How to Build A Solid SEO Foundation

For every startup or small business, it is quite essential to get SEO done. Search engine optimization is the basic necessity for every organization whether a startup or a small business or an established top SEO company, to get its organic traffic increase. There are many such organization who didn’t follow SEO strategies in the beginning and later realized its value. Such companies started SEO at a later stage and got the great conversion results.

Therefore, the SEO experts from the top SEO agencies explained a process to such beginners or the small businesses to optimize their website and increase organic traffic with the help of search engine optimization. They suggest to plan an effective SEO strategy and work in a team to achieve targeted goals and to increase the conversion rate of your website.

To build a solid foundation for your website it is essential to create effective content, which will provide an identity to your brand’s website. The content is a key source of marketing. Consider the tips to market your SEO blog to know the importance of content marketing to build a solid identity of a startup or small business.

Here are some steps which will be helpful for you and your organization to build a solid SEO foundation:

  • Identify the issue

Being a startup and not a regular follower of SEO practices to optimize your website, you need to begin the process through identifying the issue you’re lacking behind. The issue may be getting your  site’s visibility, not on the first or second page of search engine result pages. Get to know why and where your brand’s website is falling behind.

  • See what the targeted prospects are searching for

After identifying the issue, Follow Keyword research: A tool for SEO to know what your targeted prospects are searching for. For this, use Google Adword Keyword Planner to check the frequently searched  keywords. Through this, you will find many long tail keywords which help directly or indirectly in optimizing your website and in return achieving higher ranks in Google SERPs.

  • Plan a sitemap

Also, plan a sitemap which includes hundreds of smaller keywords rather than one or two long tail keywords. This will help you increase your website’s visibility in search engines and thus will invite more organic  traffic to your website. Though long tail keywords are important to optimize content but so as are the small and medium-sized keywords which will increase the visibility of your website. There are a number of guidelines and best practices for building a sitemap, but it comes down to picking the most high-value keywords and building content that people will want to read.

  • Wireframe

Wireframe includes the images or set of images which display the functional elements of a website or a web page. Create wireframes for your website which are appealing and attractive to grab the attention of the audience to click on the web page and go through the website atleast once.

  • Copy

Create a conversational copy so that the readers feel comfortable while reading the content of the website. Include conversational terms and use language which is easy to read and understand, so that the readers get the proper meaning of what you want to convey. The copy redesign will help you a lot in building a strong foundation for your startup. Include these three points to create an effective copy:

  • Primary keywords into headers
  • Secondary keywords into sub heads
  • Long-tail keywords into copy
  • Design

Now design the website in a new manner including everything discussed above to get better results. The designing of a website includes proper optimization of content copy and get your website receive organic traffic and as a result, you get higher rankings in Google SERPs.

In a nutshell, following expert’s advice you’re going to get some exciting results for your website. The process explained above will surely help you in building a solid foundation for your startup and is also helpful for the companies who haven’t yet started SEO practices for their businesses.

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