All You Need To change Is Your Fundamental Mindset To Achieve Success Immediately! (Part-1)

Do you want to achieve success?

Ohh! What a silly question! Isn’t it?

Well, everyone among us wants to become successful, but have you ever thought why some people manage to achieve success so easily while many others are still stuck and remain unsatisfied for what they’ve work?

Do you think that it is because successful people are more talented? Or is it because they bear more risk than others? Or because they have gain skills to make a better networking?

However, they may play a slight role for some people, but the basic difference between the successful and ordinary is just their mindset and nothing else.

The main question arise here is what kind of mindset one should develop so that they could achieve success immediately. Here’s few of the mindset which you should nurture as recommended by seo ppc agency to achieve success. Let’s have a look:

  • You’re never too young or old to limit your success:

While some people achieve success at very young age, and sometimes many people achieve success when they get older.but when people limit their ideas to achieve success, they invite their primary cause to get failure. Never ever think that you’re too young to wish for the success or you’re too old to get success.

Success begins when you dedicate yourself for the hard work, at whatever time you want. No matter what your age is if you make a decision that you can make it, then surely you can achieve it. When you tend to think that you can make it right, your whole mind works in that direction no matter how difficult the task is.

  • Do remember to invest in yourself:

The most wisest investment one could make is in yourself as well as in your future. Investment can never only means in terms of financial aspects, but in fact, it is all about being investing in emotional, physical, psychological aspects of life as well. It simply implies that you must always try harder to achieve these skills in fact according to medical search engines also claims that one should never stop learning the new skills, rather they should make it their priority.

Investment does not only confined to learn new things, in fact, it also means to admire yourself for all your achievement as well as hard work. So that you can always burned out.

  • Don’t reduce your productivity by focusing only at one thing:

Focusing only at one thing, that does not need that much attention, might affect your productivity. No matter how higher your mental stamina is, everything has its own limitation. And that over-attention to only at one stuff will eventually affect your performance along with your well-being.

Plan your day ahead and make sure that you stick to it. Don’t waste time on unnecessary or irrelevant things. This will allow you to carry out the simpler tasks automatically so that you can pay attention to those, where you need to work harder.

For instance, don’t think what you’ll wear today for work. Instead decide for the whole week by making set that what you’ll wear and stick to that.

Well, in our next blog, you’ll see that there are so many other mindset, which you can nurture to achieve the success immediately. Stay tuned!

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The Real Value Of Social Media For Your Business

Each company, its executives and its customers believe that social media is limited to likes, followers, retweets and many other proofs of popularity. If you feel the same, then you must be knowing the reason behind this. If you do not know the reason then go further! Numbers are the easiest way to judge the growth and progress of something. Similarly, social media sites also use numbers to show the customers the reality of the brands. The numbers portray what is actually happening with the brand.

Although these numbers are just the metrics to track the performance of a brand on social media. But still, there are various brands that are not getting their real value from social media? Are you the one? If yes, then you must be missing some of the great opportunities.

Go ahead to find out what is being missed by you!

Out of all social media metrics, social ROI is the difficult one to track. As it is a difficult task to assign someone a value when he just only visits the website and to do not convert into the potential buyer. Thus, top SEO experts say that the real value of social media doesn’t come on your own property. It happens on the accounts of other users. It comes from your customer’s natural mentions.

Now, think of how you are going to track that?

Here’s the answer! In order to know social media’s real value, you have to measure it using various tools and metrics. To begin with, measuring the value of social media, likes and follows is a great tool. Yet, there are a lot more to look for.

  • How are businesses and customers are interacting on social?

Before entering into the social media marketing area, make sure you possess efficient knowledge regarding how people uses social media to follow businesses and how the companies are making best of it. In a recent study by top SEO experts, it was found that people follow businesses on social media for:

  • Promotions and discounts (75%)
  • Information related to latest products (65%)
  • Customer service (50%)

The aforesaid stats helps you to realise how important social media is. Not only this, but there is a lot more which will really help you get some value out of your social media. To know this, you have to be focused on the things your customers are looking for. Some other important statistic to look forward to are:

  • 62% of consumers are influenced by social media reviews in making their buying decisions
  • 70% of people consider looking to Facebook when purchasing products
  • 55% considers Pinterest

The stats are not rigid, they are flexible. They change with time. Well, these stats here prove that social media possess good value to an extent but it depends upon how people and businesses are using it.

