be sure to pick three challenges that are likely to be relevant to most, if not all, of your prospects, so you don’t alienate a potential customer at this early stage of the conversation. To make sure you start this conversation in an effective way, write down a few challenges and have them on hand when you make your next sales phone call.

  • What’s the toughest challenge you’re facing

This question is so simple, yet so powerful. It encourages your prospect to lay it all on the table: What’s the prospect’s biggest frustration right now? Moreover, it implies a follow up: How can you help them solve it? Don’t be afraid to just ask this question! You’ll be glad you did.

This straightforward conversation starter accomplishes many things at once. Your prospect will see you as an expert who knows what’s going on; you’ll engage the prospect further in a valuable conversation, and you’ll be ready to take that conversation closer to a closed deal by focusing on the key challenges that are faced by the SEO companies.

5 Link Building and Content Mistakes to Stop Making

Link building and content marketing are no longer separate SEO entities. Essentially, they are the same thing today. In order to build valuable inbound links to your site, you need to be creating high-quality content that is going to get noticed. Even with this knowledge, there are plenty of link builders and content marketers making costly mistakes. Here are 5 of the top link building and content marketing mistakes to stop making:

Publishing excessive thin content

Content is important, but it is possible to overdo it. Very few companies have the resources to be publishing lots and lots of valuable content every week, which means that the majority of the companies pushing out lots of content are publishing content that isn’t so great. At best, this thin content won’t get much attention and is a waste of time. At worst, it could be a red flag to the search engines. Instead of focusing on quantity, focus on quality.

Not spending time on research

The best links and content are based on research. Spend time researching the best places for links (and content) and then on what exactly the content should be. Who is the target audience? What information are they looking for? No matter how great your content is, it needs to be speaking to an appropriate audience. For example, an article targeting a B2B crowd will be written differently than one targeting a B2C crowd.

Being too pushy

Content promotion is essential, but you don’t want to be too pushy about it. It’s important to take a balanced approach to content promotion. Take the time to promote the work of others, too. This allows you to establish relationships with others in the industry that can have long lasting benefits.

Taking Breaks

We see this mistake all the time. A website owner sees positive results from an SEO firms and decides to scale back or take a break entirely. We advise against this approach because SEO efforts work best when they are ongoing. When you cut back on SEO, you’ll lose any traction that you gained.

Taking every opportunity

Not all linking and content opportunities are going to be worthwhile. We get it, link building is tough and it seems like there are fewer and fewer opportunities available. While that might be true, it’s still recommended to be selective. It takes time to build links and create content and you don’t want your efforts to be spent in the wrong places.


When it comes to link building and content creation, it’s important to spend your time wisely and conduct research that will steer you in the right direction. Otherwise, you could end up spinning your wheels. You might be getting links and publishing content – but what is it doing for you, really? The key thing to remember is that quality is always more important than quantity.

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Power of Social Media for A Business

Social Media involves active presence of entrepreneurs, businesses, corporates and also youth. It became a trend to have social media handle against one’s name, in the last few years. Whenever, any entrepreneur or an investor meet someone at any conference or corporate meeting or event, they exchange their visiting cards,which have their social media handles engraved on them.

No social media platform is considered less important for a business to grow. Whether it is LinkedIn or Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, it is quite essential to have entrepreneur’s account as well as the brand’s official page on each one of these social media platforms.

It was rightly said by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg “When you give everyone a voice and give people power, the system usually end up in a good place.”

For the entrepreneurs, to know more, discover more, social media is a great tool. Also it becomes quite easy to know brand’s competitor and analyze their performance. Though social media is an easy platform to be handled, is also cost efficient.

It is a truth that “Social Media is a platform for real networking, growth and engagement for any venture irrespective of the industry”.

At present, the biggest and the most viral form of marketing is ‘Social Media’, whether it is online or offline mode of marketing. Earlier it was restricted to website building and pondering information over the first 10 pages of Google.com.

Experts from the Top Local Seo Consultants And Consulting Services In USA, says that to understand social media tools as a part of your business strategies, one should learn the following:

  • Strategize i.e. Community Building:

The foremost step to engage real time leads is to attract community.  Do not directly sell your brand to the customers, rather engage them in building a community. Deliver exceptional content and information to the  community to maintain their trust upon your brand.

  • Optimize i.e. Turn Around Time (TAT):

For any venture to excel, TAT plays a vital role. Social media is different from branding via newspaper, television or radio where the result is expected after a specific period of time. For SMO, TAT (excel) should be quick.

