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Is Your Business Video Great Enough To Attract Customers?

Visual content is creating the buzz these days, in fact not only these days it has been spreading its magic from a long time since the mobile era came into being. People now have the fastest internet speed, small screens to carry anywhere and of course quick platforms to connect with your content anywhere, anytime. So, is your business video powerful enough to attract people’s attention where competition is on its peak? You are not sure because you created it just like that. But it seriously matters a lot as it will decide whether people understand your brand or not, whether they feel you are trustworthy or not and a lot more things.

If you are thinking of creating a business video here are some points to keep in mind:

1.Recording decisions:

According to top SEO firms, if you have to post several videos of shorter duration of time then your smartphone is the best option. Rather than taking a selfie video with your hand it’s better you use a selfie stick as it will maintain a distance and will also help to record clear videos. If you consider your smartphone to be the best option then there is no need to look over other points.

2.Equipments and light intensity:

You need a better video camera if you want high quality videos of longer duration. Along with it, also get a lapel microphone with a tripod stand to enhance your shooting. You will also need a  three-light kit that has square lights. Now when you have all the equipments you should know how to record. There are many excellent tutorials online about how to set up the lights and background. Top SEO firms recommend to go through some of the most popular videos on YouTube, how far they stand from the camera lens, and how much they move. Draw the exact positions on the piece of paper and practice accordingly.

3.Where can you shoot?

Decide the place where you want to record your video. Whether it would be indoors, outdoors or a studio. While shooting outside make sure you do not have a distractive background or anything reflecting there. There should be no noise of animals, cars or factories. It would be better to stand in front of a meaningful background which relates to your video.

4.What should you wear?

The rule says you should never wear anything containing stripes or small patterns because they will show up blurry. You should also avoid solid red or orange because they will appear too bright in the lights. People with light skin color should wear something dark specially when they are shooting in front of a light or pale background. On the other hand people with dark complexion should choose pastels to attract attention to their face.

5.What should be the content?

The most important point is the content which you will be showing in your video. First decide whether you are the video expert and need only the bullet points to cover the whole video or you need the entire script. If you are in the former category then there is no problem because all what you need are some points to be displayed on front of you and hang it higher than the camera on the tripod. You could also use those flip charts that have sticky backgrounds and put them as cue cards on the wall behind your camera.

You can rent a teleprompter or set up your laptop or iPad to become one.

  1. Call to action:

Always end your video with a call to action. For example you can say visit my website www. or, call us on the number displayed on the screen or, get a free copy of my ebook here. This will prompt the viewers to find out more about you.

These were some ways important for you to know while creating a business video. It is about your work hence it should not be taken lightly. Make your content catchy and informative and you will definitely see the results.

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Why Instagram Surpassed Snapchat In 2017

The two major social media platforms creating the buzz from sometime are Instagram and Snapchat. According to top 10 SEO agencies there was a tough competition between the two last year and Instagram has managed to win with 600 million monthly active users till now. Albeit Snapchat is the craze among the teenagers but Instagram remained on the top by giving place to marketing also.

Why has Instagram been able to create all that noise?

1.Major changes in major offers:

Instagram has always been there with something new in its features. This social media app now carries upto 100 million users which had initiated its journey by just being an image sharing app. At present it provides the best place for marketing and marketers are making complete use of it in raising their business standards. It now offers disappearing photos and videos in Direct, bookmarks and many other features. Instagram is also  working hard to give its users their own safe place for self-expression. While if we see for Snapchat it was busy in its testing ads and filters without much enhancement.

2.Expanding user base:

As discussed above, Instagram had always been ready with something or the other. It has also provided many meaningful ways for entrepreneurs to connect with their ideal customers. Earlier people used to post only a simple picture whenever they wanted to tell it to the world where they are. But the newly emerged Instagram is more significant, which is no more a photo sharing platform but a huge place for businesses.

Demographics of Instagram are also expanding as stated by top 10 SEO agencies. At present, 30 to 49 years aged audience form the 28% of the Instagram users.  Another 11 percent of users fall in the 50 to 64 years of age.

