How to Boost Rank in 2018 : SEO Technique

Search Engines have changed over the years. They are now more fast, more accurate and more intelligent. Google’s algorithm is now upgraded to ‘Hummingbird. Even Top 10 SEO Agencies have changed their approach to get better results. So it is more tougher to get rank on SERP in 2018. So today i am going to tell you about the points which search engines are focusing on. Let us begin without delaying any further.

Points that should be focused this year

  • Go to any search engine and type your query in search box and see the results. Analyze the pattern of top 3 results. Look at those snippets and Keywords used to come on top of SERPs. You might find a pattern and this will help you to improve the ranking of your website. Understand your customers demand, to get better results.
  • Focus on Meta title, description and URLs. Yes, Crawlers still pay most of the attention on this part. Proper use of Keywords in title and description can improve the ranking. Keep the length of Title and Description under limit. This snippet will help not only the Search engines but also the users. If it is attractive and accurate, Users will surely click on them.
  • Make URLs and content which is easily accessible for Crawlers and Spiders. So when google comes to your page, it can take valuable information through it and index it easily. It will increase the chances to get in the sight of users. More valuable pages get more popularity and visibility.
  • Now here comes the most important part that do you have a team which can focus on all these aspects? If you have such team then try to get inside the pattern of Search engines algorithms. Best SEO services are provided by a highly focused team.
  • Employ keywords very carefully. It should be easily mixed to the content. Use of primary and secondary Keyword should be carefull. When you do keyword research, think from the perspective of a user. Try to focus on more common Keywords. Like use ‘Refrigerator’ instead of ‘Cooling machine’.
  • Now when you are completely into the Search Engines then time has come to focus on Users. In the end users are going to give you the popularity which you are looking for. Make pages which can load fast and they should look attractive as well. Don’t stop here. Your website should be accessible on all the devices and most important thing, it should be Secure.
  • If you have a perfect answer of a question. Then how you are going to spread it or where are you going to tell it, this matters a lot. Try to go on websites which are popular. Tell it on social media. Publicity of your knowledge can play vital role.

So keeping all the points in mind, do it practically to achieve better results. As search engines are updating, you have to update yourself to get higher rank. 2018 can bring a lot of growth in your business, only if you will apply right strategy.

Final thoughts

In the era of Marketing, SEO is weighing more than other marketing techniques. So it is very important to stay updated. Essence of this is blog tells that no matter how hard algorithm becomes, one can achieve better ranking on SERPs. Just focus on your content and important points. Try to avoid common mistakes. Hope it will help you.


What not to do while doing SEO

Now a days ‘Search engine optimization’ is very important for all companies to get better rank and traffic on their website. So if you want to provide seo services or you want to do SEO for your own websites then make sure, Never do these mistakes.

People think that SEO is not a tough job and it can be done easily. This is a misconception which you should never have. There are few mistakes people do while doing SEO, which can be easily avoidable and help you to achieve better Rank.

1) Not Paying Attention On content

Normally people try to fool Search engines by making a website which is ‘Search Engine friendly’. In this process they lose the essence of the topic and it lead to user dissatisfaction. Search engines are very smart, they notice that this website has more bouncing rate and they will degrade the rank of your website.

So content is the key that will help you to achieve better position. Try to write a content which is user friendly and contains deep knowledge of particular topic. If user will get satisfied with your content then they will share your link more and more.  By ‘Backlinking’ your website will be automatically promoted up the order.

2) Density of Keywords

Yes, writing keywords again and again can lead to degrading of your page. Some people have this misconception that using a keyword several times, will help you to make your website more relevant to the search. This process is called as ‘Keyword Stuffing
It is not at all difficult for Search engines to find  a page which is stuffed with keywords. Try to keep 1 to 2 % Keyword in your content. For example if you are writing 1000 words content, try to keep maximum 10 keyword.

3) Copied Content

Some people take the content from other websites or blogs and put it on their website but this is not helpful for your website. Taking fact and figures that are fixed, is necessary but don’t try to take whole content from other pages. Search engines will mark it as a copied content and will not give priority to it.

