You Need to Stop Making These Customer Service Mistakes That Annoy Customers The Most!

As the time passes things change, preferences change, technology change. And so does the customer services needed to be changed.

Customer service provided by the company defines how delicately it is working towards its customers truly. Best reputation management companies states that most of the people use to think who does it affect and who look after such services, but do remember you are actually missing the real point. Customers share their affront by your customer support and if you don’t treat them well, they are not likely to turn back to you.

Here’s few of the major customer mistakes that you are already making which could then prove as a blunder and you need to improve them right now:

  • Timings to serve your customers implies that you are mean:

Usually the average working hours of many of the people are from 9 to 5 and even customer services keep their timings like that. So, the main question arise that what they think about customer services? You think that people take out time from their so much busy schedule of work and call customer support to solve their problems. This is actually so mean.

You must assign time maybe after 5 in the evening since then your customers will be able to share their issues more precisely and also could make trust upon you. Offer customer service not only on weekdays but even on weekends since this is the when people are usually free and could call you if they face any issue.

  1. Not showing up on social media:

Social media must be kept on the priority, and if it is not, then surely you are making some huge mistake and likely to lose a great opportunity. top 10 social media companies claims that people are nowadays always active on the social media sites and also find it relatively easy if they contact you directly with the help of social media. Social media platform also help people to get a personalized way to contact and also will tend to become more inclined towards your services.

Giving respond to their queries over social media channels and guide your customer support team about ins and outs of business. Train them how to deal on social media platform.

  1. No automated calls:

This is one of the most old practice for the customer services and it is still following widely even today. They use to set automated calls to give responses to their customers. Your customers would never want this kind of service, they always need a human who deal with their issues and just don’t follow the same old protocol.

You could also hire reliable team which have good communication for offering customer service so that people also feel good enough to trust them. Ask them to handle customers nicely and behave in nasty situations as well.

  1. Their feedbacks are just useless for you:

When your customers call don’t take it as another call for you. This is usually the huge mistake companies make. If people are calling you to share their feedback it simply means that they have taken out some time from their schedule to interact with you.

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