Here’s how I manage To Double The Lead Generation For My Fast-Growing Startup With These Super Simple Hacks

Fortunately, I had the pleasure to meet the CEO of 10seos and asked him the secret for the lead generation.

10seos is a leading company which provides the ratings and reviews of the top companies from all over the world and is growing FAST. 10seos was launched in 2015 and have tons of revenue and thousands of customers.

They shared the best Lead Generation practices they’ve used to build their company far quickly than most of the companies achieve.

So how did they do that?

Let’s check out how 10seos learned and used to boost their revenues and clients tenfold in these three years.

Strategy #1. Develop so many Opt-In Opportunities and make them Tempting!

Live demo, webinars, reports… there are so many Opt-in available. Don’t stop only at one. Convert all your blog into an interesting opt-in page. Whenever possible give away your recipes, PDFs of your blog posts, how-to guide, worksheet, resource guidance and much more.

You can also consider to include an opt-in box in the sidebar and offer your user with a pop up window. Ask your user to give a specific answer about whether they want it or not. When people see the option in the sidebar, they will find it much easy to click on No because clicking on no option is as easy as ignoring it.

In fact, 10seos has conducted a research and found that the conversion rate has increased by 32%. Of course, you can never force someone to say yes but at least you can make efforts to make it difficult for them to say no!

Strategy #2. Test, Test & Test… But in a right manner

It is always great to get a good advice but it is no less than a foolish though to assume that the same strategy will work for you in the same manner as it did for someone else. Of course, I am not saying to ignore that advice but test again and again… in a right way!

If you think you need to conduct a split test, don’t wait, just go for it. Because many times you get the result completely opposite for what you has think of! That’s why testing a lot is crucial.

See how does the “MY” and “YOUR” word reflects a huge impact. How you perceive a situation is impactful. Changing your result from YOUR to MY could increase the conversion for up to 90%.

Other thing that you should check for your Site Audit is to check the quality, images and many other relevant factors. Before starting implementing other strategy, make sure to split test the title of your content, button copy as well as the image. Result you will achieve will be different but then this will make your site more optimized.

Strategy #3. Include better advertisements

10seos revealed that most of the people hates when so many ads disrupt their surfing. In fact, most of the people believe they are boring, same and more compelling than others.

Let’s understand the whole scenario with an example. Suppose you are searching for a product over a web. This means you are keen to know about the price of that product so that you can compare it with the same product from some other dealer. When all the advertisement look same, it is the perfect opportunity to provide your users with something unique and win the competition.

Including a better ad on your site will help you to achieve higher Click through rate and improve the quality.

Strategy #4. Provide better offers and deals

If you aren’t the top provider, you will get lots of opportunity  to improve the conversion rate of your site. The most interesting way is to provide your users with the attractive offers and deals. at least it is far better than changing the font size or the color of a button.

For instance, you can consider to provide them free consultation or a free trial for 30 days. Something which provides value to the customer.

10seos and I have seen a great success in the competitive world. If you really want to grow your startups fast, make sure to stick to the best lead generation practices. Leave any issue or question in the comment box below.we will be back soon with all the effective solutions for your problems.


Best Tools To Monitor the Online Reputation Of your Business

Knowing what people are saying about your company is one of the most challenging task. Whether you customers trust your company or not could make or break the success factors of your business. Therefore, it is important to monitor the online reputation, especially for the small businesses.

Getting positive reviews helps businesses to achieve the trust of the customers and get an opinion about how can the services or products be improve more in a better way. This is necessary to monitor the online reputation of your company so that you can promote the positive review of your company and convert them with that of the negative reviews.

Monitoring what people are saying about your business could be a difficult and expensive process but these top Reputation Management tools make the things easier:

Tool #1. Google Alerts

Google Alert is a customized Google search which sends you the notification whenever any new content has been added to the database for the keywords that you have targeted. Though, it is far different with that of Content Marketing strategies. But this tool provides the services by fetching out the information from the blogs or sites which are much relevant.

It is very easy to set up Google Alert and the best thing is, it is available for free. You simply need to create an alert for those term which notification you want to receive and then Google will send you the result that you want to get and decide where you want the alerts to be delivered.

Tool #2. Naymz

Naymz somehow allows you to determine the online reputation of your company by letting you manage the social influence. If you want to increase your reputation, you must be able to influence better.