We did a test by writing  same material on three different pages and guess what ? Search engines showed only the first page we made. Try to keep this point in mind.

4) Anchor Text According to Material

This is one more common mistake people often do. They put ‘Anchor text’ different then what you have provide in the material. Suppose you have written an article and you just want to give link of your Shoes website. Make sure,  you will use right keyword in the anchor text. There is one more point that i want to mention : If you have 4 pages in a website, try to write different Anchor text for each page.  Top SEO Firms avoid these type of silly mistakes.

You should be careful while writing the Anchor text and Heading, if your material on the page is not relevant to the heading then search engine takes a valid action to prevent them from rating. This process is called ‘ cloaking’. Try to avoid this unwanted and irrelevant content.

5) Avoiding ALT Tags

When you put an image which is relevant to the topic or give an important information about the topic, Normal people can understand this but Search engines are not able read it. So despite of being valuable blog, Search engines rate it lower in the order. If you want that Search engine can read it, put ALT text’.  If you do not get read for your content then at least your rank will be improved for your Image.


SEO is an important part of Digital Marketing. So Doing SEO is not only important but also doing it in a right way is also very important. In this blog, I have mentioned that how important can it be, If you avoid silly mistake.  By this way you can generate more traffic on your website. Hope you won’t to do such mistakes now.

How to prepare marketing strategies for a small business?

Marketing has always been one of the key factors that decides the overall growth of the business. Due to this reason, so many companies have a different section of the marketing department. Marketing is all about letting people know about your product and service. When done in the right way, marketing has the capability to make huge profits. Some of the top SEO companies in miami offer the best marketing tips and tricks to their customer. These tips when brought into use deliver high-quality results.

In this blog post, I have mentioned some of the tips to marketise your product in the right way. So, let’s have a look at it.

  1. Invest in visual marketing.

It’s well known that the visuals affect the people the most and that the visual things are remembered for a longer duration of time. So, it’s a better move to invest in some visual bits so as to marketise your product.

  1. Grow your social media presence.

This is also one of the major ways to marketise your product to your audience or your prospective customers. These days, a lot of people are active on various social media platforms. Reaching out to these customers can help in growing the business to a whole new level.

  1. Use Emails.

It’s good to use newer methods and get going with newer techs so to stay in the game. But, you can never underestimate the reliability of the old methods. Emails can be taken for an instance. Marketing through emails has been one of the most reliable and most yielding methods of all time. So, don’t think that the emails have gone obsolete. They still rule!

  1. Utilize the power of a blog.

Blogs hold a lot of power to transfer the information to the people. Reason being, a blog connects with the audience. When done right, they marketise the product like none else. But, there are some points to remember while doing blogging. First and foremost thing is that quality always rules. Try to add value with every word. This will definitely pay you off in the long run.

  1. Create a marketing chain.
    In order to see results like never before, you have to do things you have never done before. So, you can try to build up a marketing chain by giving out some alluring offers to your customers. For eg, you can ask one customer to forward the marketing message to another customer. The first customer would get some reward points, and the second customer would also get some cool offer from the company. This type of human chain is the fastest mode of marketing.

It can seem to be very overwhelming when it comes to marketizing a small business or a startup. But with some effort and patience, good results can be obtained. There many SEO companies in california which are well known for their fruitful work for various startups. The above-mentioned tips are easy to use and offer great results when implemented in a marketing campaign.

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Grow your online business using these easy steps.

Gone are the days when you had to have a shop or a store to start a business. Those shops were then to be replaced by a bigger store if the business would have flourished. These days, all you need is a laptop, a website, and an Internet connection and you are good to go. But that’s good enough to start a business but not good enough to propel it, and that also with a good speed. Many young minds have a creative idea which when utilized will result in great success stories. But, often many of them find it really difficult to run their businesses at a good pace. Some of them even give up on it. But, few changes when made, can make your online business prosper. Some of the best SEO companies in Ahmedabad are well known for making these online startups a huge success story.

