Packaging for seo practices

We design our website to optimize them according to seo factors. Everyone pays attention to the content, keywords, links and tags. What about the product itself? Let’s think out of the box. If the product is packaged for seo marketing, it can be a big contributor to off-page seo factors. Along with designing the products according to consumer patterns, also consider the search patterns. Search engines are big contributors to changes in trends and user preferences. Whatever shows up more frequently becomes a trend. Those trends determine what sells and what does not. If we can figure out this flow of trends, we can be ready for any upcoming change in the preferences of our user-base.

To what extent is the consumer affected by trends on the social media? Which blogs are popular among your demographic? Are there signs of changing trends? Your product needs to have a design that is current but easily modifiable.

The packaging design needs to take into consideration the following factors.

  1. You do not need something that would look good on the shelf of a store. We need something that would catch the eye on a digital platform. In today’s age of social media, the product needs to be photogenic. The packaging needs to attractive.
  2. An ideal example is youtube videos. If you have watched the videos of some of the popular youtubers, you must have noticed, they have very catchy backgrounds in their videos.
  3. If you have read online reviews of products, whether they are makeup products or gadgets, the packaging is an important part of the content. Anything that looks good, sells. Blogs that look good get more hits.
  4. Instagram plays an important role in the marketing of a product. In order to make a product #instafave, the product can be designed to look good in the Instagram filters and its square frame.

Basically, packaging of any product needs to be digital market oriented. If it gets likes, it will sell. So consider the factors that can make your product trending on social media platforms. The best seo companies focus on packaging of the product to bring the attention of social media audience.


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