Naymz allows you to rate the online influence throughout the social media platforms so that you can determine what makes you to stand out uniquely, why people are preferring your services and how you are engaging with your audience.

Tool #3. Yext

Yext allows you to manage the listing on location and review those site so that it could be confirmed that the information available out there is correct and accurate.

It includes a Power Listing tool which helps you to know about the rate of error present in the information and the area where the information about the business isn’t listed. This will let you correct the information about you and your business so that right customers can reach you at the right time. You simply have to input the name of your business, address and phone number and then the tool will review your site from the database.

Tool #4. Complaint search box

Complaint search box is basically a website which performs specialized Google search for more than 40 complaint websites. This allows you to search on daily basis for free. This allows you to ensure that your customers won’t get negative experiences related to the products or services that your company is offering.

Tool #5. Reputology

Reputology is a website that allows you to offer analytics for customer service management. The best thing about using this tool os, it sends you a notification whenever some customer sends a negative review about your company. In fact, this tool offer you an in-depth summary of the feedbacks provided by customers to improve the weak areas within your business.

Here’s How 10seos Manage To Give Tough Competition To Powerful Companies With Minimal Marketing Spend

While looking to avail the best service in my locality or in my city, I always use to do lots of research to get the best service and ask for the reviews of that company from their ex-clients or customers before investing. Later, I started to start my own business through which I can help people to provide the most genuine ranking of various companies after analyzing the reviews and rating, so that people have no more to do much struggle as I did!

So, my idea begin to get a name, face as well as a website. I came to realize that now I have a huge responsibility to deliver. Honestly, that time I didn’t have much resources and budget that I needed. But somehow, I refuse to spend money on marketing and advertise my efforts and decided to be more creative!

Here’s how I manage to grow 10seos without spending money on marketing:

Make network like no other can think of!

You never know how many people actually support the young entrepreneur. The only thing that you need is the courage and passion to achieve it. You need to think of the ways to make strangers your friends and that you can found on Internet through Digital Marketing strategies, email or social media, where many people would love to hear your story from you. In fact, there they will definitely going to give you advices and leverage your network as your friends.

While doing so, make sure you maintain the highly enthusiastic pitch, so that your audience don’t find you sound boring. Also, get ready to hear NO because many people out there are busy.

There are many other local businesses. Make them your partner

The more you advertise your services, the better exposure you will get. And let me remind you that advertising does not need to spend much. Search for the area where you can get great exposure for your local startup and most importantly, where they support you. Make sure to have a well-defined audience.

If you want to advertise your business but does not know the area, be prepare with your numbers allow people to know that you are more exposure than what you are giving!

Do not avoid Email marketing

Of course, it annoys a lot while receiving unwanted emails. But not all the emails are annoying!

Remember that email marketing is not dead. Select an email marketing software which allows you to use your services for free. Place web form and ask people to provide an enewsletter.

You will be shocked to know the figure that the best email marketing services are one of the best ways to reach wide number of people and develop strong relationship with customers.

Do remember, when overused, email marketing can prove as a blunder for your business. Therefore,make sure to remain gentle with your customers and create your subject line that generate curiosity in the mind of receiver.

Focus social media platform where your customers are

Leverage the social media platform accurately. Don’t simply move to all the networks immediately after developing your website. Post where your audience actually live and only those what your audience actually wanted to see.

Make proper research before investing your time and energy. Consider where your target audiences are.

These are the best four ways that 10seos uses without spending money. Also, consider to leverage the affiliate marketing programs. In fact, there are so many inexpensive ways that you can use to engage your customers. Dedicate appropriate time and efforts to build connection with your audience and advertise your products or services. Like always, we would love to hear your thought, ideas and feedback in our comment section below!

SEO Strategies That You Are Doing All Wrong Which Could Hurt The Ranking Of Your Site

Today the Internet is full of information about the best practices of SEO to implement to achieve the higher ranking in search result. In fact, people often got confused about the practices that what you should follow and what not. There are so many people that claims to be an SEO expert which provide tons of advice to boost your ranking. Unfortunately, most of the strategies they are teaching are actually wrong and could hurt the ranking of your site badly.

To improve the ranking of your website, you should not only know that what are the strategies which could prove effective but also those tactics that can harm all your SEO efforts.