  • Socialize i.e. Engagement:

Social media is all about building community and getting your target audience engage with your brand and its value. Social proofing is immensely necessary for the engagement of audience and the brand over its digital platforms.

  • Monetize i.e. Driving Sales:

To drive sales over your brand’s website, it is necessary to have daily content marketing and advertising on all social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn should be kept updated to influence more and more audience to drive maximum sales. Marketing team should be clear about return on investment while marketing over social media.
Various SEO Companies and its professionals adopted these strategies to generate more traffic to their websites. Their SEO experts focused upon the aforesaid points and succeeded in getting desired results.

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4 Daily Habits That Will Increase Your Productivity Levels

Being an entrepreneur or the owner of a top SEO company, you might be revolving around the most frequent question that says, ‘How to become more productive?’ This is a question that continually comes up. Maximum people involved in providing best SEO services wants to get more work done by the end of the day and feel a sense of accomplishment.consider surfing the web to find a million ways to increase the productivity of your brand.

Look at these below-mentioned four tips to increase your productivity levels that will bring wonders in your professional life:

1. Arrive early, stay later

Doesn’t matter where you live or what difficulties you face while arriving at your workplace. The only thing that matters is that you should reach your workplace in early hours so that you begin with your work at the right time and you wind up your work with some extra plannings for the another day. Arriving late at the office and hassling in the morning hours will only frustrate you and will set a negative tone for the rest of your life. Therefore, avoid all these sorts of frustrations and work hassle-free. All this will enable you to not only save extra hours from your daily routine but also help you in increasing the productivity levels drastically. Doing all this allows you to become one of the highest paid and the most productive professional in your industry.

  1. Plan each day the night before

Adopting this tactic will help you become a game-changer in your industry. It is just the matter of approximately 15 minutes, where you can consider using this time in planning what you’re going to do the next coming day. You should create a to-do list and prioritize the most important tasks before you go to bed. The next morning as you’ll wake up with a fresh mind, start working on the tasks shortlisted the last night. Make sure you mark a symbol across the task that gets completed by the scheduled time. Practising this tactic will push you towards achieving your predetermined goals and targets.

  1. Leave the office for lunch

This tactic will sound great to you because you need not put any sort of effort into it. This way of increasing productivity levels states that getting out of our workplace during lunch break will help you increase your creativity and efficiency to finish your tasks in less span of time. This is though a little thing but it can affect your work proficiency at very high level. This practice of taking a break from the workplace for 30 minutes in a day helps you get rid of the stress level and refresh your mind to think something more big and creative. You can easily use your stress-free brain to focus on your work and come up with something quite big, impressive and innovative.

4. Minimize distractions

‘Distractions’ always revolve around our life in some or the other way. In this era, distractions seem to be a part of life whether it is personal life or it is professional life. While working on electronic devices like computers, laptops, mobile phones or tablets, there always lies a distraction knows as ‘social media’. Surfing internet and social media accounts for no reason are one of the great distractions a human face in his day to day life. Well, to avoid distractions while working, you’ve to be strict with yourself. While working, consider sitting alone at a peaceful place with no smartphones with you. Surf the internet only and only when needed for the purpose of work. Otherwise, don’t use it too. Set targets for every day and put in all your efforts to accomplish them besides all the distractions. The more you avoid the distractions, the more likely you will be able to increase the productivity levels.

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Building Relationships With The Influencers Can Benefit Your SEO Campaign

Influencer Marketing is a tactic where the brands hire some people out of the community who helps that particular brand to drive its message to the wide market. These people are termed as influencers and the marketing they do for your brand is termed as ‘influencer marketing’.

Though the digital marketers of the top SEO firms are well aware of this term of marketing. The influencer marketing basically deals in building brand’s reputation and visibility by using the existing goodwill and authority of the influencer. They also know that influencer marketing is not a fast tactic, it requires sufficient time and effort to succeed. The SEO professionals of the top SEO firms believes in using this marketing tactic as a tool to improvise the effectiveness of the search engine organisation marketing campaigns.

