Know These Things Before Accepting Guest Posts

Guest posts are the part of your blogging page. Most of the brands, today, are having their own blog pages where they publish content that provides their target audience with informative, knowledgeable or advisable content. Usually, the content published on the blog page of a brand is created by its own content writing team or freelance writers, but the best SEO companies allow other people who are interested in writing content for these business firms to make a ‘guest post’ for them. The guest bloggers are the ones who posts a piece of content on the brand’s website occasionally. The guest bloggers are paid on the basis of a number of articles they send to the business firm.

Many people think that guest posting is about publishing content on other websites, but, it is actually not so. Many times the top firms from the Top SEO companies list allow others to guest post for their brand specifically and they get to pay in return of the post. Allowing guest posts on your blog enables you to grow the visibility of your blog page and automatically of your website. The guest bloggers always share the post that is written by them and published on your website. This sharing habit of the guest bloggers will promote your blog as well and substantially increase your brand’s reach. This tactic will bring traffic to your website and will also generate links that will further help you in getting better rankings in search engines.

Look at these important things before you accept any sort of guest posts for your blogging site or blogging page:-

  • Figure out your goals

Determine what do you want to achieve from the guest posts. Most of the brands allow guest posts only for the reason to drive more and more visitors, but there are many other reasons as well that you can aim at when you invite to guest post on your website. Determine what do you want your users to do like for example- you want them to subscribe to your email list or you want them to convert or you want an enhancement in click through rate, or you wish for a large number of social media followers. It is essential to have a planned strategy before you allow guest posting on your blogging page or website.

  • Create guidelines for the guest posts

To allow guest posts on your website, make sure that you create some guidelines for the blog post that every guest blogger has to follow. These guidelines should include every bit of detail about what kind of posts you are looking for, what should be the length of the post, what keywords you should opt for and many other such questions or to-do lists. The guest blogging becomes easier with these guidelines as the blogger knows clearly what you are looking for. The appealing to do list encourages guest blogger to contact you.

  • Give your social media presence a boost

The social media presence of your brand can be given a high-boost by using the increased traffic generated from the guest posts on your website. To give a little pick-up to the social media presence of your website, make sure that you include all social media handles on your website so that the visitor can access to them directly from your website’s homepage. Also, compulsorily include the links to your twitter and LinkedIn profiles on your either your website’s ‘contact us’ page or anywhere else on the website. Use every social media platform like Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc. to boost the social media presence of your website.

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