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Landing Pages Have to Be SEO-Focused, Conversion-Focused or Both?

What is landing page?

We would call any page on the web on which one may land a “web page”, while a “landing page” is any page on the web on which one might land that has a form and exists exclusively to capture a visitor’s information through that form. In other words, all landing pages are web pages, whereas all web pages are landing pages.

A form on the landing page is an opportunity for someone to convert ,and designed specifically for the conversion event.That conversion event could be filling out their email address so they can subscribe to your blog, or filling out a form for an ebook or filling out transactional information to buy a product on your site. The landing page form, whether one field or multiple fields, is the time for a visitor to provide you certain information regarding themselves so that you can give them something back in return.

Landing pages provides a great way to generate more traffic, more leads, increase in online sales.Pages that are developed to increase website traffic must be SEO friendly, so that they can be found on search engines. Landing pages can also encourage the visitor to finish  a particular task such as purchasing an item or signing up for a newsletter.

Having an seo focused or conversion focused landing page is totally dependent your need. The differences between these two and the way to know whether you need one or the other or need a mix of them is to ask a few questions:

  • Are you trying to rank for general keywords or conversion-focused keywords?
  • Are you trying to rank for both?
  • Are you not worried about keyword rankings at all and you are concerned with conversion only.

SEO Based Landing Pages

In order to have seo focused landing page there have to be strong SEO work behind it. Placing emphasis on seo based landing page means that your primary concern is wanting to ranking highly on search engine sites, less bounce rates and high engagement rate which can be done with keyword-based content. Keywords play a vital role in a website’s SEO and search engine ranking, which can lead to more visits and contribute to overall website success. Take help of seo consultants to create seo based landing pages

Conversion Based Landing Pages

A conversion based landing page does not focus on SEO rather, it serves one specific target audience and wants website visitors to complete a specific action. These types of pages keep visitors on a specific page by showing them an offer they are likely to respond to such as filling out a form, making a purchase or other types of incentives. Such incentives are called a call to action. A call to action should be immediate, making site users feel the importance, to complete a specific action.


It’s important to consider what it is that your landing page needs most. Are you more concerned with ranking on search engines? SEO based landing pages should be your area of focus. If your site is consumer-based and want visitors to complete a certain action, conversion landing pages will prove to be the best. What about landing page that only not having strong SEO capabilities but conversion opportunities too? With a landing page that inculcates both you have the edge, a page that ranks well and generates conversions.

What does your website need? Are you more interested in ranking on search engines or having visitors complete a specific action? Consult seo companies in atlanta  today for more information on how to create winning landing pages.

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5 Tips for getting ‘high quality’ links

Backlinks have been  considered as the most powerful element for getting higher ranking in search engine result page.

Google takes into account several factors to assess high quality links, which are-

Domain age – older sites are considered to build more trust over the web than the sites which are new in the web world. So, getting links from such sites adds more quality to your site.

Link Authority – Domain age, keyword relevance and other items all measures link authority. More authoritative your link will be, more quality it possesses. So look for links which are highly authoritative.

Relevant links – It means it is very important to get links from the website which are relevant to your business.Getting links are just not enough ,rather natural link building strategy should be followed. Let’s say you have a seo company in atlanta , then the links coming to your site must be relevant to your business, not from the sources which have nothing to do with your business niche.

Exact-match anchor text: Exact-match anchor text remains an important component of high-quality backlinks. Anchor text related to your topic, rather than anchor text like “click here,” adds weight and validity to backlinks. Getting good seo services can be very beneficial for your website .

Being smart marketers you should know how to build high quality links to achieve higher ranking in search engine result page. Here are some methods both proven and ethical for increasing your backlink profile as part of an overall SEO strategy.

Review your current backlink profile

Spend some time to review your current backlink profile as How many links are there? Where these links are coming from? Check the domain authority of those sites and see how much quality links you have . What content is attracting links, and can you capitalize on those keywords? It is very much important to keep track of your backlink profile to help you progress further.

Create a list of your top posts and keywords

You have to give websites a reason to link into your posts. Relevant, interesting, unique content  will form the basis for inbound linking activities. Go through your current website and develop a list of your most-read content and keyword phrases that bring in the highest traffic levels. Use it in your backlink building efforts in future.

