How to do SEO-reporting like a pro?

To get the visibility online and make an effective online presence, it is important to invest in SEO campaigns and other digital marketing methods so that you can achieve success and can generate brand awareness over the web. Now if you are investing your time, money and effort in SEO, content marketing, social media marketing or link building then you definitely want to know if it is working for you or not. It is important to measure the impact of your marketing efforts so that you can know what’s going on well and where you need to make improvements so that you can achieve better results in future. For that, you need to make SEO reports so that you can have all the information in your hand. SEO reporting can be complex depending on the size of the organization. For large companies, seo reporting can be very complex and can include plenty of reports to measure the SEO success.

Though there are a variety of SEO reporting tools but make sure that you set up the tools Google Analytics and Google Search Console at the very beginning so that you can have the required data and information in your hand through which you can make SEO reports. Google Analytics provides you the traffic while the search console provides more technical information.

In the beginning, it will take the time to collect the enough information. But after 3 months it is crucial to do regular SEO reporting so that you can keep track of your efforts and how your marketing campaigns are going on. Make sure every month you go through your data regularly so that you can start building more effective strategies to attain better results.

Experts from Denver SEO company suggests that following factors you should be reporting on.

  • Organic Traffic

The main purpose of an SEO campaign is to increase the organic traffic. If you have optimized your site properly and want to make sure that optimum amount of traffic should be coming into your pages. Traffic is one of the important metrics to keep track of so that you can figure out the reasons of what is attracting your audience and what is actually keeping your audience from coming to your site. Make sure that the organic traffic should be going upward over the time.

  • Keywords

Though keyword ranking should not be considered as the most crucial factor to measure the success of SEO but still it serves the valuable data. Though ranking fluctuates with the time but the keyword data is important to gauge the traffic. Make sure you make separate reports for the branded and non-branded keywords so that you can know exactly which keywords are generating more traffic and gain insights so that you can improve the things to get more traffic and have an effective online branding campaign.

  • Referral Sources

If you are making efforts to associate with other sites and getting links than your ultimate aim is to drive in more traffic more referral sites. To know whether you are getting in quality traffic or not from the site and is the site linked to yours is relevant or not, you have to look through the data and make proper reports to get to know the things in a much better way.

  • Conversions

It is important to gauge the traffic but what is more important is to see whether the traffic is leading to more conversions or not. So make it is important to include the conversion factor in reports so that make improvements if needed. If the traffic coming to your site is not converting then you seriously need to make improvements.

Though the reporting needs of every site differ from business to business but the above serves the great place to start for reporting. If you are looking for more help and guidance, contact the best Houston SEO services.


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