Seo and email marketing is two different concepts and does not directly gets linked but email has visible effect on seo.  Email marketing is one of the oldest ways of online marketing. Like seo, email marketing is also evolving according to the latest need of the users. Email marketing and seo reinforce each other to increase the online marketing efforts of a company. It has the power to grab the attention of the customers and bring traffic more than any other marketing strategy. Thus using email for boosting seo can be effective in terms of earning possible leads.

Following below are certain strategies that can be followed:

  • Insuring engagement with emails

Sending 100 emails to potential clients cannot affect companies ranking on google. Emails can help to increase the visibility of the customers, they get aware of the value or quality of content that you are imparting and that can affect the search rate . For example,  You have written an article on digital marketing strategies for 2017 on your blog. You will receive the organic search traffic but if an email is sent to your list stating how can they use this article to add profit in their business would definitely interest readers and the number of likes, shares will increase.

Involvement of the users will boost your relationship with them. According to leading seo company Emails can be used as a secondary tool for boosting seo like:

  • Asking readers to comment below the blog post.
  • Informing them about the connection of the company with any charity cause and so share the article to spread the cause.
  • Requesting people to comment on the social media handles about their experience after reading the article.
  • Driving readers to rich site summary(RSS)

Rss is a format of delivering daily changing web content. Comments and shares driven by emails can be useful to boost seo, but there should exist some permanent technique to grab the reader’s for a long time. The idea should be to grab the attention of the subscribers throughout the month and not totally dependent on monthly reminders by emails. For example: people who love your blogs can connect to RSS to get updated every time you come with a fresh article. Asking your subscribers to follow you in social media handles can also be done.

These strategies increases the website traffic and viewership in social media that results in boosting seo.

  • Reputation building

Email marketing helps to retain customers and promote brand recognition. Email increases the reputation of the brand and can become part of the high profile publishers list. Getting featured in these list increases the search traffic which definitely gives a push to seo.

Email alone cannot affect seo directly. Google donot crawl in email content to increase the website visibility. However emails does change the customer’s behaviour by motivating them to share or like post or comment on content which in turn increases the website ranking.


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