Google Updates Messed With Your SEO; Fault Must be Yours

Google updates its algorithm every now and then due to which many websites loses their position in the search engine results page. While most of them blame the updates for such, in reality they are not the one to be blamed. Google changes it’s algorithms 500-600 times in a year. While small updates do not have any significant effect, major updates often prove to be a game changer. Within a night, high ranking websites are nowhere to be found on the first page, while lower ranked pages, gain a position or two. Those businesses who have spent a considerable amount of money in getting SEO done, but still lose their credibility, are the ones who are update haters.

Why It Is Not Google’s Fault

One thing is definite in this changing world i.e. Change. Change for the betterment. Google updates its algorithm for the same purpose. When some trend become so hyped that the underlying intention vanishes, search engine updates itself to cut the clutter and reward the true winner. Let us understand the concept and necessity of updates by focussing on real google updates over the years and how they actually helped businesses and users to connect to the right side.

  • Panda Update: Content is the most important part of marketing strategy and thin content can not bring success. This is a very clear point now. For sorting low quality content from quality rich contents, google made this update. Thus those sites which focused on keyword stuffing rather than actually serve the needs of their customers faced the big fall. They can bad word google all they want, but fault is clearly theirs.

  • Penguin Update: When keyword stuffing became a no no, excess linking could also not survive much. It is wise to target those links that are associated with high authority pages or have local connection with your business. But targeting spammy links, just to built a thick link database is a strategy that google penalized. Nonsense and excessive link building is now banned, for good.

  • Hummingbird Update: Now when users consider google as the ultimate answers to all questions, it became google’s responsibility to live upto the image. So with this update google favoured those with less keyword approach and more public serving intentions. So what happened is those websites that created content to nurture their readers needs, won the game. And those who were all about praising themselves and forcing users to buy their products lost.

  • Mobile Update: In the time when knowledge of the whole world can be kept in a pocket sized device, this update was essential. Users now want to search everything on their mobile. So, only those sites that optimized themselves for the mobile use were ranked higher.

  • Quality Update. Now with the changing marketing strategies, ads became popular. While ads are the best way to lure audiences, doing them excess put adverse effect on the site ranking. So with this update, google placed those sites among top that provide great user experience and stayed away from disturbing ads.

Hope you are getting an idea that updates are continuously improving the search quality and rewarding those who deserves. If everything is going on very well for you, does not mean there is no scope for improvement. The updates inspire to move from one state to the advance state.

If you notice, every update occurs when some specific SEO tactic is used like keyword stuffing, link building etc. So does that mean that updates are anti-SEO and they happen just to counterpart the effects of SEO? Well, most certainly not. SEO means better rankings in organic search results. But deploying shortcuts or unethical means in the optimization strategy to ‘trick’ search engine to put oneself at top certainly is a bad move. Google is far more intelligent to get tricked. To correct these wrong plan of actions, google changes its search algorithms. Well, as a matter of fact, google recognizes the SEO tactics and can differentiate the website performance before and after. The tip is deploy correct methods like audience targeted content. And that can be achieved by hiring correct SEO firm like kansas seo company.

Why It is Your Fault

Now it has been proved that decreased rankings are not because of update. Yes, happened after update, but not because of it. Look closely at your content marketing. If you have done above two mistakes- keyword stuffing and spammy link building, then it must been clear. Many of people have been taking a completely wrong approach towards the SEO. Search engine optimization is not to please google or any search engine for that fact. Search engine are just software that run on codes, they do not understand your intend. But users/visitors/audience/customers do.

What you can do

Formulate your content to please your customers, keeping their requirements as a goal. Stop tricking search engines to attain top position, but start building an army of loyal customers. Marketing today is not about what you say for your products, it is about what your customers are saying about you.

It is okay to target a few keywords, because if you are in the first page of google search result, the possibility of getting visited is increased. But do not overstuff. Quality rules over quantity.

Work for providing great user experience. Use attractive graphics, fonts and colors to improve the visibility. Make the website mobile friendly and fast loading. Content quality you have worked upon, now focus on content representation and sharing. Through social media spread your content in and outside your influence circle.

Use internal and inbound links but only when necessary. The inbound links should be credible. Link only relevant content.


Understand the actual aim of updates. Transform yourself according to it. Update happens and will continue to happen. Learn to accept it and make peace with it. Even if your ranking is downgrading, there is always a way through which you can improve. You just don’t have it now. There is nothing that a good content, better marketing and best loyal customers can not achieve.

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