3 types of videos to use in email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective kind of marketing technique through which your retain your customers and can make a loyal customer base. Incorporating videos in email can significantly boost traffic and engagement rate at your site. Videos are one of the most effective source to provide information to the users and hold their attention. If you will effectively use videos in email marketing you can easily meet your business goals. Provide relevant and useful videos to your subscribers in email and make sure that the topic of video should align with your email topic then only it is valuable for the audience.

Experts from Best Seo Company In Las Vegas suggests three types of videos which works well with email marketing –

Let’s have a look at some of the video ideas-

  • Educational Video

Educational videos which provide helpful and relevant information to the users works very well with email marketing and helps in getting more engagement. Consider providing how-to-videos and series of videos on common theme so that users can resolve their problems. Research the target audience know about their common concerns and issues and try to address their problems and provide them solutions with the help of videos and tutorials. You can create videos to help people through their customer journey and can get beneficial results through your email marketing campaign, turning leads to conversions to sales. You can also make video topic through FAQ section.

  • Teaser videos

Make sure you provide teaser videos of your upcoming event and new product launch. It will generate interest and curiosity among the subscribers and drive them to your site to know more about the new product or upcoming event. Incorporating teaser videos in your email marketing campaign will help in generating more leads, just make sure you include accurate and clear call to action. Try making a short video that show glimpses of your new product and provides sneak-peaks to the upcoming event so that it can build up interest among your loyal customers.

  • Branded videos

Consider providing behind the scenes of your company or organization through videos. Whether you are welcoming a new team member, promoting an event or attending a conference. Provide videos that show your company’s culture and personality and so that people can build up interest to connect with your brand. This type of video will give people an inside look to your company so that you can establish a relationship with them, this will provide a memorable experience to the users.

People love to watch videos and incorporating  videos in your email marketing can improve the click through rate by 7% to 13%.. Do not forget to include a clear call to action at the end of video, email body and landing page so that people can understand quickly and easily what action do they need to take. Videos can significantly improve your marketing campaign if executed and operated accurately. For more help and guidance contact the best seo company Chicago.

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