7 Creative Lead Generation Ideas to Try

The whole Lead Generation process is tough -especially when you rely on the traditional techniques. Sending cold emails and scraping together lists can really be demoralizing because the fact is that most people even don’t want to talk to you.

What if you could still manage to reach to your lead generations goals using methods that actually add value for your prospects?

To walk you through some of the different options, here are some tried- and-true ideas that provide valuable information to prospects that help them instead of pushing them to buy from your brand.

#1. Collect and share success secrets from thought leaders.

Start by reaching out to a thought leader in your industry to provide a unique value in your content. By interviewing an expert to the uncover their secrets will prove the prospects that you are dedicated to delivering the best advice out there.

#2. Make awesome help videos to solve issues of the prospects

Help videos can solve a real problem more effectively that’s both entertaining and easily digestible.

For example, a video hosting and analytics company, Wistia has a whole series of videos for those who want to shoot videos.

As it is video hosting platform, publishing content on how to use its products strictly applies to those who are already there customers.

If the videos provided by Wista, helps the brands to create value for people who may not even be familiar with Wista, they are more likely to come again and may eventually come to the site to purchase a subscription.

#3. Create a quiz

You can offer a quiz to your website visitors as a creative way to learn more about them and obtain their contact information. The goal is to exchange the result of the quiz in return of new leads which can be very effective when done in right way.

#4. Provide best practices for a challenging tactic.

When you explore for the marketing tactic in a blog post or ebook, you want to know what others are doing to have success with the same tactic. Encapsulating those best practices into a list is extremely useful to the marketer looking to get started in a particular arena.

For example, you can something like Hubspot has done by creating a comprehensive list of SEO best practices from different experts, which aims to help its target audience achieve a greater return on investment from content marketing.  And in exchange for their contact information, they get insider tips from a variety of expert sources.

#5. Show what’s working for you

Consider writing a transparent post that pulls back the curtain on something you have seen success( or failure) which your potential leads could find interesting. Other companies also who are going through the same stage of growth or approaching your size, can gain a lot of insight and ultimately avoid making the same mistakes.

Once you find people are interested in the resources you are providing, you can provide the detailed strategy guide as a final CTA.

#6. Offer a deep-diver answer for a tough question

You might find many answers to any questions you might have on the Internet. But how many of them are really good? Taking a time to create the in-depth, step-by-step guide article that answers the burning question for your prospects serves as the opportunity to generate a lead. Providing the best answer will help you get the leads.

#7. Create a worksheet that simplifies the process

There are certain tasks in every business that are best suited by a worksheet. For instance, a software company might use a worksheet to formulate the marketing strategy. By providing people a simple worksheet to fill out and trading that worksheet for an opt-in, you can create a mutually positive relationship with prospects.

Godaddy, for example, created a template for reviewing your website that is focused on content and design.

Take a look at how Godaddy do this below –

This blog post provides a lot of valuable information. Readers then have the option to share their information in exchange for the worksheet. This worksheet converts because it’s helpful and makes visitors want to get more information from a great resource.

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