Here are few of the commonly performed mistakes which could damage the ranking of your site:

Mistake #1. Buying links

There are so many sites available which will ask try to convince you to pay some amount of money to get link on your site from other sites. But think of the type of a site. Are they actually a reputable site? Are they related to your niche?

Getting the links by implementing the best Link Building strategies through well reputed and trusted site is good for SEO and can improve the ranking of your site. But the thing is, Google can anytime de-index your site if it finds that you have not earn those link, rather has buy them from some site.

Mistake #2. Publishing irrelevant content

While generating a content for your website it is important to write what is relevant to your business and customers. For example, if your are running a business of Furniture, then focusing on the top Hotel SEO tactics will not work for you. In fact, that could be so confusing for Google.

Google also mark the value offer to the customers and prefer user experience on the top of everything. Therefore, it is essential to keep the need of your users in mind while developing the content for your site. Think for every single detail that relates with your content.

Mistake #3. Spam comments

Some business owners decide to pay services to spam sites around the internet with comments that include a link back to their website. While the idea is to spread links to your site across other sites that are relevant to your business, your brand can be damaged when customers or potential customers see those links associated with spammy, poorly written comments.

Most of the entrepreneurs or website owners pay some amount of money to avail the services from the spam site around the web which also involves any link to the site. The main aim using such kind of services is to aware your customers by providing them the link of your site which is relevant to your niche. Poorly written comments or spammy link could hurt the ranking as well as reputation of your site in the eyes of your customers.

Also make sure to approve only those comments on your site that brings the real value to maintain the integrity of your website.

Mistake #4. Overloading anchor text links

An anchor text is a piece of text or a phrase in your content which has been hyperlinked with the URL of a website. For instance, top seo companies in USA, where the text has been linked with

While linking the keyword is a great idea but you have to be careful when linking the keywords. The trend has changed a lot and those days was gone when webmaster build so many anchor text links with that specific keywords to rank your site.

Now, if you want to get higher ranking, you need to specify the fixed ratio of keyword usage. Maintain many links for many keywords. Make sure to not to build so many links because links should appear normal to the users. Keep your users happy, not the search engines.

Final words

These are few of the SEO strategies, that so-called SEO experts expects you to focus upon. But focusing on these harmful SEO strategies could actually hurt the ranking of your website on search engine result pages (SERP). Therefore, better to avoid these dreadful mistakes to improve your online visibility.

How To Avoid Top Pay-Per-Click Mistakes To Save Money?

Undoubtedly, targeting the best Pay Per Click Management strategies are one of the most effective ways to bring more and more traffic on a website quickly. There are so many tools available that the entrepreneurs use to display their advertisements, such as Google Adwords, Yahoo marketing, and others, in the sponsored result area of the search pages and then they will have to pay the specific amount for each click they are getting on their site.

But if not implemented properly, PPC is one of the riskiest things. Because you will end up spending money even for the wrong customers as well.

Here are few of the most commonly make mistakes that could cost more and must be avoided when starting:

Mistake #1. Sending Visitors to your home page

Think of it in another way, say for example, if you are running PPC ad and targeting the keywords “Black leather Puma shoes for men”- one of a product that you sell on your site. You have invested in an ad campaign, whenever someone searches for this keyword in the search engine, they will be redirected to the home page of your site. Then, the user will have to navigate your site to get the exact product, in case if sticks to your site.

A better approach will allow visitors to link with the defined product page and thus, could reduce the frustration of the user and bring you closer to the sale.

Mistake #2. Diverting the traffic to your contact page

Most of the business owners or PPC advertiser send their visitors to the contact page of their website and force them to submit the Lead Generation. This ends up resulting not only the frustrated visitors but also reduces your chances of generating more sales.

If you are making so, be sure to know that allowing visitors to fill any form for offering something are actually against the guidelines of major search engines.

Mistake #3. Avoiding the split-test for your ad text

If you want to get the maximum result, avoid implementing the PPC strategies without testing them in advance. The best way to determine that which specific word is bringing more clicks and which is getting the higher conversion, you can split-test to your ad campaigns by developing multiple version of the ad text.

Almost every PPC campaign allows you to perform the split-test but makes sure that your ad will be displayed randomly so as to calculate the data effectively.