  • Social Analytics

There are a lot of elements to track for social media campaigns. The elements include; how well each post is performing, if the website is getting traffic or not, or whether the followers are sharing your content or not. At last, the social analytics comes up resulting into numbers again. This is not where all this ends. There is a lot more these numbers can show and you can also derive some important elements that may not be stated by numbers.

  • Social Momentum

Social momentum is something, that is a great indicator of the success of your content marketing efforts. When you analyse the happenings of your content around social media channels, you’ll then be able to evaluate what is working and what isn’t. As soon as you come to know about what elements of your website are more attractive to your audience you can change your focus and start working on the factors that are working effectively for your website.

  • Social ROI

Finding out the exact social ROI can be of great challenge. If you figure out a lot of value is really happening outside your brand page, but there is simply neither way to evaluate exact numbers on how often someone either talks about your brand or recommends it. It has always been a challenging task to measure word of mouth. You can evaluate this by asking customers how do they found you, or find a correlation between the sudden increase in conversions and sales after implementing the new social campaign.

  • Focus on business goals, not social goals!

At last, the value can be evaluated by what you really want to achieve as a business inspite of being a social media practitioner. You have to focus on your business goals rather than social goals. Although, growing the number of likes and followers is important, but your social efforts are those that have a business purpose behind it. For example, getting more customers.

Need a Blog Topic: Here’s Where to Look

Blogging is an essential component of an SEO campaign. Maintaining a blog on a regular basis with high-quality content keeps the website fresh and updated which ensures that the search spiders come back and crawl it. Also, it provides opportunities to target long-tail keywords or the questions that are more frequently searched by the people, encourages social media sharing, and further results in inbound links from other websites that reference this content. Well, blogging is a must-do component, but, it is complex, not easy.

According to the professional SEO vendors, ‘The key to a successful content and blogging campaign for SEO is to publish high-quality content’. Thin and filtered content isn’t going to help you. Even in the case, if you’re an amazing writer or you’ve hired one, you are still required to decide what to write about. Various times, it proves to be tricky.

The SEO vendors also provides you with a list of top 4 places to look for blog topic ideas, if you ever feel stuck at some or the other point:

  • Industry Websites:

Industry websites are the places to be stuck on by every brand because it is the place where you can get solutions to majority of your queries. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, it’s a great idea to browse and keep insights of the industry websites on regular basis to stay in touch with the latest and emerging trends. You can consider subscribing to the newsletters of the industry to eliminate a step and to keep a track of the related information in your inbox. This provides you with a feasible place to keep a check on. You obviously don’t believe in copying what other people in the industry are saying or doing, but you can use their sayings as an inspiration for your own content, especially if you possess a unique or different view on a particular topic.

  • Industry Social Media Pages:

Social media platform is a great source to follow every useful or relevant company, event, publication, and thought leader in your niche. If they understand marketing and SEO or they are pro at these two fields,then, it is expected from them that they’re posting their own thought-leadership content that can spark some ideas. These social media pages enables you to browse the replies they’re getting. You can consider the questions or the queries posted on social media sites and post them into your own post as well. Another way to use social media to generate topic ideas is to search for relevant hashtags and keep a track of  what’s appearing.

  • Within Your Own Company

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to step outside of your marketing/content bubble and talk to co-workers in different departments. What does their day look like? What problems are they solving? What questions are they getting from customers or clients? You’ll likely find that co-workers will provide a wealth of blog topic ideas you never would have thought of.

  • Your Previously Published Content

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to step outside of your marketing/content bubble and talk to co-workers in different departments. What does their day look like? What problems are they solving? What questions are they getting from customers or clients? You’ll likely find that co-workers will provide a wealth of blog topic ideas you never would have thought of.

Dealing in Import/Export Business? Don’t Forget to Do These 3 Types Of Insurance!

Are you planning to start your own business??

If yes, and if you really want to deal in export/import business, I’ll better suggest you not to do so. And don’t start your import/export business, especially when you are not aware of how you can get the best deal. Doing an import or export business includes so much of risk. And that’s why Insurance plays a major role to cover up all your risk.

You’ll be surprised to know that, not only for the cargo purpose, but in fact you’ll need the insurance for your employees too. Here’s the reason how different kind of insurance you need for your import/export business. Read on to find out more:

  • Insuring Your Employees:

Hiring employees is not the all you need. You need more to do. You need to make them feel that you value your employees. You need to take care of them. But link building agency suggests that the worker’s compensation plans for each of the area varies, and in that case, you need to take advice from your agent about the details of the insurance in your area.