Well, in this blog post, I have mentioned some of the great tips to grow your online business which will take it to a whole new level.

1. Target the right audience.

This is nothing new. You have to have a right set of people with whom you will be doing the business. To target the right group of people, you need to understand your business first. When you will be well aware of your business and what it deals with, what it has to offer to the people, that is when you will be able to pick the right set of people.

2. Reach your audience.

Once you are done with selecting your audience, it’s time to reach them with what you have to offer. Now, this can be done in various ways. Social media is one of the most trending and lucrative ways to reach out to people. But, according to some stats, social media is less effective when compared with emails. Yes, emails are more trustworthy when it comes to building a relationship with your customers. So, when reaching your customer, try using emails.

3. Podcasts work!

Podcasts are often misunderstood by people. They think that only those podcasts which are delivered by an entertainer or a famous radio personality will be bear the fruits. But it’s not so. You just need to be creative in making good podcasts. Interview famous personalities in your field. Such interviews are more likely to receive comments and reviews. This will definitely turn people’s head toward your site and thus, will help in growing your business.

4. Use customer-satisfaction oriented approach.

For any business, it is the prime responsibility to serve their customers. Customer satisfaction should be the main motive behind any business. Therefore, it is very necessary to use strategies which will serve the customer in the best possible way. The Internet is full of businesses in every field. Their motive is to make money. When people will see that you keep their satisfaction over profit generation, they will definitely like your intention and will help you in growing your business.

Growing online business takes time and effort. Nothing can be achieved in a single day. There are some of the SEO companies in Pune which have worked tremendously in helping the small online businesses to grow into big enterprises. The tips mentioned in this blog post are good to follow to take your online business to a whole new level. So, use them and watch your business grow.

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How to grow business using inbound marketing?

Marketing plays an important role in business growth and therefore its success. The growth of any business is directly proportional to the marketing tactics used. Webmasters all around the world develop marketing techniques that are claimed to be the best. In earlier days, the medium of marketing used to be the televisions or radios or billboards. But, with the development of technology, these mediums have gone obsolete. Today, the lifestyle has become so fast moving that no one has the time to watch television or listen to the radio. The invention of the smartphone has made it all possible for the people to watch television or listen to the radio. The invention of social media has drastically affected the marketing strategies. It has forced the marketers to develop new strategies keeping the social media into mind. These new form of marketing using blogs, social media or content marketing is known as inbound marketing. Some of the top SEO companies in Bhopal are well known in the industry for their great work in the field of inbound marketing. These companies are well known for their consistent work as well as in delivering the desired results to their clientele.

Well, this blog post is all about how to use various inbound marketing tricks and give a boost to your business. So, let’s get started with it.

1. know your field.

Well, this sounds pretty clear what I intend to say here. Before stepping into anything, it is very important to know about the field. Starting without knowing about it will lead you to nowhere. It is very likely that you might end up with wrong selection of field. You might make strategies which will not be good enough to deliver the results you desire for. Therefore, it is very important to have some knowledge about the area you want to land in. know about the people who are linked to that field, current scenarios, future changes that might take place. This will help you in developing robust marketing strategies.

2. Know your potential customers.

Marketing is all about showing off your product or the services to the customers. But, it is of crucial importance to target the right set of customers. Plus, knowing about your customer’s needs and what troubles them will help the strategies developers in great extent.

3. Pick up the right keywords.

It is very important to select the right set of keywords. You should know what your prospective customers will look for. Including the right set of keywords in your web pages will definitely help in improving your site’s SEO and therefore will help in boosting the page’s rank.

Marketing requires a bit of creativity and foreseeing into the market’s situation. Good marketing strategies are the one which takes the business’s vision and motives to the most of the right set of population. Also, a marketing strategist should focus on hearing the problems, needs, and demands of the public. Many SEO companies in Bangalore believe that the marketing should be a two-directional flow of vision and needs and demands. These companies reach to the most of their domain customers to marketize their product as well listen to their problems and demands.