Mistake #4. Trusting completely on the ‘broad match’ keyword ads

Broad match keywords, no doubt, bring more exposure but along with that, it also brings irrelevant traffic more. In fact, this allows you to spend money for those that you are not even targeting.

Setting the exact match keyword might reduce the traffic coming to your site but helps you to make your search result appear where they are the most relevant to your business. But you will need to invest sufficient time to search for the exact match keyword to influence your campaign.

More info:


The sole reason to start search engine optimisation is to get better conversion. Consider that your website is well optimised, you are getting a huge amount of traffic. However, your conversion rate is non-impressive. What do you plan to do?

Obviously, switch to conversion rate optimisation. There are many steps in conversion rate optimisation like changing fonts, headlines, better optimisation of the images, making awesome landing pages and so on.

Apart from these popular factors, there are many hidden factors in CRO that can help you get better conversion. Let us dig into such factors!

  • Be attentive for your message match

Message match is the practice of keeping the ads synced with the landing pages you are directing your visitors. To have best message match, consider the following steps:

  • Text replacement for different ad groups: This involves changing the ad and the copy of the landing pages according to the different persona you hope to target. Users will be able to see the same product but with a different heading or description based on the ad group, they belong to.
  • Create a match of design, tone and feel of your ads and landing pages: create consistency between ads and landing pages with the help of same images and colour scheme.
  • Establish a match between the ad copy and the landing page copy: creating a similarity between the wordings of your content copy and the landing pages including header, subheader, primary add copy and CTAs.
  • Match the keyword intent with the copy: Different keywords have the different form of intent. Experts from top SEO company in Los Angeles suggest that the copies of your content should match with your keyword to drive visitors to your landing page.
  • Match CTAs: it is also very important to consider your call to action to be consistent with the keyword intent. It is important to understand that different users require different. intent.
  1. Personalise your visitor’s experiences

Personalising your marketing efforts according to your visitor’s experiences can provide best user experiences. These marketing factors are:

  • Emails
  • Landings pages
  • Content
  • Product pricing
  • Product recommendation

Consultants from SEO companies in Los Angeles predict that segmenting your client list and collecting their behaviour data such as browsing or purchase history can help you in a multiple way. You can collect data to provide personalised messages and offers to the audiences.

  1. Use micro-commitment to engage customers

Micro commitments are actually small steps that are taken by visitors towards conversion goal. As the name suggests “micro”, these steps are relatively small and do not require visitors to spend any amount or any deep consideration for commitment.

Micro commitment is a gradual step by step process to increase the faith of the visitor on the brand. The final destination of micro-commitment is obviously conversion goals.

Here’s the list of three micro-commitment you can use to optimise conversion:

  • Social sharing: You can ask visitors to share content, follow or like the page in exchange for a free download.
  • Identify buyers: You can ask your visitors to commit some things that can make them identifiable as potential buyers and gather other relevant information.
  • Free trial offer: you can get qualifies to lead by offering free trial and subscription. People have the tendency to give commitment when they subscribe to something.

Stay connected with us for further secret points for enabling better conversion rates.


Imagine you are sitting in a closed silent room, working very concentratedly on your laptop.

Suddenly your mother starts calling your name, irritated about the fact you does not respond to her. After 5 minutes your concentration breaks but this time by a smell and not by your mother’s voice. You want to sit and work but you are already salivating and you get up for your food.

Food is a magic that can connect or disconnect a person from his present mindset. Today food is not just about the fuel for body but it is a trend setter. The world in today’s time has become a global village, different cuisines of the world are now tried by people across the globe. Food industry is also very competitive one,to stand out among competitors it is important that food industry should also follow the digital marketing.

Mentioned below are few trends of digital marketing that marketers should follow in food industry.

  • Food with video- a deadly combination!:

California seo company suggest that video marketing for food is the best tool to attract customers. Food is something that attract all our sense organs. We tend to feel hungry(even if we are not) by smelling a delicious food,looking at an image of a dish elicit hunger in us. Videos tends to give visual satisfaction need that customers want from food. Food videos are much more popular because of the proximity of realness is more in it. But  Videos in food industry cannot be only of recipes but any thing related to food industry can be marketed by videos.

For example, sanjeev kapoor a prominent figure in food industry, use videos to promote his cook wear brand.

Marketing by videos is a good option to focus on to promote the brand in digital platform but Content factor of videos should not be forgotten.