Add-long form content to your site

Content with detailed information , engaging stories tend to attract more visitors and tend to get more backlinks to your site. Try to put images as well ,In a study it was found Google ranks sites on first page are those with atleast one image and well descriptive content.

Discover the sites that you’d like to link into your site to start a guest posting effort

Guest posts enable you to add natural backlinks to your website from a wide range of sites. You submit an original topic to a webmaster, in exchange for the content, the webmaster links to your site. Create unique, informative content so that you can grab the links from authoritative sites. This could be really helpful for getting high quality links. Don’t submit request for content which is duplicate as it can affect your seo efforts.

Pitch your best content to websites

Another strategy to obtain backlinks is to email the webmasters on your target list with a pitch to link into your content. If the content is good enough or relevant enough to their sites’ target audience, they may consider your request. Provide them with anchor keyword phrases you’d like to have linking into your site, and be patient. They may take weeks to respond. But getting those natural links would be highly beneficial for your site and definitely pull your rankings up. You can also hire seo consultants to optimize your sites for higher ranking.

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Personas – Art of creating connections

Why do we use SEO? For Brand Awareness, more traffic, more leads — right?

Besides these reasons it’s motive is to develop more and more good connections.

On an elementary level of Search engine optimization, it is very much important to create connection with your target audience. Creating connections is vital as it leads to more traffic, more leads, more brand awareness, more visibility, more sales.

Before you start creating connections, it is good to define your target audience. Persona profiling is something that has been used for decades in the marketing industry, and mapping out who your audience is will give you a deeper insight into how to most effectively reach them.

For an efficient SEO strategy we must learn to define our audience and roll out the plans accordingly.

What’s a persona ? Why should you use it?

A persona is “a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. In short, it’s a sketch of the person(s) you are trying to target.

Let’s assume as an seo consultant if you ask your client who their product or service for and their answer is ‘everyone’ then definitely you need to work hard.It is very much important to understand that right audience for your business and develop strategies based on that.

Let’s take an example of an seo blog- Moz now this is not for everyone rather for search professionals or digital marketing professionals will show interest in it as they getting information to their niche of business. A photographer will never bother to give it a look. Therefore the search professional is a persona that represents this site’s target audience.

Having good personas benefits your entire organization even beyond inbound marketing. Honest personas improve your sales pitch, your customer service, and even your product development.

How to know your target audience?

While persona research has come a long way over the years, it still has a long way to go. Market research and data are great, but these aren’t always the most reliable source of information.

To truly understand your audience, you have to break down every aspect of their lives and try to find common connections. These commonalities will help give us clues not just into what they do, but why they do it.

Taking the time to do this work will help you create a more contextualized strategy that returns a much greater ROI for your clients.

Here are 3 core areas which should be researched while developing personas for SEO

  • Demographics

Marketing research and data are the most common ways to get demographic information but make sure that you get the right and updated data .Cross check your data in different reports as having correct an uptodate information is very much necessary to know your target audience.

While defining persona demographics make sure you have proper knowledge of the following :

Description – A student, athlete, entrepreneur ?

LIvelihood – Urban, Sub-urban or rural ?

Age range ?

Industry they belong to – Engineering, Marketing, Media ?

Level of management – Upper level or a Consultant ?

  • Social dynamic

By looking at the massive impact and expansion of social media in the past decade it has become a primary need to be a part that social world. We are also afraid of being seen as the “outsider” in our social groups, so the people and groups we associate with have a lot of influence on how we think and act.

When developing the social dynamic of your persona, here are a few good questions to ask:

Who are the peers, subordinates, superiors, and outsiders with whom they frequently interact?

What are some brands that influence them?

What groups/organizations are they a part of?

What types of media are they attracted to? (Social, TV, internet, magazines)

What do they do for fun?

  • Mapping Empathy

If we aim to create meaningful online connections that deliver real business results, the only way we can influence someone is by connecting and sharing our message in a way that resonates with their worldview.A great tool to do this is called the Empathy Map by Xplane.

The goal of empathy mapping is to quickly capture the perspective of your audience. The Empathy Map addresses need to know What do they—

See?  What’s happening around them?

SAY? To colleagues, friends, their boss?

What do they DO? What’s their attitude and behavior?

