Virtual reality is the most advanced version of the technology in recent times. This technology is been used in wide scale as a tool for marketing to attract the attention of the users in the most attractive manner. If you look at the brands like Facebook, Samsung, Sony and Google, all are investing in virtual reality. The main purpose of VR is to provide an authentic experience to its users by eliminating all the background noises and scenario. VR has the capability to transport the users in the world they dream to be.

Even though usage of virtual reality is in the initial stage yet companies have started planning on how to incorporate VR in their content strategy.

Experts from best SEO companies in Atlanta has suggested 3 tips to keep in mind while incorporating virtual reality.

  • Concentrate on impressive storytelling

Storytelling is the most effective way to project the brand message to potential customers. Using virtual reality will help brands to connect with people in the most effective and creative way as compared to traditional practice. The most benefitted industry by virtual reality is gaming industry. Currently, experiments and discussion are going on for incorporating VR in promotional purposes in other industries as well. As a content strategist one should be vigilant enough to link the usefulness of VR from other industries into content promotion.

The best example of VR storytelling was UNICEF’s “Cloud over Sidra”. This was meant to display the story of a small girl living in Syria refugee camps and her life that was suffering due to civil wars. This VR-based storytelling was a huge hit and end up raising billions of funds.

This experience gives all marketers a lesson in the usability of virtual reality. SEO professionals from top SEO company in Miami suggest following the pattern of VR usage in content strategy:

  • The impact of culture is remarkable hence marketers should use culture to educate audiences about their brand or product.
  • Marketers will have to be creative. Traditional marketing strategies are not that effective in recent times. VR experience should be created with the help of creative ideas and valuable content. Introducing the mix of creativity and content can bring better user engagement.
  1. Encourage user generated content

User generated content has always proven that beneficial to content marketing. There are many brands that are immensely popular due to the user generated content. User generated content in VR is a new concept yet it is likely to generate better development in VR content marketing. People may start using high-end cameras to create VR content. VR has the potential to give marketers full control over their messages are given to users. This control tends to provide significant benefit to marketers in terms of boosting better user engagement and brand trust.

  1. Brings the product to the customers

The biggest advantage of using VR is, it brings the product very close to its customers in the comfort zone of the customers. There are companies like IKEA that are using augmented reality product catalogue. This app helps to show the product catalogue and with the help of phone camera facilitates in visualising the product in your space.

In this competitive market, being different is the only way to get discovered. Google is bringing a new VR dimension in tourism. With the introduction of Google cardboard, people will be able to choose to among variety of virtual tours. VR is also getting prominence in the food industry with the campaign of “Happy Google” started in Sweden by McDonald.


From ecommerce to tourism to food industry, VR has the potential to bring better engagement in any industry. The type of content used in VR will be a significant factor to get better results. Make sure to utilise VR in the best possible way to generate a better message for your brand.

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