The above-mentioned tips are great to start with when dealing with inbound marketing. Use these tips and it will surely yield you great results.

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How to make your site SEO and UX friendly?

People, nowadays, spend a majority of their time on Internet. Reason being, that the Internet has made the life of people much simpler than ever before. It serves almost every purpose of the user, therefore, it is very necessary to make the site user-experience friendly as well as SEO friendly. Some of the best SEO companies in Gurgaon provide their services in making their clients sites SEO as well as UX friendly. These companies have a strong belief that the user’s experience on the site should be better than that with any other site.

Here, in this blog, I have mentioned some of the tips to make your site user-friendly as well as search engine friendly.

1. Make it mobile optimized.

Today, the use of mobile phones has grown to the extent that it is impossible to imagine life without it. Mobiles have become an inseparable part of people’s life. So it is very important to create content which is mobile friendly. This will make the user’s experience with your site very pleasant. It really annoys people when a site doesn’t work properly on their phones. It poses a threat of marking your site low points or low stars!

2. Enhance your page’s speed.

When a page takes a year time to get load, it annoys the user like nothing else. It affects the user’s experience on the site drastically. Therefore, it is very important to enhance the page’s loading speed so that the user’s time can be saved and the experience can be made pleasant.

3. Use great snippets.

This is another one of the great tools to enhance to user’s behavior on the site. You can add images, videos or GIFs as well as maps to enhance the user’s experience. It is obvious that the site with quality rich snippets attract more users than a normal one. So, always make sure to add the relevant and useful snippets in your site.

4. Make a graphic oriented site.

It is very obvious that a graphically rich site is more user friendly and it offers a good experience to them. The key tip is to add high quality and properly optimized images or infographics in your site. This will help the user in understanding the content and thus, enhancing the user’s stay on the site.

5. Keep it bugs-free!

While designing a site, it is of utmost importance to pay attention to keep it free from various faults. If not, then there will always be the chances of the site getting crashed. This will, needless to say, annoy the user and he or she might never consider coming back to your site.

Today, every webmaster is trying to make their clients site SEO friendly so as to make more and more profits. But in this rush, they often forget to make a user friendly site. But, there are some SEO companies in Hyderabad, who focus on delivering a good and a never like before experience to their users. The above-mentioned tips easy to use and yield great results in a very short period of time.

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The Entrepreneurial Leader’s Challenge: Knowing When To Hug And When To Kick

If we talk about leadership, it is in itself very difficult. And, when it becomes entrepreneurial leadership it is more demanding. However, the challenges that are confronted are deliberately effortless on the surface, but the solutions are complicated and distinct. There are countless solutions and tactics that can be supported in order to confront these challenges, but they differ from situation to situation. When we want accuracy then taking time to reflect on our personal weaknesses is critical. Every person is born with various faults that affects their behavior pattern as well as their decisions. A manager should not step out of his major character, because when a manger become friendly towards the employees it becomes really tough to make the right decisions for the business.

You Must Know When To Embrace & When To Kick

It is just not wise to carry on a habit or an under performance for too long because in the end you will have a breaking point and that is not the right way to treat yourself. However, it would be better to sense when to embrace and when too kick off. It is much better if you do not drag yourself to that point and just be consistent in your approach. Even if you want to remain friendly, you must be aware of when kicking is important.

Accept The Fact That Leadership Is Lonely

You cannot be friends with everyone if you are a leader. This is just like parenting, as a parent you obviously love your children and cannot really stop them from having fun but you are also aware of the fact that they need to learn to be responsible, independent, and honest. If you are not disciplinary, it is impossible for you to make them learn the same. Parents have to parents to their kids, and not friends for sure. Therefore, teams also require a manager to be their manager and not a friend. Teams need someone who is always going to motivate them, push them and help them grow. It is essential for a manager to be sturdy enough because without being authoritarian it is tough to handle the employees. According to the manager of Orlando SEO services an environment of high performances can only be created if there is a distance between a manager and his team.

