6 secrets to establish connections with your customers through Storytelling

In today’s modern era, marketing is all about building connections with your customers. No matter how clever your tweets are, amazing hashtag you use on Instagram or appealing post you share on Facebook, a compelling storytelling will help in building connections with your target audience. Tweets, Instagram or Facebook posts won’t help you win loyal fan following instead you need to establish a strong relationship with your customers through storytelling. A great storytelling is a must to achieve success in digital marketing. Experts from Best Seo Company In Denver provides some tips to help you get effective and compelling storytelling.

  • Start with the basics

Great storytelling is based on a simple formula. Start with exposing your brand that is introduce your brand to your customers, then what was the inciting incident that led to the formation of your brand. Then show the rising of your products and services, put a climax that includes your product/service launch, or your brand’s values and missions, offerings, show the falling action how your product is solving the problem and then lastly encourage customers to get in touch with you, provide them link to your website or social media platforms. If you are creating a video of product demo, then first explain the pain points your product address, show it through the demo and then show the happy customers testimonials. This way you can connect with your audience and establish a relationship with them.

  • Forge an emotional connection

If you successfully want to connect with your audience through storytelling, then it’s crucial that your stories should forge some sort of emotions. These emotions can be of empathy, laughter, fear, joy, sadness, or anything that resonates with your brand.  Try to evoke the positive feelings this will give your potential customers better feeling.

If your brand has a powerful history with certain hardships or personal crisis then focus on sharing that.

  • Get Visual

Visuals tend to grab the attention of audience more. Video marketing is rising rapidly as its is incredibly effective and estimated to increase the conversion rates up to 80%. You can use videos to tell the story but apart from videos you can also illustrate your points through other visuals such as infographics, or incorporating images on blog posts.

  • Engage in story building

Instead of focusing on storytelling, you should focus on story building which means the piece of content you create should help in building your brand narrative. For doing it well, you need to know about what your brand narrative is. Know what your goals, missions, and values are? What’s the comprehensive story behind your company?

  • Be patient and experiment with some storytelling projects

It will take the time to effectively integrating storytelling into your digital marketing campaign, if you really want to achieve results from storytelling then you need to have patience. If you keep building story consistently then this approach will significantly improve engagement rate. Keep testing what works best for your brand whether a video or illustrating points through infographics, keep the consistency so that you can attain better results.

  • Stay data-driven

Whatever you do as a part of digital marketing, your ultimate goals is to increase the engagement rate and get more conversions.data is important to keep track of what’s working for your brand and what’s not. You need to set up some key metrics to know what’s is doing well and help you in taking informed future decisions.

If you are looking for more help and guidance on how to tell a compelling story so that it can increase the engagement rate and help you establish a connection with your brand, contact the Best Seo Company In Kansas


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