Influencer marketing has been in practice and will continue for many years to come. It is influencer marketing that can always help you to stay ahead in any competitive niche. A survey done by 10seos have predicted that brands who wants to grab the maximum attention of their targeted customers and influence their purchasing decision find influencer marketing as a powerful tool. In recent times, more and more luxury brands are switching to luxury brands.

There is some brand who wants to conceal their marketing strategy to beat their corresponding luxury brand. This post is dedicated to all the luxury brands planning to start their influencer marketing campaign.

Let us begin!

Step 1: Define a clear objective of the Campaign

Luxury brands have a different targeted audience to capture especially the upper-middle-class ones. Consultants from top SEO company in Denver believe that for a successful campaign, luxury brands should outline their objective or result that they look forward to achieving with the campaign. Setting the objective is important because it provides direction to the whole marketing process and also sets a proper destination for concentrating efforts.

Step 2: Provide all the material for building a story

According to some of the experts from SEO companies in Denver, it is essential to provide the influencer with all the storytelling material like interviews, behind the scene coverage, sketches of design inspiration etc.  The basic catch is, the more material is provided to influencer from the brand, the better will be their content. Giving the rich source of information to influencers will help them to produce unique and more engaging content for the brand targets.

Content created by influencers are unique, engaging and helpful in providing value to their followers. Influencer marketing is a synonym of success because they provide information that is valuable and not too much commercial content. Studies done on the purchasing behaviour of consumers by influential marketing indicates that 92% of consumers take the recommendation from friends or trusted sources.With the luxury brand, this percentage is even more because the investment is huge.

Another way of utilising influencers is by making them join the brand event or visiting their workshop. This will create a personal story in itself and personal stories are most engaging for the customers.

Step 3: Choosing the right media channel

Luxury brands generally opt for tried-tested, well-established media channels. The most popular influencer marketing channel is lifestyle blogs and Instagram. Youtube is also a big platform that is used for influencer marketing purposes.

Step 4: Finding the right influencer

To finalise on a name of an influencer, keep the quality quotient in mind. Consider their account design, look of their blog, the aesthetic quality of their Instagram feed and on the topic they post content. These factors will help to find the influencers position and their audiences profile. For luxury brands, it is important not to deviate from the brand positioning and not to appear in any sponsored comment which can deviate the brand from the core demographics of being exclusive.

The second important point for considering an influencer is their audience’s size and engagement level of its followers.

Step 5: Make the editorial content reach to larger audiences

Once the content is generated, make sure to spread it beyond the influencer’s followers. This can be done through the content network which targets only specific audiences predefined by the brand or by social media.

Step 6: Track your result and learn from them

It is very important to follow the result of your marketing. This will help you to improve yourself. There are many performance metrics that can be tracked by powerful online tools like a number of posts read, amount of website clicks, geo location of the audiences etc.

These data points can help the brands to study outline their targeted customers and improve the upcoming campaigns for better conversion.

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