A Delicate Balancing Act

Not only just leadership, but everything in life needs balance. You can be friendly and an invested leader while maintaining the distance that is important to manage things around you, all it needs is balance. Once again we can highlight here that Leadership is about being aware of when to embrace and when to kick. Moreover, to achieve good things in life everyone has to push themselves out of their comfort zone. To make people stay on the correct path, it is often necessary to give them a swift kick.

This approach is quite helpful when leaders are drawn too much for the comfort of their team. It makes the manager firm towards their personal and professional growth.

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Methods That Can Help You To Arrive At New Target Audiences Without Deserting The Old Ones

If we talk about the younger generation or the millennials, they are so dynamic that they are causing a continuous shift in the market across every single industry. However, this younger generation of consumers is teaching all the entrepreneurs that if they want to stay competitive they have to deal with the various challenges emerging in a business landscape, which also includes the consumer trends and company’s demographics. There is no point in analyzing how you audiences have changed or will change in the future, that is just going to be a shot in the dark.

Broading Your Wigwam- In this competitive world, everyone including the business leaders are aware of the changing marketplace, but that does not really mean that they are willing to adopt that change. There is a difference between knowing something and embracing it. However, every company does not approve of a similar approach. Some companies follow a pattern which involves a major brand remodeling, while some companies do not wish to make a change in their brand and services and stay consistent. As we all know hat we live in a world which is experience-based, and even if we design our customer experience intentionally or not , we still successfully provide it.

With these methods you can easily arrive at new target audiences without deserting the old ones:

1.Develop A Powerful Personality- It is important that whatever you put there, a blogpost , or maybe an article it must necessarily coordinate with a desired target audience. No matter whom it is a college student, a parent or a CEO, messaging is needed to motivate a response. If you want to have a better understanding of your current or target customers, you must ask them directly instead of absorbing yourself into various other thoughts. As per the Atlanta SEO, every new visitor that comes to your website is another potential chance to secure a conversion and a more outright brand exposure which can help you to build your reputation. Although surveys are not a bad option for knowing your customers, but one-on-one interviews are better. There are three messages which collectively bolster one another and are uniform across experiences, like the print management solutions minimizes the expenses, enhances security and upgrades sustainability.

2.Enquire What Is Your CRM Data Trying To Disclose- In case your data collection process comprises of numerous questions to qualify leads, it might become easy for you to find customer information which includes the size and type of the company, contact job titles and lastly the type of content which is most often absorbed. It is your sales team’s job to help you translate those numbers into detailed characteristics and organize a more thorough understanding of your customers. Moreover, as soon as you find familiar trends, you can simply blend those propensities into a general view of each customer type and use it later to clog your personas. When you go on evaluating your data, you might be surprised to see audiences who appreciate your brand.

3.Exhibit How Your Brand Dispenses What People Want- It is not rational to abandon the things that make your product valuable to its current buyers just for the sake of proving its relevance in front of a distinct demographic. It rather means accommodating your messaging to feature those perks that are more regulated with the new audiences

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Get Impressive Business Logos From These Platforms

A business logo is a crucial thing or factor which decides your business performance and popularity. Even any local SEO company would also say that your logo should be impressive such that it catches the attention of the viewers in one go. Whether it is any social media platform, website or any offline source like brochures or any product your business logo on them marks its importance.

Looking at this increasing demand of brand logos graphic designers demand handsome amount. To save yourself from such high prices there are many platforms from where you can get impressive logos for your brand that too at low budget:

  1. should be the first stop to get wonderful and attractive logos at low prices. It is a leading micro jobs site which handles freelancing network. Here all services are delivered for $5 or its multiples.You can get highly skilled designers here and look for top rated sellers along with the sample of their works.