What do they FEEL? What are common emotions they experience?

What do they HEAR? What do their friends, boss, family and others say?

What do they THINK? What really counts? What are they worried about? What do they want to achieve?

How do these Help your SEO?

Demographic details will help you make appropriate approach for your audience .Understanding these basics about your audience will help you create better content, title tags, meta information and more . Consult best seo companies in usa to improve your connections.

Social Dynamics helps in link building . Finding out the social presence of personas can lead to creating new linking opportunities you may have never uncovered in your original prospecting. Related niches are a great way to cross-promote and build a network with other businesses looking to target a similar audience to yours.

Empathy Mapping will help you in better understanding of how your audience views and interacts with the world hence you create messaging that resonates with them on a personal level.

We all know the importance of content when it comes to SEO. But it’s not about how much content, it’s about the ‘right’ content. By truly connecting with your audience through content that speaks to their deepest needs, you’ll increase engagement, shares and more — all of which, in return, impacts traffic, leads, brand identity and so on.

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Google Panda is ‘baked in’ to Google’s core ranking algorithm

Did you see any changes in your website‘s ranking recently?If so, it might have been rolling into your minds what sparked the sudden changes.Well,it’s due to the return of Panda.

First released in 2011, Google Panda is a search algorithm that aims to lower down the rankings of low quality websites with thin amounts of content. Panda is an extra filter that aims to exclude any scam sites and helps you find the best websites for your search queries.Over the last five years, Google has been releasing updates to improve this filter algorithm. Last update, Panda 4.2 was slowly rolled out.

Originally Panda was just a separate spam filter. It was applied to your search results AFTER the core ranking algorithm had done its work.Now that Google has integrated Panda into their core algorithm, any search you make means Panda is working instantly.Instead of originally waiting for the core algorithm and then filtering out any spam, Panda is now part of Google’s core search powers -meaning Panda has become one of Google’s core ranking signals. On January 8, 2015, a Google spokesperson confirmed this. Google says that “Panda is an algorithm that’s applied to sites overall and has become one of our core ranking signals. It measures the quality of site. Panda allows Google to take quality into account and adjust the ranking accordingly.”

Moreover,Google emphasised that websites should focus on best quality content to what their searchers are looking for,focus on quality rather than quantity. So now that Panda has merged with Google’s core algorithm, search results will no longer be subjected to a separate Panda update and then to Google’s core algorithm, but together and simultaneously.

What will this mean for SEO?

Until now we have created content that is relevant for our industry and the users.We provided the high quality content and ranked on search engine result page satisfactorily without any fear of panda.

Now that Panda is working as part of Google’s main algorithm, Panda’s filter capabilities are working alongside Google’s other ranking signals.your website content has to be the best possible content serving the targeted audience in the best possible way.Your website need to be highly optimized for on page seo factors. Take expert seo vendors in USA to recover from the Panda effect. SEO experts really need to work hard to optimize websites in accordance with the new algorithm.

This decision to promote Panda from its secondary filter position into Google’s main league of search ranking factors suggests Google is showing how important it is to create a high quality website.

Panda has always helped to knock down the spam sites and now that it’s part of the main algorithm certainly suggests Panda will be a permanent feature of Google Search.

Here are few tips to take down to survive the hit new update.

Focus on being useful

At the end of the day, content owners shouldn’t ask how many visitors they had on a specific day, but rather how many visitors they helped.

Build some new paths

Instead of deleting those pages, your goal should be to create pages that don’t fall in that category;pages that provide unique value for your users who would trust your site in the future when they see it in the results. Get help from best seo company in USA to get back your position.

Meet your searcher’s expectations

You might have an amazing piece of content, but if you are ranking for particular queries that don’t give people what they are looking for, Google could perceive it as poor quality content.

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Tips for A Writing Designer Digital Copy

Design should lead the way,when it comes to kicking off digital projects like websites or landing pages. It is a great topic to have debate on. Taking extreme sides  while debating a topic is a great fun and often valuable, as long as you’re not ensconced in your position.

I always believed in design-led process. One of a designer posted on his facebook page that, “When it comes to design approach, good design-thinking practice would consider resolving both content and interface together, iteratively.”