Ensuring your employees means that giving them the surety that in case of illness or any mishaps occur to them, at the time of working in your office, factory, or anywhere during the work, you compensate him. And for that, you need to make a discussion with your agent to take a better decision

  • Export-credit risk insurance:

All thanks to the import export bank, you can now be able to provide insure export risk, especially for the small to mid-sized company. This insurance helps you in such a situation where your foreign customer refuses to pay you for either political or for commercial purpose. It also allows you to take higher-risk foreign market.

  • Marine Insurance:

If you are a goods exporter, marine is one of the most essential types of insurance you can do. Financial protection of the goods during the shipment of product from one place to another is known as marine insurance.

According to the attorney seo, this insurance helps you to a great extent, if you are dealing with shipment of goods, as it has so much fear of damage occur to the goods or in case if any product gets lost by any means.

And along with these benefits, it also covers lots of advantages, such as say the ship which is carrying your goods runs afoul of stormy weather.

Bringing all together:

With all these disasters in mind, it will be beneficial to play smart. Use appropriate packaging material and if possible, use waterproof packaging to avoid the damage or loss. Try to discourage theft by eliminating content description or trademarks.

You can also use advertising tactics to export or import. In our next blog, you’ll see how small tactics could help you to a great extent to maximise your profit by promoting. Stay tuned to our next blog, we’ll be back soon.

Take A Glance At The Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Promotions Fail!

While planning for giveaways, discount coupons, vouchers, promotional events, or some other special pricing you are making for your eCommerce company, you are possibly counting for the maximum profits in your mind. Then, you run through a blog, just like this, which says that e commerce promotions don’t work at all. What will you believe then?

Well, let’s consider what you need to get from your most latest promotion. If you’re looking for simply a large number of sales conversions, then undoubtedly you’re set. But, if you are looking for some loyal customers whom you want to come back time and again, then you are setting yourself prone to fail. Let’s consider some of the facts which is being recommended by SEO agency Milton Keynes.

  • Lowering the Perceived Value

When you could lessen the amount of a product to get it out at door, your consumers start to think how valuable that product is. For example, if you slash your prices upto 50% on any specific handbag design, to turn the amount back up after two days, anyone who experienced the lessen price will forever believe that your product is worth purchasing.

If you can’t tell your buyers that your products holds the worth of the price tag, then you haven’t done your job correctly. Offering discount is just a way to get those items out of the door to confirm to your consumers that your products will never be as valuable as you said they were.

  • Bad First Impression

Once you’ve high the prices of your products, there’s no going revert. You might not lose all those buyers who had made a purchase at lower price when you offered, but they will not buy the very next time, until you made an another sale. Anyone who wasn’t stumble by your lower prices for the first time might keep an eye for all your special deals, but they won’t be fool enough surely to pay high price once the discount period is over.

  • Poor Substitute for Service

If you’re counting lower prices on sale or offering discounts on future purchases to make your customers even more happy, then you’re actually missing a large piece of the eCommerce puzzle. Service which is provided after the sale tend to make a buyer loyal towards your brand. The basic problem while doing promotions is that you’re too busy to count the conversions to worry about who wants your help.

Rather than constantly deviating your prices, spend some time with the buyers. Offer them the information they want to make choices, and guide them to make a smart purchasing decisions. They’ll surely return for the next time, and ready for their next purchase.

  • Breeding Mistrust

Those buyers with the door at your big price cut might hang around the next time when you lower your prices. Maybe you’ll catch more people after you raise your prices for the products again.

But, what about those customers who buy your product at the price you offered before you offer them the discount? Are you actually willing to go back who buy your products at full price and offer them refund? According to seo manchester, nobody wants to feel like fool after purchasing an item in your full-price, only to know later that you don’t think they’re worth. And that’s what you convey to them when you bring down your prices.

Look At These 6 Powerful Statistical Data, Which Prove The Significance of Product Video For Ecommerce!

It is a well known fact that producing a quality video for your product is quite hard. The reason is nowadays, equipment is very expensive and the specialist, who know about it, costs even more. For that reason, many eCommerce businesses settle for the images as well as graphics just to get the job done.

These few of the video marketing statistics provided by the seo leeds, will prove that video is no less than an investment which is worth making. Let’s have a look to get a more clear vision:

  • Video usually appears at least 14% Of the Internet Search Result

We all have the habit to search for the various products on the search engine, 14% of the result among the available one, shows very well be the product video. And if you don’t have upload any videos related to your products,yet, you have already lost the significant amount of audience.

