Know about the golden rules of writing

Hereby, my thoughts are about how you should and shouldn’t write. I hope these advices will help you when you start blogging and in your process of becoming a good blogger whose work will soon get good ranking.  All this has the core in good Search Engine Optimization too.

  • Have your topic ready by the time you are ready to release your blog. The best thing is to choose a key topic and make it such which has many aspects so that later on all these aspects can be talked about. When it comes to topic or overall subject there is just so much to talk about.  There are two key types of blogs: trend blogs and evergreen blogs.

Trend blogs are generally done by those who create their blogs with the overall motivation to get attention quickly. This may or may not work, but one thing for sure: trendy topics and newsworthy topics are so really pushed even by legit news sites that I don’t see how this can be ever popular. These are the sort of blogs which are set up on free blogging sites, fast and generally in hope for the owner to make money quickly (AdSense). Sadly it doesn’t work like that anymore. You need to do a lot in order for such blog to be up to par with all the requirements. All in all, what I really suggest is, if you like writing do it, on the topic you really want to write about.

  • Outsourcing: And if you are determined your blog to be about topics you know are important and will generate attention but you don’t have the talent or time to write all these, then outsource it to a Calgary SEO company.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing work is something many do; I believe many more bloggers do it than you would ever think. It generally means to have someone do the job for you, but this job will then later on be presented under that blogger’s name. Outsourcing works wonders when:

    • it comes to creating a good, rich-content blog about a cool or trendy subject in as short a time as possible
    • Many companies who want to have their own blogs to generate attention and appeal for them next to their business website would outsource blogging then feature these on their blog site.
    • When one likes writing but simply doesn’t have the time to always post new content they often outsource part of this job to make sure their content stays fresh and up to date regardless of whether it’s them or someone else who writes the post for them.

Outsourcing is way more oft than one would think: many bloggers outsource work on their blogs, because they cannot sustain all the work after a while and this way it’s much easier. Many Calgary SEO company deals with copywriting and content creation, which will ensure the keywords, are there and the content is finely optimized.

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