All the writers need to join hands with the designers to work together in perfect harmony. This will help you to collaborate with the design team and produce effective write ups. Here are explained few tips to be considered while writing a designer digital copy for SEO companies:

  • Keep it short and simple:

In a usability research conducted by a Top SEO Companies, it was  found that, “90 percent of the users do not read headlines or titles properly. They just read first three or four letters”. This means that your title should be designed in a way that it is appealing, concise and should explain what the article below is all about.

The headline or the title should be such, reading which the reader wants himself to read the article. It not be such that, the user switched to another website because he didn’t like the headline or he didn’t understand what the title was trying to  implicate.

  • Be firm and consistent about punctuation’s:

Every pixel of a design is important. You must think the same about every comma and quotation mark. Be clear when you expect a dash, whether you want periods in headlines and what words should be capitalized. Just make sure you’re consistent about it. It gets confusing for everyone if you have a period in one heading but not in another.

  • Know when images will tell your story better:

As a writer you need to be smart thinker. You must know when you need to step back and let visuals take the lead. Many a times it happens that we are short of words while writing a content. At such a moment, visuals can work for you. But, adding a visual to your content means, visual should be relevant, appealing and should generate maximum traffic.

  • Focus on your Call to action:

A good design will most likely aim to lay out some clear and concise information and quickly follow it with a single, simple call-to-action. Your copy should do the same. If you have an attention-grabbing headline that isn’t very informative about your product or service, don’t expect the next step to be a button click. You may need a more explanatory subhead or have your button copy to do the heavy lifting.

  • Be decisive about changes:

You need to be updated regarding what changes are to be made in your content after getting comments of the readers. Here, for this task, you are the only one to take decision regarding updates or changes to be made in the content. Designers are not going to help you making changes. The decision power lies only in your hands.

  • Make your edits on the design:

It’s harder for me, more tedious for you and less accurate in general if your changes are all written in an email filled with descriptions like “third section, 2nd para – change i to I”. You may be a writer but, we are living in a visual world and I am a visual girl/boy. Use a collaboration service like Hightail to leave comments and copy changes on the design itself, so all the feedback is contextual and collected in one place.

Where should you put your keywords?

Keywords are the fundamental element to SEO. People use keywords to search and the purpose of SEO is to ensure that that your website matching these search queries in order to generate organic search engine traffic from target audience members. To determine how the target audience member are searching, the first step of an SEO campaign is to go for keyword research. Once you have discovered that keywords to target the next step is to incorporate it into your website content. So what exactly does that mean? Where should you put your keywords? Experts of seo san jose suggests the most prominent places where your need to naturally incorporate your keywords for SEO gain.

Title Tags

The title tag is arguably the most important tag on each of your website page, which makes it important to include the keywords preferably in the beginning of the page title. Not only the search engine pays attention to the title tag for the ranking purposes but also its the first thing that searchers see on the search result page and influence click through rates. The search engine shows the certain limited amount of characters in the title tag, which is why its best to keep it under 50-55 characters. If you got over the limit of characters that are shown on SERP, you end of the title tag might cut off and it will make also result in lost of clicks.


The meta description doesn’t hold direct value to the SEO but it can have impact on click throughs and thus your ranking gets affected. Think of it s a sales pitch for the page. Use description language that includes keywords and encourages click. Search terms incorporated in the description will be shown as bolded search results, telling the searcher that the page is relevant  and have what they are looking for. The character limit for the description is 150 characters.

Heading tags separate content into sections, thus making the page more reader-friendly and also it carries more weight than other text  for the SEO point of view. It makes sense to include keywords in H tags.

The Rest of the ON-page Content

The website owners should always reading the content keeping in mind the SEO. They should lookout for any spot to include a targeted keyword naturally. For instance if you are mentioning in your page ‘our clients’  include a keyword like ‘our [service offered] clients.’ This gets the keyword in the content for SEO purposes but doesn’t distort the flow of the content. Don’t overdense your page with keywords instead, look for natural opportunities that do not disrupt the flow of content.


For better user experience and SEO purposes its important to have clean URLs. URLs of internal pages should not be messy and they should include keywords related to the content on the page.

