Free Alternate To PPC: Google My Business

Pay Per Click is the most common method to advertise on Google. But it includes keyword search and bidding for that keyword. Now whenever the ad is clicked, you need to give away google some money. This is simply out of budget for small businesses. But what these businesses can do is invest the money in hiring the Best Seo Company In kansas, and use free google advertising service instead: My Business. Google is always on the look to promote local businesses. Google rewards quality. So if your business is popular in your area, you can also increase your visibility over the internet.  Go through these steps to make the best use of google.

  1. Sign up for this service. If you already have a google account by the name of your business with all the required information, then you may already have a business listing. Search on If your business does not exists, fill in the information about it like name, address, phone number. It also registers online retailers who do not have a shop. Add radius of service.

  2. Now at the end verify the details of your business and agree to the terms and condition. Now to avoid fake business listings, google verifies your business either by sending verification code via a mail or by phone number.

  3. Manage Google plus account. The My business is directly associated with google plus account, so update all the information on your google page like website, timings, products and a description explaining what you do and why you are better than same businesses in your area. Include the target keywords in it. Put pics of your shop, of some of your products, put videos of events you held there or interview with your regular customers.

Google is the most commonly used search engine, infact in many countries it has become the synonym of term ‘search’. So, there can not be any better place to promote your business and get it recognized. The aim of google behind providing this service is connecting people who are searching on internet for basic services and products, to the sellers in their area. Since its free, there is no harm in trying.

Anyway, in case of doubt, you can always connect to boston seo and have professional’s advice regarding your business.


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