Top 5 Conversion Killers And How You Can Fix Them

It is important to build a great website and provide great user experience so that you can get more traffic to your site and increase the chances of conversions. Many of the business owners create a website that is functional, informative and appealing so that they can attract their target audience but still they have complained about the conversions and sales.  To increase the conversion rates, you actually need to do more than building an appealing website.  After all, your ultimate goal is to have more conversions and sales. So, you need to discover some flaws in your website that are killing the conversions at your site. Experts from top SEO company in India suggests some common conversion rate killers and let’s see how can you avoid them.

  • Uninspired call to action

Avoid using generic call-to-action that is unable to inspire a response from the potential customer. This uninspired call to actions does not include any detail for your site visitors to use to their advantage.

So, it’s better to be as detailed as possible so that your potential customers can take the desired action. For example, if you write the call to action as Subscribe now, it will not inspire to that instead consider writing “Subscribe Now and find out the new opportunities here”, this explains the benefits of subscribing thus visitors are more likely to convert.

  • Too many call-to-actions

When the visitors visit your website and see all the call-to-actions at one place, this can actually overwhelm them and they might leave your site as they can get confused about where to click and what to do. Too many call-to-actions can actually create confusions and they can distract you from the main goal of the page.

Therefore, it is recommended to stick to one call to action so that the visitors have clarity about what exactly they need to do. In case you have to mention more than one call-to-action the landing page then highlight the most important one so that the visitors can get an idea about it and avoid any kind of confusion on your landing page.

  • Slow website

It’s an undeniable fact that if your website will take much time to load, you will definitely going to miss the opportunities. Customers have the very short attention span, if they do not get what they are looking for quickly they will not going to wait and chances are more that they are going to leave for a faster or better website.

So make sure you have the well-optimised website so that it is efficient enough to load quickly. Also, pay attention to what your customers are actually saying about your site and try to improve in order to satisfy the needs of your customers.

  • Intrusive Videos/Music

Videos and Music are great for the websites to draw the attention of the target audience but if they start playing automatically then it can ruin the entire experience of the visitors and can create hindrance to what they are actually doing on the site. It can really frustrate the users.

Instead, provide them with the option to view the video or play the music so that they can take actions as per their choice.

  • Excessive Advertisements

Advertising though is a great source of income, however, if it is used in excess can be the biggest conversion killer. Too many ads can interrupt the user’s experience. Do not let ads have the negative impact on your site.

So, if you feel like conversion rates are suffering then do evaluate your site and see if there is any conversions killer present in your site and take the necessary steps to improve your site. For more help and guidance, contact the experts from seo company Kolkata.


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