For example,for a company selling accounting software, its main accounting software page shouldhave the URL ‘’

At the outset of an SEO campaign you will need to go through the  existing site to make the SEO changes, but don’t forget – SEO is ongoing. You’ll have to incorporate these steps for every new page of content you create too.For more guidance you can contact to seo san jose professionals to better optimize your page.

Know about the feasible online marketing possibilities

This time around I’ve decided to quickly turn back to all the marketing possibilities that’s possible with mailing lists, simply because there are so many, that it’s hard to put them in one single post. Let’s see some other ways you can make a mailing list extra useful. Mailing list from a SEO Philippines expert’s perspective is not only something marketing uses: it’s part of the important link building process that’s full-on optimization and can give you huge help with indexing and ranking.

  • Getting closer to your fanbase: this is true in both the cases when you already have a good relationship with the people who are on your mailing list:

  • The „blog after the blog”: you cand write a special page only and exclusively for those who are on your mailing list. And let them know this is an extra. Who knows when they meet another friend of theirs who have a large interest in all the extra information alongside your blog content.

  • You can provide extra content in a different way: extra beautiful photos in albums ( Pinterest) , travel photos

  • You can network to provide discounts on related offers and there is basically no topic, in connection to which you wouldn’t be able to find a coupon. It doesn’t matter it’s not yours, it’s a gesture regardless.

Targeted campaigns

  • Another approach for a mailing list is actually to reach out to other bloggers and create a good friendly connection which can also culminate in joint projects, a part of which is posted on your blog and another part is posted on theirs. This is something vloggers very often do and it’s a fantastic way to generate attention and network In the same time.
  • Campaigns and competitions can be easily redirected back to your blog page, if you already have a quality Leading page created for the campaign in which you can get users to do the following:
    • Like or follow you on a social media site
    • Follow your blog
    • Subscribe to take part
    • Get or provide the email of a given number of people to add to the mailing list in order to take part in the competition.
    • Or simply click to take part then provide the email address

As you can see there are so many possibilities, especially when we get to combine the positive encouraging effects of these two marketing tools: email marketing and landing pages (which I will touch on in my next post).  This may tarnish all the good efforts you were doing so far. Also send emails once a week by default.

One thing you should never do with your mailing list: this is the Golden Rule: never –ever turn your hair into a spamming tool. Your emails should be as personal as possible with content which counts and which is meaningful. SEO Philippines and marketing experts can help you make this come true (especially because no way on Earth we can just create optimized and good looking landing pages without the proper page building know-how.

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Want to promote your brand through blogging?

This time around I thought to enlist some of the most important things a blogger needs to do when starting with the blogging business. This will be a series as there is just too much to talk about that could be fitted in 500 words.

Brand has an extremely high importance when it comes to top SEO companies in UAE and all experts can testify to that. And your lead topic is part of your brand

Brand building

This is actually something that should come before setting yourself up. Some people do have a general idea what they want to write about, while others ( let’s be honest here) only want to make a blog, to have an AdSense account and want to mask their intent with low quality, often copied content. Let me tell you this is not a good approach and the quality requirements are so high ( especially on the free blogging sites ) that your blog will not be accepted. That’s exactly why I suggest everyone to come up with a content which is:

  • Unique: you need to come up with original content. That’s the only way when we can talk about creating a real brand. The creating of content just to get payment methods don’t work anymore.
  • Either very timely or timeless: you need to come up with topic or topics which are either very much discussed in that time or period or with content which is timeless ( travel or arts are the best example).
  • Something not many deals with: when it comes to your blog there are two key approaches. You either create a blog under your name that’s about multiple topics or you have a key strategy: what you want to write about? What subtopics can you have? How long can you carry on with those topics and how to connect to new ones, which are still somewhat in connection with the lead topic? Out of experience I can tell you that it’s important to have this basic approach which focuses on one main subject and from then on, it can be fragmented to many sub topics. But it’s good if vewers know what they can count on when visiting your website.

A good example is photography:  if it’s in the domain or lead title, then it will automatically call for those,.who have an interest in the key subject. Photography can also be broke down to millions of sub-topics to talk about: take the cameras, the editing, the methods, the software. And so on and so forth.

All in all many think that if they just write about anything they feel like, like a regular newspaper will draw more attention. But, the fact of the matter is, if someone wants to read a journal they will go to a trusted media site.