2.99 Designs:

99Designs is the platform which asks for a completely different method of getting your logo designed. Here you have to organise a contest where you ask for your logo to be designed. In this way, u will get many logos and then you have to choose from them. The motive behind this procedure is that you will get the best idea for your business and the one you chose will be rewarded. SEO Nashville recommends this platform.

3.Up work:

UpWork is an extensive professional freelance network with great opportunities and flexibilities for professional workers.  Freelancers are either paid by the hour or a fixed price depending on the method you set. Once you advertise your job, workers can bid for a fixed or hourly rate based on your budget. For instance, we can say that you posted a job stating that you are ready to pay $12 per hour but there can be someone who bid that they can work for $11 per hour. Then it depends on you, whom will you choose.


If you want to design and work yourself for your own logo design, but you don’t possess photoshop or the graphic designs skills to use it nor you are acquainted with any designer then a logo generator could be a nice option for you. Design is the place where you should go to get a suitable logo designed in your way.

Enter your business name, slogan and industry and you’ll get a hell lot of design options. Each and every design has a number of variations to choose from and can be further edited with the easy to use drag and drop editor.

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How To Boost Social Media Creativity Game For Your New Business

Social media is an amazing platform that helps and allows people to engage and interact with your business. The social media platforms are proven success generators for all category of online businesses. Not only by marketing tactics but also the word of mouth publicity proves to be much effective when it comes to marketing a business via social media networks. According to the social media experts of the best SEO companies, the creative social media marketing approach is capable enough to drive success to a new business.

There are a lot of businesses that make effective use of social media platforms to launch or introduce their new business or a startup. The social media experts of top SEO agencies found that using social media channels to promote, advertise and introduce your new business will drive more traffic to your business website only and only if you use efficient marketing tactics and creative word-of-mouth publicity campaigns. The perfect strategy to boost social media creativity game for your business will help you raise your startup’s customer base from thousands of users to lakhs of users within a very short span of time.

The business owners are advised to use and embrace all social media platforms if their main aim is to quickly enhance their customer base. Since we all know social media is a platform that helps a user and a brand to communicate personally. It means that social media is a free word-of-mouth publicity platform that has the capability to engage and interact a large number of audience and increase the customer base of a new business. This procedure proves to be helpful when a business is in its initial stage and is having a lack of amount to invest on high-budget marketing techniques.

Here are listed some most common and easiest ways that’ll help you grow your customer base and boosts social media creativity game for your new business:

  • Register accounts on all major platforms

It is the fact that if you want your business to grow and succeed in your industry and stand ahead of the competitive crowd, you have to stay active on all social media platforms with valid accounts. Make sure that your business is active on social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other such platforms where you think your users will come. All these social media platforms have a large number of active users with whom you can build engagement and interaction and also advertise and promote your brand.

  • Make effective use of the power of community

Build an active community on these social media channels in order to reach your target customers and let them reach you. Doing so will benefit your business from the power of word-of-mouth. Build user engagement and ask them to review your brand so that you can attract more users to visit your website considering the reviews posted by the past clients or visitors. Positive word-of-mouth enables a business to quickly grow and succeed in its main goal or objective.

  • Associate with other businesses with same mindsets

Being a startup or a new business, you should consider contacting and connecting with the business firms that have same goals and objective as yours. Establish good business practice and connect with a business firm that possesses high rankings in the search engine result pages. Allow business firms to share your content within their groups and communities or on their social media profiles and do vice-versa. This will help you effectively boost your social media creativity and in return will help you to enhance your customer base. Working together with a well-established firm will help you succeed and that firm will definitely publicise your new business using word-of-mouth advertising technique.

  • Employ someone who knows the tactic to use social media effectively

Last but not the least, hire or employ a person who is expert in handling social media accounts for business purpose. He is the person who has to manage comments, likes, shares on your profile and also have to plan for some social media campaigns to advertise and promote your brand on various social media platforms with an aim to raise customer base for your business. He has to take care of the whole and sole marketing related responsibilities on social media. His main aim should be to keep customers informed and engaged with your brand.