Social media

A shop in a deserted area serving mouth watering delicacy cannot flourish his business because he has nobody to eat those. While an average tasting dish maker becomes a successful business men because of his reach to customers.

Social Media works somewhat the same way. In today’s world everybody is in social media so promoting your product will fetch you the best result there. People login to social media platforms to gain insight and update themselves. Social media marketing can be very helpful strategy to promote the brand. According to seo company in california there are certain food brands that do not have their website as popular as their social media handles. People rely more to them to get the latest information. Best seo company in usa agrees to the fact that promoting food brands on social media is good strategy.

  • Food- A bite of knowledge

Somebody rightly said that food is our common ground , a universal experience. Food is not just what we eat, it is an experience we take. Brands in food industry should remember that customer look towards food more than a product or service. Hence by plane promotional messaging or ads would not give results expected. People get attracted by a valuable information or a knowledge in the content.

  • Being different is the key

Since the competition in the industry is huge, it is important to give something different. People buying products from your brand always wants more than one positive factor to buy it. By providing a different product such as selling organic product, fresh farm grown, giving discounts on festivals, promoting charitable cause etc are some of the factors that attracts the attention of the customer from other brands.

How Easy and Persuasive design will increase the conversions

In the online world and amidst the fierce competition it is not just enough to have a website and taking your business online and apply some marketing tactics to drive audience at your site. You need to provide them great user experience so that they can stay at your site for longer. To increase the conversions on your site you need to provide them a website that is easy to use and has the amazing user interface and design. The best idea to that is to keep your users in mind while designing so that you can make a site for them and as per their convenience.

Here are few suggestions by the top SEO companies in India so that you can make the best website user interface to attract more visitors to your site and can have higher conversion rates.

  • Understand the key fundamentals to get the foundation right

To achieve the best user design and interface you need to take the following factors into account –

Usability – Make sure that it is easy and quick for the users to find the answers to their questions.

Relevant – Provide them the relevant and useful; content, f the content will not be relevant and beneficial for the users no matter how usable or intuitive your site design it is all waste.

Accessible– Ensure that is easy for the users to find the content they are looking for.

Persuasive – Make sure that design is simple yet compelling and impactful.

  • Small things can make a big difference

Avoid any hindrance in the way of purchasing for the users. Little things or hindrances on your site can cause your customers to leave your ecommerce site without making purchases. It is found in a study that even a one-second delay can make your sales drop by 7%. So make sure to avoid the hindrance of intrusive pop-ups or CAPTCHA rafter the customer has entered into the sales funnel and on its way to buy the thing. You have to provide the best, quick and simple user experience so that it do not frustrate users to buy from your site to and can keep them coming back again and again to your site. So pay attention to those little things also and make your website design simple and effective.

  • Drip feed features to users

When you launch your app or game do not overboard the users with all the complexities and advanced features all in one go. Follow the strategic and sequential approach and moves on step by step so that the users can feel empowered and can understand the complex functionalities of your app easily. First, introduce them to the features and functionalities and provide them tutorial to slowly and eventually reach the advanced level of functionalities so that they can understand the things in the much better way.

  • Trust is Everything

You need to make such a reputation that users do not feel like taking the risk doing business with you or buying your products or services. If your customers can not trust you they can not connect with your business and you will not be able to build a loyal customer base, which means no conversions and no sales. So strive hard to do the things that can help in building trust among the users of your site.

  • Designers need to speak with their customers

If you really want to build a website for the users and for their convenience then the UX designers need to speak to their customers and target audience within the specific period of time and find out what the people’s problem and objections are. This will help you to achieve a website design that is more user-friendly and products that are more successful. If you are looking for any help and guidance in improving user experience contact the best Seo company in Mumbai company.

Top 5 Conversion Killers And How You Can Fix Them

It is important to build a great website and provide great user experience so that you can get more traffic to your site and increase the chances of conversions. Many of the business owners create a website that is functional, informative and appealing so that they can attract their target audience but still they have complained about the conversions and sales.  To increase the conversion rates, you actually need to do more than building an appealing website.  After all, your ultimate goal is to have more conversions and sales. So, you need to discover some flaws in your website that are killing the conversions at your site. Experts from top SEO company in India suggests some common conversion rate killers and let’s see how can you avoid them.

