How you can double the traffic without marketing

Undoubtedly for every business owner marketing is a great success factor in today’s scenario. But if you aim only at generating traditional traffic with great approaches to creating link building, then no doubt you are losing some potential customers.

In this blog, you will find some good strategies which can help in increasing the traffic of website in a double way. So have a look.

Add long variation in pages

It’s easy to aim at high volume or short terms as they are quite easy to research and identify. But in real, about 90% you will receive long tail queries with more than four to five words. Long keywords are easy to grade. Here are some ways which can maximize the long variation by which traffic can be increased.

Video thumbnails and authorship

Products which rely on rich snippets are mostly applicable for many of merchants, but they also vary in two forms one is video thumbnail, and other is Google Authorship.

Authorship markup can help the Google in knowing which content is written by you and which image will appear on the listing piece. Whereas, video thumbnail is the thumbnails of the pages which appear on the page listing. Just as product snippets, both listings have established a great increase in the click by the rate of linked pages.

Write description and titles

Attributes like Meta description and Meta title show how pages should appear when results are search as they are immensely important. Create an interesting description and compelling title which stands out for great search.

Instead, if you are competing against big competitors, you have to approach in a better way to grab the attention of the customer. While creating Meta titles, you should apply approaches like extraordinary selling quantity or highlighting the expertise and what benefits will your customer achieve while shopping.

According to “Top 10 SEO Agencies” while doing seo you must keep keyword optimization in consideration. Add primary keywords in both description and title which ensures you the flow naturally. Revamping of description and underwhelming titles can create massive and impact on traffic that you receive.

Leverage the internal links

According to “local seo services Getting links from different sites is well known and important techniques. Rarely people understand, what impact the internal links and site’s structure has on the rankings. For page ranking, linking pages with high authority can target the page rank in a better way.

Here are tips which you can apply:

  • Create a list of target pages which have high value to get better rank.
  • Identify pages on the website which apparently have great authority.
  • Create link in authority page for targeting the pages

These are some tips to create internal linking in a better way.

Doubling the traffic in the site can take long years if you rely on increasing the backlinks to your site, with the help of good techniques as mentioned above it’s easily possible to increase the traffic in a smart way with good adjustment in less time.


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