So, think about creating your topic and image to be able to explore more from the mystical world of optimization. Some blog –focused top SEO companies in UAE experts can also help you with finding your key topic and creating your brand.

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Want to start a business blog?

Blogging has become a real, proper profession in the past 5 years. Today, bloggers don’t only write just for the fun of it, but they also get some great sponsors ( if they do their things well) and many of them later on also decide to enter in vlogging, where YouTube also offers some good deals in terms of income for all those, who really have something to say. In this chapter I’d like to say a few things and give a few suggestions how to start up with SEO in Milton Keynes when you are a blogger, with giving some key points to take into consideration.

Things to take into consideration when starting a blog:

  • I know that there are many blog sites which give the opportunity for bloggers to start up, but if someone wants to take it to the next level, he/she needs to consider getting her own domain and website for the blogs. This of course will not be for free and it’s hard to invest in something you are not sure whether it will pay off or not, but the upside of it all is, that AdSense can be obtained for self-owned URLs pretty easily and you can customize the ads there for them to totally suit your blog’s topics. Getting your own domain equals to the real startup to branding.
    • Notable exception: WordPress!

You can start WordPress for free and you can acquire a domain anytime you want. With a high quality free SEO package this is a great start for everyone who’s interested in page design and blogging in the same time.

  • Blogging takes time and effort to bring success. Most bloggers have to wait for at least a year before their work will start to pay off.
  • Optimization from blogging point of view is pretty much the same as in the case of other websites but there are a couple of things to concentrate on a little bit more, this includes keywords, anchor texts, meta descriptions, title tags and overall HTML design.
  • Only start your blog once you have it all together. This means you need a proper topic, design and content quality in order to make sure that it will pay off.
  • The good thing about starting with free blogging sites is, that many of them will practically teach you how to deal with basic optimization settings, plus they also have templates ready for you. This way you can go ahead and start customizing yourself.

There are so many things to take into consideration when starting a blog, which might be pretty disturbing at the start, especially for one who really want to create something lasting and a good read for everyone. But optimization has a key importance in a blog becoming super successful. Many SEO in Milton Keynes experts now deal with bloggers as a separate group with special needs and there are companies which can also deal with the design aspects for you. Check out the internet to find the best SEO expert for your needs.

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Introduction of Email marketing

Email marketing is a crucial part of today’s marketing strategies and there are tons of companies which use it today. In this chapter, I’d like to write about the methodology of the whole process, tell you why it’s important to build it up and rest assured I will also let you know what does all this have to do with the activities of a Digital marketing Montreal SEO company.

About the process:

Email  marketing can be extremely useful if it’s done correctly. We all receive tons of marketing emails on a daily basis, mostly coming from brands we shop from or service providers whose services we have once purchased. Why this is important?

  • Building a mailing list should be a primary goal of every company. This is create a circle of customers and potential customers. This will later on serve as the company’s customer base and will also provide the base for every customer based analytics ( success and failure rate, statistics, polls etc.)
  • By keeping customers or potential customers informed on possible campaigns, discounts or any novelties with respect to the company has the potential to build up a sort of a membership circle.

How to start collecting email addresses?

There are several ways to do that. Many Montreal SEO company works with huge mailing lists of default email addresses which were sold or given to them by other companies. This might not be strictly legal but when you make a contract, there are several companies which will collect all the mailing addresses and pass them over to statistics agencies ( many contact has this question asking you if you agree your data to be used for further marketing puproses by the way).

Other companies work with a more focused approach, by having a good leading page asking users to subscribe or provide their mailing address for other reasons. That’s also why a good leading page can be such an important part of the whole process.

Who does email marketing best work for:

There are tons of fields of businesses which can profit from this method, basically any company which offers any sort of businesses. Every one of us like discounts, coupons and extra services and every customer likes to be made to feel special. Therefore this approach can work for every business which offers any sort of products or services. Those who generally work with this method right from the start are the following:

  • Electronics’ supplies
  • Apparel sellers ( e-commerce or walk-in)
  • Travel agencies
  • Hospitality businesses

The big secrets to successful email marketing is to know what to offer to your customer base and know when to make the offers. On the other hand and from a SEO perspective, it’s extremely important to represent such a content that’s a properly optimized  call to action.

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