The app offers different services to its users according to the age group. The unpolished and disappearing photos and videos appeal to teenagers and youngsters. On the other hand the exquisite content and product placement is liked by the older users. Instagram makes them want to get out their wallets and buy up all of it.

3.Proper use of resources:

As you all know the parent company of Instagram is the powerful of all, Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg invests highly in enhancing the app and its development every moment. There are many resources which are used to upgrade the performance and provide the best out of it. No other app has ever invested so much in resources to bring out so many features in a line back to back.

In the end…

Addition of tons of major features and specialties from multiple other networks in a single package has made Instagram The master of all the services. Its substantial existing size, is not going to see any downfall as Its ability to meet the demands of every section of  demographics is superb. It is surely going to beat Snapchat in the coming years too.

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Best things to Start, Keep doing and stop with Email Marketing!

Email marketing offers a powerful tool to keep your customers encourage and engaged with your content. Email marketing practices is still growing. Gmail has more than 1 billion active users and according to seo company london, it will become more than 3 billion by the end of 2020.

No doubt, email marketing has been increasing tremendously, but unfortunately, it is not working well.

Here’s what are the key strategies which you should start implementing, avoiding or keep up in the future.

  • Send email to the list which wants to hear from you

If you have list of email with low engagement, stop sending them right at the moment. seo in york says that treat the email subscriber the same way you wanted to treat your inbox.

If you receive any email, with unnecessary content, you just delete it, or mark it as read. Same way, every time you send email to low engagement subscriber, it will decrease your domain reputation.

  • Have a goal for each email before you send.

If you don’t have a goal for the emails, the recipients won’t know what the aim is. Goals must include a contact filling to provide your team with more information .

Give recipients options like calls-to-action and links in text, and try to make your emails flexible.

  • Personalize and test your emails.

Email personalization had more clickthrough rates than emails which didn’t.

When it comes to personalizing, stick with basics. Personalize as per recipient names and company names, but avoid being creepy.

Nothing is less personal than writing a “Dear Customer”, so make sure you’re sending to recipient names.

  • Send emails from a personalized account.

Don’t send emails from “noreply” account. Enhance your engagement by personalizing “from” address to receive replies from subscribers instead of “”

  • Be thoughtful about your subject line.

Don’t write any subject lines without thinking. When people click on email and immediately bounce away when they feel that your subject line isn’t genuine, your clickthrough rates will decline. Try to personalize subject lines and experiment with emojis.

  • If people stop opening your emails, find out what’s going wrong.

If your email open rate is declining, it means you’re missing the expectations and you must prepare for worse outcomes. It’s an indicator that unsubscribes are coming, and you need to immediately shorten your un engaged subscribers that you’re responding to feedback.

  • Engage with them who’ve submitted forms, not with those whose information you’ve imported.

When someone fills a form and provides email address, their engagement rates are higher than contacts which you’ve imported. Because they want to hear from you and your content. Try not to  buy email lists, you’re hurting your credibility with people who haven’t asked to hear from you.

These are few of the basic things stated by the chester seo, which you should start implementing, avoiding or keep up with your email marketing. What are the strategies which you follow.

Don’t forget to mention them in the comment box below. We will be back with some more interesting and knowledgeable blogs. Till then stay tune!

Psychology Behind The Killer Domain Name!

For running a successful business, it is one of the most important thing that you choose the killer domain name. You domain name is the only thing which sticks to your brand, products or services for the very long time, becomes the label for your business and characterize your business.

seo in london stated that you should choose your domain name at the same time you decide your company name since, while choosing your domain name which matches exactly as your business name gives more chances to be remembered by the audience and allows to be unified with your branding.


The brain has the capability to make the things easily remember, especially if it has certain qualities. Take a look at all those factors:

  • Uniqueness

The best domains which people tends to remember is not the one which is ordinary. But of course the one which have the ability to stand out of the crowd. Try to make your domain name bit unique.

  • Visual

The brain has the tendency to remember which is allows to touch or something which is visual. According to seo services manchester visuality enhances the memorability.

  • Catchy

The more easy, readable and attractive it look, the more it is easier to remember it.