Consider following ways to boost your brand’s SEO campaign through influencer marketing:

  • Inbound links:  Inbound links are also termed as ‘backlinks’ and are the source through which the visitors and the search engines are directed to your brand’s website. Links are essentially the source or the tag that enables authority from a website to another. Also, inbound links help search engines to know your brand better and they help a brand to increase its credibility in the order to achieve high rankings in the search engine results. The linking will help a brand to boost its authority and the presence of link will result in increased click-through rates.
  • Content visibility: To expand the reach and visibility of the best content of your brand, you can make effective use of your influencer’s audience as well. Using influencer’s audience depends on the relationship between you and your influencer. The social influencers, today, are having a plenty of followers, therefore, the chances of increasing your brand’s content visibility gets doubled. Because in addition to you, there will be one more person who will be promoting your content on a large scale.
  • Audience building: Networking is an essential component in marketing to grow your reach and number of followers. Well, if your brand wants a benefit from your influencers then it is necessary to establish credible and reliable networks with your influencers that’ll help you to enhance your brand’s social media presence and increase the followers on social media networks. Doing all this will necessarily increase your search engine rankings apart from increasing the number of followers on your social media platforms.
  • Collaborative content: Working together and creating collaborative content enables brand and the influencer both to create unique and distinct content to attract a large number of followers. Creating a new form of content may include a podcast where a representative of your brand and the influencer are discussing on a particular topic to keep the audience engaged into the content. Doing this will also allow you to naturally establish a partnership between the two i.e. the brand and the influencer.
  • Publishing opportunities: Well, there are various ways to earn links naturally either through the content or through the influencer marketing campaign. Creating and publishing high-quality content on prominent and popular websites will help you to build effective links to your site and will also increase the credibility and reliability of your brand among a broad market.

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Follow These Tips To Speed Up Your Content Marketing Production

The most overlooked fact in content marketing is how much time will it take for you to create high-quality content? Well, there are a plenty of content marketing companies and organisations that have already set some impractical expectations for the upcoming startup companies and the entrepreneurs. Most of the startups found that creating unique content is a complicated process than they thought for while beginning with the startup. The creation of highly creative and unique content requires a well-greased machine to be consistent during the production process. All this leaves various companies involved in improving their output in terms of quality as well as quantity both.

The experts of the top SEO firms have listed few simple steps to speed up the content marketing production:-

  • Simplify topic generation

Choosing a topic to write upon should not be a difficult task. Though researching about a topic is a time-consuming method, but you can cut short your research process by considering the core areas to focus on. Make sure to examine the analytics, stalk the competitors and also use tools like BuzzSumo to check out the best-performing content pieces in your industry. This will allow you to find the content your audience engage and interact with.

  • Plan ahead, research in advance

To speed up the process of content marketing consider planning for several months altogether in advance so that the content marketing team gets ample amount of time to research on those topics. Though with the evolution in time, you may require some great, unique and advanced topics to write on according to the requirements of your audience.

  • Reduce output

If you are facing some trouble relating to the quality maintenance, consider reducing your output. If you find that the content you are creating is going off beat from what that is expected then the best solution to this is giving your team a little more time to spend on a particular topic and also ask less from your team for a specific period of time, so that they can improve themselves and their capabilities to work more effectively and efficiently to achieve desired targets through content marketing.

  • Set aside time

Creating unique and effective content requires a lot of time and effort. Creating a plethora of content in a specific period of time will surely result into results that are highly disappointing. If you wish to get great results through your content marketing campaigns, make sure that you choose a time period that is purposively meant for writing. But you should spend a minimum of an hour daily on writing. The time you choose for writing, should involve all your dedicated and focused efforts in order to create high-level content.

  • Write about distractions

‘Distractions’ are the things that take you away from your goal and it happens consistently in your daily routine. The distractions may include listening to music or a podcast or other such things, while writing. Therefore, make sure that you avoid using such things that distract you. For this, you can evaluate yourself and find out the time when you’ll be more dedicated and focused on writing your content. Apart from time, find a place as well where you get less distractions and you can come up with more effective and productive content for your marketing campaign.

In the end…

The tips mentioned above will help you in speeding up the content marketing production for your SEO company if they’re efficiently and productively used. The distraction free place and time, researching in advance for the topic to write on etc are some of the great tactics that’ll help you grow your business.

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4 Books Every Reader Should Read To Be Successful

To grow as a person or as a leader, you’ve to ensure that you engage yourself in reading a lot. Make sure that you become a bookworm to secure high rankings as a thought leader. To be a successful and leading entrepreneur in your industry, it is necessary for you to broaden your mindset, grasp a lot of knowledge in your field, widen the views of the world and try to change the perspectives and also challenge the outdated viewpoints. This doesn’t mean that all the books are worth utilising time on. There are some or even fewer books that require your time and efforts, give time to yourself and select the books that will help you out in your journey.