In fact Google has declared that video campaigns will be grouped soon like any other ad, by the help of AdWords. Which simply means that video will be shown more on Google searches.

  • More than 73% Visitors Who has Watch Product Videos are more likely to purchase

seo in milton keynes has revealed that the products are more likely to buy by the visitors if you make videos for them. There are quite valid reasons for this fact and one of the most essential thing to note down, though, is simply those videos for your products do prompt more buys. That’s actually the biggest and most significant statistic you need.

  • Almost 46% Will go to the physical store, if Video Is not Available

Showrooming has nowadays, been considered the trouble for all the brick-and-mortar store’s existence, but it can go in the other direction, as well. If you have visitors on your web site who actually want to buy the products which you are offering, they may drive to some nearest physical store. If they do that, there are more chances that you will lose that purchase.

Rather than letting your buyers go away from your site without any reason, provide them with product videos so that they can see your items in action.

  • More than 71% of Consumers tend to Think that Video Explains the Product Better

When potential buyers feel like that they understand the products which you are selling, they’re more likely to take a chance to purchase that item and spend their money. Video is believe to clears up a lot of that kind of confusion. And this is what your marketing is all about, to provide the quality content.

  • More than 57% Are Less Surprised By the videos of the Products

Those buyers who watch the videos of the products and understand that what they are going to buy are less likely to get surprised by the products when they arrive at their doors. As you may imagine, those consumers who are already aware of the product and its usage as well, are usually end up more happier. And happy customers don’t return a product for any refund or replacements.

How To Recognize If Your Business is Actually Ready For Open Source Platform?

To have a great ecommerce site, online retailers need to choose accurate platform. For many, open source platforms are the best way to go, offering unquestionable freedom, flexibility as well as scalability. However, this is not the best choice for everyone, because sometimes it is even more difficult to manage independently.

Here’s, seo services uk, has provides the main factors which must be considered while determining whether site requires an open source platform or not.

  • Budget

Open source platforms are usually expensive than other options such template-based platforms.

Because open source start from the scratch, which simply indicates that they have to invest more time, more money and more resources and pay more for other things such as developers, updates, extensions, etc. it also includes some unexpected expenses such as security patches, software updates as well as redesigns.

An open source platforms cost 4 times more than template-based platforms, on an average. Be aware of this difference and keep such factors like nature of the company, its potential for growth and goal to determine whether or not you should make investment for open source

  • The Open Source User

The ideal open source user is architectured, product-heavy site with experienced team for development and fully developed plan. This kind of ecommerce company has internal bandwidth along with the requirement for open source.

Conversely, small-scale retailer with team with little experience may be overwhelmed by technicality which open source needs.

The main point, is that retailers need to consider all the factors while allocating their budget and deciding that an open-source platform is a smart investment for their business.

  • Technology

E Commerce retailers should have access to expert, certified developers if they need to properly develop a website on open source platform such as Magento. Open source need working in the source code which means that retailers have a clean slate while it comes to the back-end.

For a development team the resources with a clear vision, is all they need. It also takes a lot of space for error in order to avoid the website for becoming an unresponsive and require to redesigned, which means lost time as well as unnecessary expenses.

Retailers should consider technological team before they choose open source

  • Product and Catalog Type

While considering open source platform, ecommerce retailers should consider both products which website has and the variations on those products. According to seo consultant cambridge, the more complex the catalog types, the more retailer need an open source platform.

Although, template-based platforms work best for simple, defined product types which don’t have options such as bundles or attributes.

Complex, product-focused retailers, may need an open source site to support their requirements and allow them to scale.

Open source needs that retailers make and scale their ecommerce site. While this might seem daunting, but it can also provide them unmatched freedom, technicality as well as scalability if it is done right.

However, it is significant that site owners know that the platform is the main base of their online presence and choose such a system which will best support company’s needs, and also allows their site to run smoothly as well as efficiently.

Top Quotes By Sundar Pichai That Will Change Your Perspective Towards Work

Are you bored from your work or you want something interesting to be added in your work? If it so, then you must look forward to what Sundar Pichai has to say in this regard. Surely, it is going to be beneficial for you. Few days back Sundar Pichai visited IIT KGP. There he addressed 3500 students, professors and media in a talk of an hour. He felt nostalgic after visiting to his own place of education. Sundar Pichai’s invigorating session included something quite important for everyone present there.