  • Ordered

Memorization is eventually related with organization. The more it is organized , more it is likely to be memorable.

Make it short

Your domain name have to be short enough, if you want it to be remembered by your audience or if your audience find it easy to type. Try to choose a short, sweet and easily memorable domain name, even if it does not contain any keyword. Don’t go unnecessarily for too much keyword, since it did not attract much traffic.

Make it relevant

A domain should always reflect some of your qualities of what your company does. Good company name posses certain features such as attention grabbing, unique and without being blandly declarative. Since blandly declarative name are more likely to be forgotten quickly by the people.

Keep in mind, especially if you are running a new startup to make your domain name relevant.

Make it Simple

The most simple domain names are the best one. Especially the one which contains one or two words, with dot in between. According to seo services manchester, here is the list of the domain names which you should alway avoid:

  • Hyphens:

If you chooses to make hyphens between your domain name, only few people will remember it.

  • Numbers:

This is so obvious that no one can remember whether you have marked “five” or “5”. therefore , it is strongly recommended to avoid using numbers in your domain name.

  • Abbreviation:

Using abbreviation in your domain name will make it look ugly and will be easily forget by people.

  • Creative spelling:

Some people like to twist the common spellings to make it more attractive. For example, instead of using ‘design’, people write ‘dzine’ to make it look creative. But actually, it might looks attractive and appealing in offline world. But it does not make effective domain names.

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Best Ways to Improve your WEBINAR!

Many business entrepreneur or SEO companies such as seo services chester and business owners have understood well that webinars are actually very essential to increase the visibility of your website over the web. Since this is also a kind of visual marketing and eventually leave a positive impact on the viewers. People choses this way but know it takes a lot of time to get succeed. They commit many mistakes initially, but as soon as they rectify it, the faster they improve their online presence.

Here we are providing you with some of the best ways through which you can make your webinars actually a great source of attracting maximum traffic to your site:

  • While the time you decided to put up a webinar, it is not mandatory that everyone who signed in will going to see it. There are many causes behind this, it might be possible that there were facing some technical issues or they might found something better than your webinar, or maybe they’ve lost interest and many other factors.

To resist such issues what you can do is offer them some kind of bonus in the end of the webinar. Try to offer some free ebooks, gifts, which is related to your subject.

One more thing that seo services chester says is to enhance your audience and never start selling your product in the beginning of your webinar. People think that you are only sales oriented person and not consumer oriented.

One of the most common reason why your audience do not show up as they mostly forget about your webinars. Send them reminder emails to keep them alert about your webinar details.

  • Now, the next and most important challenge is to keep your audience engaged right from the very starting. For this try to make them introduce with yourself in the starting and let them know about your work. After then slowly tell them what is this all about.

You have to become a good speaker. According to cambridge seo company, if you are good at it then your audience will definitely not go anywhere. Try to make your webinar more engaging and interesting for your audience by giving live examples. Be original when you are speaking and do not memorise the content which you are going to speak, try to make it natural.

Have some variations in your voice. One tone will seem to be very boring.

  • Try to be interactive during your webinar. Try to make your audience engage with your viewers so that they feel that there is something related to them. Ask them frequent questions and if possible call out with their names. It is possible that they will not be able to interact through their microphones but they can always do that through chat function.

  • Provide the option of replaying you webinar. This is one of the greatest frustration of your attendees. It might be possible that they somehow missed something relevant and want to replay it. This option will you enhance your traffic as this is a rare option available on many site.

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Are Customers Leaving Without Buying- Boost Your Conversion Rates

Being an online marketing company, you must be thinking of designing and launching a website that can help you drive customers and generate revenue for your business. It is good if you’re thinking the same. But, only designing an attractive website will not help you achieve your goal of conversion. It means that apart from driving visitors, it is quite essential to convert them into potential buyers.

The experts of the SEO services company opines that ‘getting tremendous traffic to your website is great, but that traffic should also be taking the most important step i.e. making a purchase’. Conversion rate optimization is necessary for your SEO company if it aims at making a huge profit. Though you have the best website in your industry, but it is useless unless visitors led to make a purchase and convert themselves into potential buyers.

