How to manage your blog post for SEO?

It’s shocking to know that about 60% of the blog posts do not get enough good ranking in the Google’s ranking, in spite of having good content. There are many factors which come into play when SEO is concerned. It’s not enough to just have good content to get that higher ranking in the Google’s search result page. Some of the top SEO companies in Jaipur believe that a good content is just one part out of many of the SEO campaign. There are lot more to be done to take a blog from a low rank to a higher rank.

In this blog post, I have mentioned some of the easy-to-use tips to manage the blog post  and, thus, elevate the rank,

1. Optimize the title.

Your title plays a very important in optimizing your blog for a better rank. It is the first thing that a user reads about your post. It contains the core essence of your content. The title should be catchy, yet relevant. It should revolve around the main keyword you are using. So, put enough time and effort in creating the title for your blog post.

2. Improve the content body.

To keep the user engaged in reading the blog requires the content to be very interesting and relevant. Plus, the body of the content should be good enough for the bots to easily crawl it and index it properly. The more easily bots will crawl and index the content, more will be the chances of getting the higher rank.

3. Choose keywords properly.

The role of keywords in determining the overall rank and thus, the success of any blog cannot be underestimated. If you choose the wrong set of keywords then, you are most likely to miss out on a major chunk of great opportunities. You can use various tools which are available online to do the keyword research. These tools will let you know about the keywords that are most likely to be searched. Try to use long tail keywords and interrogative type keywords.

4. Optimize the images.

Using images in your posts are a good move. These images make the user’s experience and the stay on the page pleasurable and interesting. But, it is very important to know that the images should also be properly optimized. Heavy size images will lower down your page’s rank. So, it’s necessary to use quality images but also small in size. Another important thing to keep in mind is to use the relevant and fresh images. Using copied images might do more harm than good.

5. Use proper interlinking and backlinking.

Interlinking plays an important role in lifting up the page rank. But, it’s very important to keep in mind that it should be done properly so as to yield maximum benefits. While interlinking, direct your users to the relevant pages. This will boost your popularity and credibility. Pay attention to the backlinks which point out to your site. There are many faulty backlinks which lower down the rank of the page it refers to.

Taking your site to the top positions of the search result page takes lots of effort and time. If you think it’s hard to manage your business along with the optimization campaign then you can contact to some SEO companies in Kolkata, which does the work for their clients at very low prices. Those who want to do this on their own can follow the above-mentioned tips and you will see positive results in no time.

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