The top SEO professionals of the SEO agencies shortlisted few books that you should be reading now and then to become an outstanding leader in your industry.

  • Managing the Mental Game:

This book by Jeff Boss states and tells its readers about the technique of building self-confidence and courage that helps the readers to reach a new level of success. This book contains in its content a description of useful and relevant exercises to enable the reader to work under pressure as well. These exercises make the reader learn about managing and overcoming the chaos in order to stay calm in diverse conditions. The author also explained that stress can be overcome as it is a mental game. To eradicate stress from your work life as well as personal life, consider avoiding pitfalls and learn to use positive thoughts rather than negative thoughts.

  • Start With Why:

‘Start With Buy’, the book by Simon Sinek states that being a prospective thought leader you should believe in the principle that says ‘People do not buy what you do, they buy why you do’. In his book, Simon explained this concept through basic questions. The most focused question in his book asked why only some people or the organizations are more profitable, innovative and influential than others? This book by Simon aims at inspiring its readers to move forward in the right direction in order to help them establish as a thought leader.

  • The Go-Giver Leader:

The authors Bob Burg and John David Mann, states in their book that great leaders are the one who rarely acts like leaders and believe in being more human with their prospective followers. The authors advise their readers who aim at becoming the thought leader should focus on the concept of give and take. This principle deals in promoting the mindset of higher consciousness. Burg and Mann also stated that if the prospective leaders follow the aforesaid principle than they’ll be able to create prosperity for their communities and the society in addition to their companies and employees.

  • The Dip:

The Dip is a book by Seth Godin is based on the fact that says, ‘winners do quit and quitters do win’. The authors explain that the winners are the person who knows that more risk they’ll take, the bigger will be the reward. If you’re capable of beating the dip, you’ll surely earn a lot of profit along with long-term security. This book is an inspiration for the upcoming thought leaders that helps them to determine if you’re utilising your precious time and effort on right direction or not.

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Know More About Link Building

Link building is the most crucial part, as it needs pinnacle set of skills including, programming, sales, marketing, psychology and content curation. It is process where hyperlinks are acquired to your own website from other websites. Search engines use it to creep the website, likewise SEO providers use it as a navigation tool. There are many methods and tactics used by the SEO providers for link building, as it is really a very difficult part of SEO.

Evolution of Link Building

Link building was always an important part used by SEO firms to develop the online presence. If we talk about the history of SEO, then we can say, “during old times, it was very easy to build spam links and get to the top ranking in search engines.” But, today the techniques are of no use that are previously used. Today, black hat SEO tactics are also not that effective. Search engines are evolved and they do not value the quantity, as they only focus on the links that provide quality. If we talk about quality then it is not that easy to find the relevant and informative links.  Many SEO started manipulating the PageRank, due to which, Google changed its algorithm. And that is how the evolution of link building took place.

Importance of Link Building

Link Building helps in discovering new pages of website and in regulating the PageRank in the search  engine results. Search engines decide the ranking of the website by analyzing the quality of the content available on the website as well as the external links that are linked to your website. Internet users consider it as a good resource to share, when you provide the relevant link providing useful information.

Link Building is effective for your Business

Link building works as an effective tool for your business. It helps in promoting the products or services offered by your company.  Link building also increases the traffic to your website, which ultimately improves the chances of increasing the sales. An established brand always produces the positive and effective results. And link building helps in building the brand. You will automatically see the growth of your business, when you will offer the best services in the online market.


To sum up, when you build a link at any website, make sure that link building is the best resource you have. If you will use it in an effective manner, then you can easily map the growth of your business. Thus, do not forget using and linking the valuable and relevant link on web page.

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Are You Still Using Meta Descriptions?

Meta descriptions plays the role of last promise to increase the list of visitors. Many marketers think that meta descriptions do not play any role in getting the leads and conversion rates. In the recent research done by some best seo companies, it was found that meta description still plays a critical role in being on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Meta description is the summarizing description of your webpage’s content. You are provide with 155 character snippet or a tag in the HTML to display meta description in the results by search engines. You miss good traffic when you do not use meta descriptions. This is one of the main reason that top 10 seo companies prefer using effective meta description to get leads and more visitors.