Here are some tips that’ll help you to boost conversion rates of your business:

  • Have an obvious call to action

Avoid creating a flashy website that confuses the would-be buyer. More colours and buttons on a website are the biggest reason why visitors move away from your website and choose any other option. To ensure the stay of your target visitors on your website make sure that you remove the unnecessary clutter from your website and make purchase call to action clear, quick and obvious because the potential customers do not have much time and patience to invest in making purchases.

  • Give customers reason to buy

Make sure that you give your site visitors to rely on you to a purchase. Reviews and recommendations from customers, testimonials and samples of your past work projects may serve as a source of establishing credibility among your target audience. All these prospects may serve them a reason to buy from your website.

  • Look at the overall website before optimizing it for conversion

Before optimizing your website for conversion make sure that your past customers had a great experience with you and that is reflected through your testimonials. A slow and cluttered website with poor user experience will induce the visitors to click away from your website. So, ensure that the user experience elements are working well to optimize your website for conversion. These elements include- page load times, clear content and page authority.

  • Use the right images and colours

As you all know that images catch more attention than the words. But, make sure the images and colour you use in your website are correct and they should go with the message you want to convey to your audience. The different images evoke different emotions. So, ensure that the image used in the website brings emotion (that you want to convey) in your prospective buyer.

  • Use the right wording

It is quite essential to use the right wording in your website because every call to action needs to be specific and clear and also it should state the action you want your prospective customer to take. Consider using words that your customers will understand and are the ones that they want to hear. Try explaining them the use of the product or service in a clear and simple language.

  • Create custom landing page

Every website is required to have a dedicated landing page. These pages help in preventing a website from having too much clutter. You can also opt to customise a landing page, but make sure that you begin with the content first and then do the designing. In this way, the layout, colours and the design will highlight and support the call to action and will not detract from it.

How To Attract Millennials- The Hardest To Reach Generation

According to the top SEO experts, ‘80 percent of the internet is accessed through mobile devices’ and the reason behind this is the changing habits of the millennials. The millennials are frequently and very easily adapting the changes in the digital world. Though they are the hard to reach generation but, when it comes to the adoption of new technology and changes therein, they always welcome them. Because they want everything A La Carte and on-the-go!

To reach the millennials, it is mandatory to know how they consume or perceives the content and how their habits are changing- either by platform, moment or simply depends on their mood. It is important to creating a strong, vibrant and revenue-smart content strategy for your business that coincides with mobile lifestyles and also attract a large number of millennials.

  • Where are Millennials spending their money?

It is an important point to know when you’re thinking to attract the millennials towards your business. According to a study by the experts, ‘millennials consume news and a lot of it. Approx 80 percent of them keep on saying that the news is important to them and around 65 percent of them consume news daily. An inevitable fact about them is that around 40 percent of the millennials personally pay for the news out of their pockets’. To understand where they’re actually paying, you have to consider looking at other trends like ‘watching TV’ etc. Millennials want to cut the trend of paying to the channels rather they care about paying for the content they like.

The SEO vendors bring forth few tips that help the brands to drive millennials to their online business:

  • Start Windowing

You should consider granting free and unlimited access to your website and mobile site. If they’ll like the content on your website, then they’d like to purchase premium plans to access more content of your website. This is a great way to give people a sense of what premium offering feel like.

  • Micropayments

Millennials love micropayments a lot. When they aren’t ready to take a leap for the content they liked a lot, they’ll prefer paying for those articles or the content. They prefer all this because the payment process is speedy as well as simple. Also, the refunds are as quick as the payment is.

  • A La Carte Pricing For Special content

Many of the readers of your brand’s content fall into millennials demographic, where they may filter their choice of content they’re interested in. Since millennials are ready to pay for the content they want, they can choose separate payment options for the separate content type.

  • Selective Metering

Consider offering a great content in the low-traffic period or introduce ‘happy hour’ on your website. Because the adoption habits of people change from moment to moment, platform to platform and a meter can evolve as rapidly as a person can.

