What should you blog about?

Blog is an essential if you really want to improve the results of your search engine optimization campaign. Search engine considers the freshness factor as one of its important ranking factors and a blog allows you to provide the fresh content to the users and search engine as well as give them a reason to crawl your site. With the help of blog posts, you can target relevant keywords that have high search volume and can also be shared on social media, thus providing your audience fresh, updated content of their choice and interest and also keep your social media profiles active. This will result in increase engagement rate and will increase your brand awareness over the web. Many business owners start a blog to increase the traffic at their site and drive more engagement but many of them have one question they what should they blog about to keep customers engaged? The key to getting more engagement is to keep your customers in mind and know their interest and pain points and craft the content for them. If you keep your customers and clients on top of your mind there will be plenty of ideas to generate blog post on – Let’s have a look at the following suggested by top Atlanta seo experts.

  • Conduct a brainstorming session

You can get plenty of ideas if you will try to think about all aspects of your business. Create a list of topics that comes to your mind. Think about the relevant topics around your business, products, and industry and try to choose the topics that provide valuable information to the consumers and can educate them about your business. If you will do some brainstorming, gradually you will come up with some great ideas to blog about.

  • Look at your keywords

There may be some keywords in your researched keyword list that do not fit naturally with your page content, you can target those keywords in your blog posts and hence can generate topic ideas relevant to that keyword. This is really an effective way to target the keywords and drive more traffic to your site. Look for the keywords in your keyword list and get the topic inspiration from there.

  • See what others are writing about

If you are not getting any idea from above two methods, you can get some idea about reading other blogs in and outside your niche. You can see what type of content, style, and tone resonate with your target audience and will give you some idea on how can you write the blog post to increase the traffic and engagement rate at your site. Have a look at some of the popular industry blogs, take the topic idea from there and generate a piece of content in a unique way and style.

  • Talk to coworkers

Sometimes talking to your coworkers will enable you to have a completely new perspective and allows you to think in a different way. You can have multiple new blog ideas based on their experiences. For instance, you can talk to customer service department and can have the idea about what are the common questions of the customers and can provide solutions to their problems through the blog post.

Blogging can significantly improve your SEO results and help you in getting better rankings in SERP. There is always a plenty of topics to write about if you will seriously take the time to write and think about all possible aspects of your business.

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