Creating content for attracting and engaging visitors require a proper content strategy. You cannot just go on creating content and assume people to find the content and love it.

While you create content, make sure to keep these things in mind:

  • Your target audiences
  • Your business objective
  • How you will promote your content

If you are into generating content for companies then make sure to follow content marketing trends for 2017.

1.Mobile content

The growth of mobiles will keep on increasing in 2017 and beyond. Customers using mobile for surfing the web is increasing at the most rapid rate hence it has become even more important to generate more content that is mobile friendly. Generating mobile user content would mean optimising the sites in a way that help mobile users to easily absorb the content. Also make sure to keep certain basic nuances of mobile users such as less content, optimised images, responsive design, video based etc. Studies indicate that by 2020, 75% of traffic generated will be mobile hence creating mobile friendly content can be helpful.

  1. Native advertising

Banner advertising is little prevalent and the use of ads blockers have increased but the brands still generate content with the help of native advertisement. Experts from best SEO company in Dallas identify the reason for using native advertising is because they are similar in looks, feel, style of the website they get published. Native advertising provides website visitors same experience as they get from a website. Consumers absorb the native advertisement like any other content of the website. Studies predict that native advertising will be an important part of the online business in the coming year.

  1. Influencer marketing.

Researches done by 10seos has predicted several times that influencer marketing has large scope in online marketing. Experts from SEO companies in Dallas also recognises that the buying behaviour of consumers gets highly affected by the online reviews and personal recommendation of the specific industry experts. Hence, we believe that getting a couple of influencer on board will definitely have a boost in your content strategy and will also lead to brand expansion and trust.

  1. Content personalization

The competition is growing at the most rapid rate hence targeting all your targeted audiences with general content will not going to help you in 2017. There are so many contents that are available on web and audiences can easily find the information they want. To make your brand stand out in 2017, marketers will have to implement the segmented strategy for each of their targeted audiences. The segmented strategy would mean modifying the content of the brand according to the need of the targeted demographics, their preferences, culture and needs. Studies done by 10seos shows a heavy statistics of 62% of better engagement rate of audiences with personalised content marketing strategy.

  1. Marketing automation

Marketing automation is the process of automating certain activities of the marketing process to save time and efforts. According to many studies conducted on marketing automation,45% of increases is found in lead generation yet we see fewer amount companies taking the advantage of marketing automation. We believe 2017 is to be a lot more competitive and companies should implement marketing automation in emails, social media, e-commerce and in other sectors to beat the competition and stay ahead in the race.

Content marketing is an integral part of online marketing. Keeping yourself updated according to present situation will incur better benefit for you and your company.

Happy Reading!


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