  • Smart Collaborations

Millennials consume a wide range of services and they love collaborations. When you collaborate with a good brand in your industry, there are chances to attract more millennials to your business website.

What Platform Do Millennials Love The Most?

It is a point that is essentially be taken into account while targeting millennials. At present, nearly 70 percent of digital media is consumed via mobile devices, as it is the key resource for content marketing. Experts say that around 35 percent of the millennials first grab their phones in the morning as soon as they woke up. Thus, smartphones or mobile is the biggest platform to market your content in order to attract the millennials.

4 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Content Marketing

Small businesses at present are competing with lots of noise that includes various businesses, brands and SEO companies. The potential consumers of the top SEO firms use either digital video recorders or they prefer installing ad blockers to browse their favourite websites without ad interruptions. Also, they consider customising what shows up their social media news feeds.

It is crucial to find ways that ensure you that your small business is not been ignored. Write what your target audience wants to read about you. It is essential to re-evaluate the way you communicate with customers if in case you are looking for the topics that serve as social media post inspiration or ideas to make your blog posts draw customers in.

This sort of marketing is termed as ‘content marketing’. It focuses on the creation of content in such a manner that it grabs the attention of the target customers  and drive them to your brand’s website in order to communicate with the customer by creating and distributing information with an aim to promote brand awareness.

Here are listed four ways of content marketing that can drive results and increase your bottom line:

  • Bolster Brand Awareness

Consistency is one of the important keys that leads towards successful content marketing strategy. You should consider publishing fresh content regularly to create various opportunities for your target market to see your brand’s name. This enables you to stand out from the crowd of your competition, also the repetition makes your brand more familiar. Make sure you stay ahead of the leading list in consumer’s minds so that they support you the next time when they want or need the products or services you offer.

  • Build a Reputation As An Industry Leader

Industry Leader is the one who possess each and every bit of information associated with his concerned industry. To prove yourself as a good brand consider building your repo as an industry leader. Prove yourself as a trusted expert in your community. Take required actions to demonstrate your expertise. The small businesses that helps consumers in much better way especially when they aren’t getting any pay. Such businesses and the experts working in it are treated as a trusted source.

  • Reel People In With Shareable Content

Consider adding new information on various topics to open doors and drive traffic to your website. You have to grab the attention of the people through search, traditional media, social media, and more. The marketing tactics like- pay per click advertising and  digital banner ads do not work well if there is no content to promote. Consider publishing relevant and updated content so that people have a reason to click on the content. This enables you to encourage repetition of visitors. The content of such form helps your brand to boost its ranking in the search engines and it increases the chance for your small business to be found by the potential customers.

  • Keep Your Website Fresh

Each and every age group of customers are totally dependent on the web for finding each sort of information. The website of any brand is the first impression of it before the potential customers, so it becomes imperative to create a good one. A good and appealing website enable the buyer to go through your website at least once. And, this will enable you to receive huge traffic on your website. Updated information helps you cater new visitors apart from existing ones to your website.


Thus, in a nutshell it can be said that content marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways that can help a brand to drive traffic to its website and build brand awareness for your small business. All the aforesaid points will help you in knowing the importance of content marketing in your small business.

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Latest Trends In Enterprise Communication Market!

Since the trend for social media is on its peak which resulted that enterprise communication market has started losing its value somewhere. But still for carrying out professional communication, we can’t afford to leave enterprise communication. According to top seo companies in uk, cloud technologies is one of the fastest growing technology today, and integrating your current infrastructure with cloud technology is the actual demand for establishing a perfect enterprise communication market.

Here we are providing you with few of the changes which slowly are taking place to improve the way of communication:

  • SAAS and other cloud based platforms:

Enterprise communication has now become rather outdated, but it does not mean that it has been completely forgotten. There are other revised forms of this form. Today the world of technology has been entirely changed. Those days when we use expensive, resource-heavy systems are all out of the way and are completely replaced by subscription-based services and cloud-based platforms.