  • Uninspired call to action

Avoid using generic call-to-action that is unable to inspire a response from the potential customer. This uninspired call to actions does not include any detail for your site visitors to use to their advantage.

So, it’s better to be as detailed as possible so that your potential customers can take the desired action. For example, if you write the call to action as Subscribe now, it will not inspire to that instead consider writing “Subscribe Now and find out the new opportunities here”, this explains the benefits of subscribing thus visitors are more likely to convert.

  • Too many call-to-actions

When the visitors visit your website and see all the call-to-actions at one place, this can actually overwhelm them and they might leave your site as they can get confused about where to click and what to do. Too many call-to-actions can actually create confusions and they can distract you from the main goal of the page.

Therefore, it is recommended to stick to one call to action so that the visitors have clarity about what exactly they need to do. In case you have to mention more than one call-to-action the landing page then highlight the most important one so that the visitors can get an idea about it and avoid any kind of confusion on your landing page.

  • Slow website

It’s an undeniable fact that if your website will take much time to load, you will definitely going to miss the opportunities. Customers have the very short attention span, if they do not get what they are looking for quickly they will not going to wait and chances are more that they are going to leave for a faster or better website.

So make sure you have the well-optimised website so that it is efficient enough to load quickly. Also, pay attention to what your customers are actually saying about your site and try to improve in order to satisfy the needs of your customers.

  • Intrusive Videos/Music

Videos and Music are great for the websites to draw the attention of the target audience but if they start playing automatically then it can ruin the entire experience of the visitors and can create hindrance to what they are actually doing on the site. It can really frustrate the users.

Instead, provide them with the option to view the video or play the music so that they can take actions as per their choice.

  • Excessive Advertisements

Advertising though is a great source of income, however, if it is used in excess can be the biggest conversion killer. Too many ads can interrupt the user’s experience. Do not let ads have the negative impact on your site.

So, if you feel like conversion rates are suffering then do evaluate your site and see if there is any conversions killer present in your site and take the necessary steps to improve your site. For more help and guidance, contact the experts from seo company Kolkata.

DIY SEO tips to optimize for mobile marketing

With the increased use of mobile devices, it is must for the businesses to optimize for the mobile so that they can increase the visibility in SERP and reach to the broader group of target audience. With the Google’s announcement of mobile-first indexing, it is important more than ever to invest in mobile SEO so that you can rank well in SERP.  If you want to drive traffic to your site, it is important to provide the best user experience to the people. Make sure your content perform well across all devices no matter what device the user is using to consume content on your site.

Experts from best SEO company in India suggests some SEO tips which you can easily do it yourself and can maintain the online visibility.

  • Create a Google My Business listing

Google My Business are free and simple to set up. It allows you to appear at top positions in SERP. Provide complete information about your business, include images of your business and provide all necessary information related to our business along with name, address, and phone number. When people will search for the businesses like your, they will find your business among the top results and will get your business information.

  • Frequently review all your directory listings

It is important to frequently review and update your listings so that whenever users find your information so that they should get the accurate and updated information about your business and can easily contact you. Update your listings on Yelp or local directories and ensure that the accurate information is present at all places.

  • Get Social

80% of people using mobile devices spend their time on social media. So, it is important for your business to take time and make efforts to build a great social media marketing strategy. If you want to build brand awareness then promote your business on different platforms and engage with users so that be on top of the user’s mind and can gain visibility overall.

  • Use Keywords for content visibility

Mobile searches are different from desktop searches so you need to do the keyword research for the mobile searches as well. Make sure you optimize for those keywords so that you can appear at the top of the search results. Targeting the right keywords will help you to appear in front of the right people. You can also take help of tools to find the right keywords for your content.

  • Optimize images

Images should be optimized for the mobile users as large images can take the time to load. Page loading time is a crucial factor in the SEO and should be taken into consideration when optimizing for SEO. You can take help of page speed tools to identify if there is any problem. Make sure you compress the images and keep the size smaller so that you can achieve faster loading pages.

  • Prepare your content for mobile

The way people consume content on mobile devices is different from the way people consume it on the desktop. For mobile devices, keep the content precise and make sure it is readable on the small screen. Try experimenting with different type of content, do A/B testing and determine which type of content will perform better. If you are looking for more help and guidance, contact the experts from SEO company in Hyderabad.