Let’s discuss some ways to write an effective meta description.

  • Use 155 Characters
    155 characters for meta description is seen as the best tradition. Although, if you will search for any rules and regulations, then you won’t find one for the same. But Google cut off the extra words that exceeds the width. This is a major reason of suggesting the marketers to use 155 characters.
  • Avoid Wadding
    Sometimes, marketers use keywords as a wadding in the meta description. It creates a negative impression and users do not prefer visiting your web page. Ultimately the ranking of your web site suffers.
  • Display the Benefit
    “Pay attention when you write meta description.” This is what we suggest our clients, because your meta description display the benefit of visiting to your website. Internet users always search for some informative content. Consequently, make it worth reading.
    • Unique Description
      Unique content receives good amount of traffic and increases the conversion rate. Likewise, the unique meta description also helps in attracting more internet users.
  • Relevant
    Imagine a situation when you are in a business meeting and the clients are talking about everything except business. How you will feel? You will get irritated. Likewise, irrelevant content irritates the user and they give negative feedback for your website. So, always use the relevant description of your content.


Meta description work as a CTA. When you write the meta description make sure that the user click the link and visit your web page. It is as important as the title. Do not overuse the the terms just to increase the density of the keywords. The meta description is a chance to improve the prospects of your website. Make out the best out of it and do not stop using it.

4 Affiliate Marketing trends that will dominate in 2017

The market for Affiliate Marketing is booming. Having been predicted to grown to More than $6 billion over the next five years, affiliate marketing is becoming the priority for businesses of all shapes and sizes this year. E-commerce firms have also variously claimed that between 12% and 20% of their total business comes from affiliate marketers and that it works better than ATL advertising for them.

There is a room for the revenue for everywhere for the budding entrepreneurs, but not all opportunities are created equal.

In order to maximize your returns from affiliate marketing, here are five new trends suggested by San Diego SEO experts that are expected to watch into 2017.

Spread out and Giving Back with With Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, among bigger brands that dominate the online scene, innovators are looking at a more humanized approach in marketing. This whole new way to look at the business is gonna benefit not only them but also the people around their network.

One of the most common types of non-traditional affiliates is known as storefronts. The term is used to refer to partners, that are usually non-profit entities that get co-branded with the retailer. By offering products via different storefront websites, there is a significant rise in exposure and sales. In this way, the retailer gets to sell its products, the storefronts get commissions, and consumers find what they are looking for.

Feels simple, right?

So what makes non-traditional affiliate marketing special is the fact that it benefits multiple parties, as retailers make a profit while helping others. It’s also an efficient way of spreading a brand because it distributes the work among various partners. Best of all, it does not get in the way of other existing strategies at all.

  • Devising the appropriate cross -device tracking method

A more and more customers these days tend to move between different devices only on a daily basis, the importance of cross-device tracking is also increased. This is one of the most affiliate marketing trends you gonna watch out for.

Spreading visibility across different types of media is just not enough, brands must keep track of consumers as they browse through their desktops and switch to their smartphones.

Since the consumers have become habitual to the interconnectedness of the different devices, it’s possible they could decide to purchase a product through anyone of them.

Cross-device tracking ensures that they can enforce that choice whether they are using their laptops in a coffee shop or swiping through their mobile phones while driving through a traffic-filled highway.

  • Keep Going Mobile

Going mobile is going to be one of the most crucial affiliate marketing trends. There is a lot of opportunity for anyone looking to get affiliated with mobile apps since publishers all over the world are looking for ways to monetize their apps. Retailers just need to keep affiliating themselves with as many publishers as possible, since you can not have too many mobile apps endorsing your product.

Therefore, anyone looking to succeed in their marketing strategies have to invest in getting traffic through mobile devices. No doubt that the leaders in the affiliate industry are making mobile conversions one of the top priorities in 2017.

  • Influencer Marketing

Choosing the right affiliates to showcase the right brands is everything. In fact, influence marketing is the multi-million dollar industry. Investing in a select few who can reach out to buyers more efficiently than others has proven to pay off quite well in the long run.

Knowing how to play the game, establish the most productive connections, talk to the right people, and keep tabs on new approaches to the trade is everything and that’s how it is done.

Keep being updated and you will get those high-converting offers, optimize with the perfect amount of reliable accurate data.

For those who are eager to get started keeping in mind these new trends, can take further help and guidance from best Miami SEO company.

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