Little yet Efficient Secrets To Write Sales Emails That Your Prospects Will Actually Read!

Are you tired of writing emails, because they are getting ignored every time?

If your answer is “yes”, then don’t worry, you are not alone!

But before you take it as personally, try to stand in the shoes of your prospects. Your prospects gets hundred of emails every single day. No one really has the time to carefully read all those messages They have left with no choice than to spam them and quickly make a decision for which to read and which not.
Check out these wonderful strategies to write emails that your prospects will actually open and read:

  • Pay attention to your subject line and first sentence:

So many people work so hard while creating the body of a message and then hit a slap on all the message by giving pathetic heading to their message. Instead, you must focus on carefully crafting the subject line along with the very first line of your message.

According to a survey conducted recently by the mobile media marketing companies, most of the people likely to open their emails on their mobile devices. And they decides within 8 seconds that they wanted to open and read the whole message or not, simply by previewing the subject line and looking at the first line of the email only.

So, make sure that your subject lines to be simple and straightforward, and the first line of email should look as if it has written for an individual prospect.

  • Don’t go with the formality:

You must not worry about the quality, structure or formality of the emails, since no among your prospects really cares about that. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that formally written message gets deleted first from the inbox in today’s business world.

Always try to send casual and friendly messages to the prospects and show that you are actually interested in their interest and looking forward for a meeting.

  • Keep your intended message as short as possible:

Writing long chunks of message in an email is one the greatest mistakes usually all the sales people make while sending emails to the prospects, as shown by the email service provider rankings. Do not forget that your main aim is not to educate your prospect about the product or services you are offering. In fact you are looking to have a reply from them.

Prospects don’t like to read multiple paragraphs, rather, they will switch to some other message without even responding back to you.  Remember not to write emails no more than five to six sentences, or even more shorter, if possible.

  • Never forget to ask a question:

Since, the main aim for any of the sales email is to get the response back from the prospect, so always try to end your email by asking any question to them. But make sure you don’t write such questions like “Let me know if you have any question related to this?”

Instead of asking like this, you can ask directly that “Do any of the issue ring correct to you?” The simple and straightforward question are more likely to get the response back and make the conversation keep going.

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