DIY SEO tips to optimize for mobile marketing

With the increased use of mobile devices, it is must for the businesses to optimize for the mobile so that they can increase the visibility in SERP and reach to the broader group of target audience. With the Google’s announcement of mobile-first indexing, it is important more than ever to invest in mobile SEO so that you can rank well in SERP.  If you want to drive traffic to your site, it is important to provide the best user experience to the people. Make sure your content perform well across all devices no matter what device the user is using to consume content on your site.

Experts from best SEO company in India suggests some SEO tips which you can easily do it yourself and can maintain the online visibility.

  • Create a Google My Business listing

Google My Business are free and simple to set up. It allows you to appear at top positions in SERP. Provide complete information about your business, include images of your business and provide all necessary information related to our business along with name, address, and phone number. When people will search for the businesses like your, they will find your business among the top results and will get your business information.

  • Frequently review all your directory listings

It is important to frequently review and update your listings so that whenever users find your information so that they should get the accurate and updated information about your business and can easily contact you. Update your listings on Yelp or local directories and ensure that the accurate information is present at all places.

  • Get Social

80% of people using mobile devices spend their time on social media. So, it is important for your business to take time and make efforts to build a great social media marketing strategy. If you want to build brand awareness then promote your business on different platforms and engage with users so that be on top of the user’s mind and can gain visibility overall.

  • Use Keywords for content visibility

Mobile searches are different from desktop searches so you need to do the keyword research for the mobile searches as well. Make sure you optimize for those keywords so that you can appear at the top of the search results. Targeting the right keywords will help you to appear in front of the right people. You can also take help of tools to find the right keywords for your content.

  • Optimize images

Images should be optimized for the mobile users as large images can take the time to load. Page loading time is a crucial factor in the SEO and should be taken into consideration when optimizing for SEO. You can take help of page speed tools to identify if there is any problem. Make sure you compress the images and keep the size smaller so that you can achieve faster loading pages.

  • Prepare your content for mobile

The way people consume content on mobile devices is different from the way people consume it on the desktop. For mobile devices, keep the content precise and make sure it is readable on the small screen. Try experimenting with different type of content, do A/B testing and determine which type of content will perform better. If you are looking for more help and guidance, contact the experts from SEO company in Hyderabad.


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