Almost all the big companies such as Microsoft are using these cloud based platforms. As big companies don’t have that much time to put in efforts on planning out their systems as innovative dashboard-based systems has taken place, and most importantly these cloud based systems are assisting them in a better way. While small businesses or many startups have access to class-leading technology too.

2.Better pricing:

Since cloud based software has been made available almost anywhere and every corner of the world, so there are no disruption and interruption in the process. So, this allows continuous ongoing of work. The biggest advantages of having these systems is that they more affordable even Small or Medium sized Enterprises could afford.

3.Easily integrated with current systems:

One of the best benefit of the best enterprise communication system is that it is has easily facilitate plug-ins and play. Hence, these facilities are provided by these systems. You can also connect them with any devices and make use of it accordingly. Restrictions has gone and now it is the time to connect and to deliver. Hence you can link these systems with VOIP and mobile phones as well.

4.For internal communication:

Enterprise communication includes not only, clients or customers but it also allow you to concentrate on internal communication among your employees and you. So, there are tools designed which let the intra business communications possible and can be easily used as it is used by many seo agency for setting up communication system for workforce. In fact, your employees who even didn’t interact directly with vendor or client, now have direct access to the specialised tools designed for intra-business communications.

5.Your database is everywhere:

Since your database is available everywhere, then there will be no problem related to accessibility. You can track your records while sitting anywhere in the world and this makes your work even more easier. If you have hired new accountant or executive in such cases he will not have to understand the whole process from the very beginning since they can access all the accounts from their place and understand the whole work.

6.You can use any medium:

Any medium can be used when connecting to this communication. People also make use of social media, emails and finally come into action on calls. The most important thing which holds all the matter is the message.

Best Tools You Should start Using Today for Technical SEO Audits!

Making a search engine optimization (SEO) audit is not a joke. It takes sufficient time, lots of patience and so many spreadsheets. You might grow takes so many years in the process. But, all thanks to technical SEO audit tools, which allow us to no longer doing those insane manual checkings which we did in the past. Many SEO experts arm themselves with such tools so they’re no longer hunt through raw data yet making strategic decisions instead.

Here we are sharing three best site audit tool for performing a technical SEO audit,, DeepCrawl, Screaming Frog and Search Console. They all have their various strengths as well as use cases. Depending on your needs, you may have to choose one, or you might find all three useful simultaneously.

  1. DeepCrawl

DeepCrawl provides flexibility and the depth of the reports. When you start a crawl, you can choose among numerous crawl types, to a full gap analysis of an entire site. You can also make your crawls auto-schedule, which is actually useful. Crawls are highly customizable, so that you can easily set the criteria for maximum or minimum links per page, title, URL length, content, load time, and more.

  • It can easily manage crawling for millions of pages, so if you want to crawl a large site, look no further.
  • It also offers competitor reports, not just the basic headlines, in fact the real nitty-gritty details on content, pricing, site architecture and even brand’s key influencers.
  • It provides you to project manage your SEO team, making tickets for issues as well as assigning them to people. It alerts if you have any issues pop up consistently in crawls.
  1. Screaming Frog

When it’s about desktop crawlers, Screaming Frog is no doubt undisputed leader. The tool has been around for some time, and webmasters handles sites of all sizes. If you are looking at crawling for no more than 500 URLs, you can use it for free even.

However, if you have large website with around 10,000 pages, desktop crawlers can cause server-response issues. moreover, it doesn’t come with any collaboration features, which makes it less attractive for SEO teams.

  • It doesn’t die off even while your memory is running low and also, alerts you beforehand. All you have to do is to save the project, enhance the random access memory (RAM) and restart to continue.
  • Their bulk export option makes life simpler, since you can export all the data, including internal links, outbound links, anchor text, image alt text, and more.
  • There is an option to accept cookies, so that you can crawl websites which make it compulsory to accept cookies.
  1. Google Search Console

When SEO veterans may find it funny to see tool in the list, most of the SEOs are relying on it more than ever. This is among one of the best website audit tools which has come a long way .

  • It offers you estimates for a keyword, and clicks for your site in Google search results.
  • It offers a summary of things such as broken links, number of pages indexed, page loading speed, etc.