Understanding the impact of Artificial Intelligence on search marketing

Striving hard to provide the best possible search experience to the users, Google is making many changes in its algorithm and is coming up with many new concepts and algorithms that will best understand the search intent of the user. Google introduced Rankbrain which is a machine learning artificial intelligence system is a system tries to understand the user’s search intent and want to provide them with the best possible relevant results. Rankbrain is the third highest ranking factor. Due to this, there are many changes in the way a website should be optimized for the search engine.  Now, the focus is more on providing the best user experience.

How is Artificial Intelligence impacting SEO?

Now Google is able to understand the search query better and able to decide which site will provide the best relevant answer for the search query. Google now better understand which additional search query should be placed after the initial search. So with the help of artificial intelligence and rankbrain, google provide more relevant results.

What search can marketers do?

Artificial Intelligence and Rankbrain provides a lot of opportunities to search marketers to stand out from their competitors by providing best user experience so that Google can consider your site for the top positions in SERP. Now the search marketers really focus on the aspects that matters to users.

Experts from Best Seo Company In Las Vegas suggests that to optimize your websites you need to follow the following tactics –

  • User Engagement  on Pages

It is important to engage users on your pages if you want to increase your ranking in the SERP. Google also consider engagement metrics like bounce rate, average pages per visit, conversion rate and many more. If the engagement rate will be high then Google considers that your site is providing relevant content to the users and solving their issues and thus can improve your ranking. So focus on optimizing the entire path user takes on your website so that you can get better engagement rates and improve your ranking in SERP.

  • Click through Rate on SERPs

Search marketers should focus on optimising for the search engine. They should create a unique and compelling title and meta description so that you can get more click through rates. Getting more clicks may help you get better visibility in SERP.

  • Keyword optimisation

Now the search marketers have to think more about the keywords that users are really searching for. Rather than focusing only on head tail keywords, it is important that you should also include long tail keywords when optimizing your content. Try to include the keywords naturally and do not just stuff the keywords to get better ranking in SERP. While conducting a keyword research, you need to understand your target audience and see what search term users can use to conduct the search. Think, keeping your customer’s in mind and try to understand what your customers might be looking for and provide the content that meets their needs.

  • Structured Markup

Adding schema markup to your site will help in the search engine to know what your site is actually all about. Schema markup will help in optimizing for machine learning.

SEO is moving forward, so should you to provide a better experience to the users. If you are looking for more help and guidance contact the SEO company Miami.


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