4 Ways To Search on Instagram and Increase Your Following

As we all know, Instagram is the topmost social media channel that is accessed most frequently by the millennials. Within last few months, Instagram has grown its following to an outstanding level. Instagram is a social media platform that is ranked as the most engaging social media channel in spite of fewer advertisements, fewer hyperlinks and only an active community. None of these factors matters because it is a platform that has the ability to reach to ‘n’ number of audience locally and globally both. Almost every company having its online presence is having their Instagram handles because it is a great platform to maximise your brand’s reach. The brands that are not having Instagram profiles are actually missing a lot of valuable opportunities.

If you want to establish yourself as a brand among your target audience make sure that you are having good search engine rankings. To get higher ranks in search engines, build effective social media profiles that cater to a large number of audience. The website ranking companies consider each and every bit of point before ranking any brand in search engines. For popular SEO agencies, it is important to follow these search ways to increase following:

  • Search by Hashtags

You can search by hashtags to know how many numbers of people are talking about that particular hashtag. There are two ways of searching for hashtags: First, click on the hashtag you’ve to search for directly either from the image description or from the comments. The other way is to use the search feature. Here you can write the hashtag you are looking for. It is a better way to search for a hashtag because it allows you to look at the other related hashtags to expand and broaden your search.

  • Search by Location

Enter the location you want to search for. This is an entirely new feature of the Instagram app. You just need to go to the places tab and use the search feature to find who has taken a picture at that particular location. Typing a location at Instagram search feature will enable you to go through the pictures of who visit that location and how frequently they’ve visited. It is a form of user-generated content that can be used after taking permission from the authorised person. Use location search to find local people who can come to your shop restaurant or store.

  • Search by keyword

Consider searching for a person or a page using its full handle if you already know whom you want to follow otherwise to explore broadly, consider searching by using keywords, it’ll help you find the related people and fans as well. For instance: if you’re a pet lover and searching for pages that are specifically designed for pets or you’re looking for pictures of pet lovers, you can find them out by using keywords that most people target to. Searching via keywords allow you to explore broadly within a wider area.

  • Search by user

If you know whom you want to follow then it is great and you are ahead of the competition. But, we advise you not to follow them directly rather open their page first because following directly will open a log of suggested pages and list of people that you can follow as well. But, you need to be targeted in spite to target. Getting targeted is your major goal.


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