Marketing Techniques To Grab The Spotlight In 2017

The year 2016 is coming to an end. To welcome 2017 with all the joy and happiness in your organization you need to plan and prepare yourself with new and updated techniques and strategies to get your SEO done. The top SEO companies are prepared with new marketing strategies for continue their best SEO services to grab the spotlight in the coming year.

As a marketing agency, you need to find innovative opportunities to achieve the spotlight. The traditional marketing methods, T.V. commercials, pop-up advertisements are not going to work anymore. These are now becoming the old techniques of marketing. Hence, to get success in 2017 you need to plan accordingly and tie you shoe laces tightly to face the competition waiting for you ahead in the New Year.

According to a recent survey, “Just 11.5 percent of marketers say social media has actually made a positive, quantifiable impact on their brands. In 2017, the most successful marketers will be those who can mute competing messages without consumers even realizing it. This will be a year to experiment with platforms and tactics that reach audiences on their terms; when they’re open to receiving unscheduled messages from brands.”

Also read Top 4 digital marketing predictions for rest of 2016, to learn about the new challenges coming by the end of 2016 and in the starting of 2017. Here are few marketing techniques which are to be considered in the New Year:

  • Live experiences!

It is not the time to experiment anything. You have to be concrete about your plans and strategies and should start implementing them from the day one. Introducing live concerts and live sessions to spread awareness of your brand, is the best technique to grab the attention of your target group of people.

According to the recent survey on consumers reaction over live sessions, it was found that, “65 percent of consumers are positively accepting live events because these events led them to a better understanding of a product or service.”

  • Video: the best marketing source

It is further believed that in the coming year videos will take over the entire stage. It means that videos will raise the consumer internet traffic by approx. 70% and even by 80% if the videos will be featured on the landing page. Keeping these figures in mind, it can be said that the videos are going to rule in the coming year and is one of the fastest growing mode of content marketing over the internet. Vlogging will also be one of the major source of internet marketing in 2017.

  • The name game

The name game plays a vital role in the marketing of the brand and spreading awareness among a large group of people. Such a campaign attracts the attention of the consumers and increases the reach of your brand. The name game campaign includes a short campaign where consumer’s name will be used in the packaging of the product. Such a campaign called “Share A Coke” was started by Coke in the US to increase its reach.

  • Data

In 2017, data and analytics will be more important than ever to your campaigns. As you experiment with alternate platforms in an effort to better reach consumers, data will grant you the ability to identify, hone, and invest in techniques that create the strongest connections.

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