Well, here are some quotes with their explanations that were said by Pichai to the people he was addressing at the IIT KGP campus. These quotes can prove of great value to the students and the employees of the various organisations including top SEO professionals to grow and prosper in their jobs. Let’s have a look on the following strong quotes by Sundar Pichai.

  • ‘At Google we have an ambitious approach to things we do we call it Moon shots.

According to Pichai it is essential to learn to let go at all level of the company or an organisation. It is important for a company head to trust others (employees) to do the right thing. He asks people to value creativity and experiences of doing things. Pichai further says that everyone does well in all phases of life and it is essential to have a perspective in life. Students were advised to believe in what they’re doing and to understand things deeper. He says to follow your dreams and how to play life is all up to you.

  • We try to work on things which billions of people will use every day.’

‘Ensure that you are surrounded by good people all around’, says Sundar Pichai. He says that the making other people successful is foremost to do, and eliminating the barriers and roadblocks is the secondary task to make such successful people. The things are progressing online in India at a rapid rate. He also believes that mobile is an amazing revolution in digital India. Since digital market in India is growing faster, more people are getting the advantage of it. Digital platforms in India tend to answer all the probable queries of the potential audience every day.

  • ‘We see to it that it solves real problems for them’

Value team work, it is quite important for every business to do. Pichai believes to set up a company where people love to work  together and set up collaborative cultures. Pichai also believe that with the technological advancements and increase in the adoption rate by Indian companies, the day is not far when top global companies will come from India.

  • ‘We aim high.’

Pichai advised the large audience present at the campus to aim high. He says that aims should be such that make you fall once or twice, coz if you’ll not fall down you’ll not be able to accomplish your targeted goals. Pichai believes that one has to be all rounder and he should try everything in his life. He urges people to take risks to fly high.


The aforesaid quotes of Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai enable a person to love his work life and enjoy everything that comes his way. These inspirational quotes are worth appreciation for you and every person working out there in the digital or technological era. The top SEO experts will be highly benefitted by these quotes and they’ll surely achieve success in their field.

6 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Post For SEO

If you are owning a blog for your company, then it is expected from you that you understand the importance of business blogging, being an entrepreneur of the top SEO firms. But, do you really know the importance and way to optimize your blog posts to make them more search engine friendly. Might be you are knowing about it, but not every blogger or entrepreneur knows about it.You must know that the blogs you post on your brand’s website can bring a lot of advantages for your brand. If you consistently post relevant content on your website and also update the existing content, there are chances for you to take advantage of the benefits blogging offers.

The SEO vendors suggests six easy search engine optimization tips to consider to get your blog noticed:

  • Do your research

Conduct proper keyword research. Make sure you include all essential and required keywords in your content, taking help from tools like Google Adwords Keyword Planner and many others. These tools will help you get necessary keywords related to your content displaying maximum search views on the top. Also, there are chances to include keywords naturally if you do not think of them and focus on creating valuable and relevant content.

  • Utilize keywords throughout your post

After completing the research on keywords, make sure to include them in the content at the place where they will have the most valuable impact on human’s mind. Also, think of the search engine crawlers, they should also be able to see the valuable keywords you inserted in your content. The most impactful places in your content to put keywords are:- title, headings, subheadings, introductory sentence, follow up or ending paragraph, anchor text or hyperlinks, title tags, and meta descriptions.

  • Optimize your images

At the time of uploading an image to your content, make sure you include the targeted keyword in the meta description of the image and also mention the keyword in the file name of the image you’re going to upload. This will show your image in the search engine result pages when anyone will search for that particular keyword.

  • Refer others with links

While writing a blog post, many times you consider mentioning either the name of any blogger or his article in your post. Make sure to include a link to either that blogger’s website or to the information you want your target audience to know about.

  • Give readers the opportunity to subscribe to your blog

Ensure that you include ‘subscribe now’ button or a ‘feedback’ or ‘contact us’ form at the end of your blog so that after reading your blog, the reader have some option to react to your blog post apart from like share and comment options. This is a part of inviting call-to-action from your visitors.

  • Use social media to broaden the reach of your blog

Since social media is gaining a lot of prominence in the digital market, you should also effectively make use of this medium to promote your brand and its blogs. Utilise channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to advertise your blog posts and maximize its reach among a large number of audience. Also, make sure to promote your blogs on the websites that are directly or indirectly related to your blogs.

By following these easy and convenient search engine optimization tips, you can ensure higher rankings of your brand in search engine result pages, increase in web traffic, and high conversion rates.