3 Quick Tips To Attract Short Attention Spans

The audience is the major factor nowadays that is essential to consider whenever it comes to the smooth running of an online business. The marketing strategies for these online business includes a detailed and planned strategy that caters specifically to the target audience. It is much important for top SEO firms to capture the attention of the audience within a short span of time with its effective content marketing tactics.

Though it is one of the biggest challenges to creating content that has the ability to stand out of the competitive crowd. According to the content marketing experts of the SEO companies, it is found that the human attention span has dropped to 8 seconds. If the audience does not find what the writer is saying within 8 seconds, he’ll switch to another content and will leave yours there and then.

Here are listed the quick tips to attract the short attention spans of your audience:

  • Learn your audience and their needs

Knowing your audience plays a vital role in the content creation process. It is the first and the foremost thing that will help you to beat the attention span of your audience. Learn what your audience is expecting from you and what are their needs and demands because these are the only factors that are going to help you out in creating useful content for your target audience. There are a lot of ways through which you can understand what your audience wants from you. These small tips will help you in understanding your audience and also creating a great content for them. Let’s have a look at these basic tips:

  • Analyse the response of your target audience on your previous content.
  • Track how your audience is reacting to the content posted on social media channels.
  • Keep a track on social media platforms that are getting maximum response from the target audience.
  • Perform keyword analysis to find out what are the keywords that are most focused and searched the target audience.
  • Focus on structure

Yes! The structure of the content matters. It matters because it depicts the quality of the content that a brand has on its website as a blog or as a common description. The way of presenting a content is the thing that helps a brand to retain and maintain the interest of the reader. An organised and structured content helps readers to easily understand the content. For this make sure that you go through the checklist once to ensure the retention of the reader’s attention:

  • Avoid creating lengthy and complex sentences.
  • Divide your content into small paragraphs.
  • Create bullet list to highlight important points or subheadings.
  • Conclude the entire content at the end to ensure that the reader retains the actual meaning of the content in his mind.
  • Use relevant images

Without images or visuals, your content looks detailed and it becomes quite boring for the reader. Using visuals into the content makes it appealing and it also retains the interest of the reader. The images are used to separate the different sections of the content. For instance, the header image is used to introduce the content and other additional images are used to divide the content making it easy for the reader to go through the entire piece of content in the most engaging way. Images result into quick reading.

In the end

The aforesaid points or the quick tricks will surely help a business to drive enough traffic to the website and also helps you to retain their interest. Using these tricks in your content marketing strategy will help you gain the attention of your target readers within a short span of time and also will help you to retain them for a longer period of time on your website.

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