Twitter is one of the most popular platforms for people to voice their opinions. If you want to monitor your product’s experience, make sure to follow Twitter. From October 2015, Twitter made it even more easy to follow your brand’s opinion by Twitter polls. You can create native polls in minutes with Twitter polls which let you have valuable feedbacks.

But unfortunately, this immense potential of Twitter polls is not completely harnessed.

Here are six ways by which Twitter polls can be used to drive engagement.

1.Product research and promotion

Experts from top SEO company in California believes that Twitter polls are a powerful medium for research purposes. Usually, social media is a platform where customers speak their heart out and this is certainly helpful for brands. A better research work would mean getting the feedback from customers about your brand and product. Besides getting feedback, twitter polls can be used to attract new customers. Start new Twitter polls that talk about your new offers.

  1. Create unique industry statistics

Getting real-time results from your audience also provide the ability to become thought leader of the industry with actual statistics. If your industry has an active Twitter community then make sure to create exclusive industry statistics.

  1. Repurposing the content type

It is difficult at times to generate fresh content every day to keep your audiences engaged and captivated to your brand. Consultants from best SEO company in Boston suggested an alternative for generating fresh content with repurposing the content. Repurposing a long form content by generating Twitter poll around the topic and drive engagement with your content with the information.

  1. Settle debates to drive engagements or settle for fun

Twitter polls are helpful to break the monotony and add some fun to the regular posts. You can use different images according to your targeted customers. For targeting the younger generation, you may use emojis in polls which can be an eye-attracting factor. The basic funda is to create something that attracts your audiences. For making your posts much more interesting use languages that are prevalent among your targeted audiences, use emojis etc. Always remember, better engagement with the brand will lead to better loyalty within people for the brand.

  1. Mark your presence in current events

If you are a news publisher or active in current events, creating Twitter polls regarding the current affairs can be an easy way to grab engagement. These Twitter polls will be able to make your connection with your followers even fresher and create better retention for your brand.

  1. Using Twitter polls to promote your content

Although images cannot be used in Twitter polls yet links and hashtags can be used to promote your other pieces of relevant content. Using Twitter polls for promoting content have many benefits such as:

It drives interest and makes the brand stand out of crowd

You can get followers feedback on the content shared to do further improvement.

Find additional topics from the feedback gained.


Whatever is the way you use Twitter polls for your business, it will provide you with better exposure and engagement levels. Consider experimenting with different type questions, answers to see what works best.

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