Are You Still Using Meta Descriptions?

Meta descriptions plays the role of last promise to increase the list of visitors. Many marketers think that meta descriptions do not play any role in getting the leads and conversion rates. In the recent research done by some best seo companies, it was found that meta description still plays a critical role in being on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Meta description is the summarizing description of your webpage’s content. You are provide with 155 character snippet or a tag in the HTML to display meta description in the results by search engines. You miss good traffic when you do not use meta descriptions. This is one of the main reason that top 10 seo companies prefer using effective meta description to get leads and more visitors.

Let’s discuss some ways to write an effective meta description.

  • Use 155 Characters
    155 characters for meta description is seen as the best tradition. Although, if you will search for any rules and regulations, then you won’t find one for the same. But Google cut off the extra words that exceeds the width. This is a major reason of suggesting the marketers to use 155 characters.
  • Avoid Wadding
    Sometimes, marketers use keywords as a wadding in the meta description. It creates a negative impression and users do not prefer visiting your web page. Ultimately the ranking of your web site suffers.
  • Display the Benefit
    “Pay attention when you write meta description.” This is what we suggest our clients, because your meta description display the benefit of visiting to your website. Internet users always search for some informative content. Consequently, make it worth reading.
    • Unique Description
      Unique content receives good amount of traffic and increases the conversion rate. Likewise, the unique meta description also helps in attracting more internet users.
  • Relevant
    Imagine a situation when you are in a business meeting and the clients are talking about everything except business. How you will feel? You will get irritated. Likewise, irrelevant content irritates the user and they give negative feedback for your website. So, always use the relevant description of your content.


Meta description work as a CTA. When you write the meta description make sure that the user click the link and visit your web page. It is as important as the title. Do not overuse the the terms just to increase the density of the keywords. The meta description is a chance to improve the prospects of your website. Make out the best out of it and do not stop using it.

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