Look At These 6 Powerful Statistical Data, Which Prove The Significance of Product Video For Ecommerce!

It is a well known fact that producing a quality video for your product is quite hard. The reason is nowadays, equipment is very expensive and the specialist, who know about it, costs even more. For that reason, many eCommerce businesses settle for the images as well as graphics just to get the job done.

These few of the video marketing statistics provided by the seo leeds, will prove that video is no less than an investment which is worth making. Let’s have a look to get a more clear vision:

  • Video usually appears at least 14% Of the Internet Search Result

We all have the habit to search for the various products on the search engine, 14% of the result among the available one, shows very well be the product video. And if you don’t have upload any videos related to your products,yet, you have already lost the significant amount of audience.

In fact Google has declared that video campaigns will be grouped soon like any other ad, by the help of AdWords. Which simply means that video will be shown more on Google searches.

  • More than 73% Visitors Who has Watch Product Videos are more likely to purchase

seo in milton keynes has revealed that the products are more likely to buy by the visitors if you make videos for them. There are quite valid reasons for this fact and one of the most essential thing to note down, though, is simply those videos for your products do prompt more buys. That’s actually the biggest and most significant statistic you need.

  • Almost 46% Will go to the physical store, if Video Is not Available

Showrooming has nowadays, been considered the trouble for all the brick-and-mortar store’s existence, but it can go in the other direction, as well. If you have visitors on your web site who actually want to buy the products which you are offering, they may drive to some nearest physical store. If they do that, there are more chances that you will lose that purchase.

Rather than letting your buyers go away from your site without any reason, provide them with product videos so that they can see your items in action.

  • More than 71% of Consumers tend to Think that Video Explains the Product Better

When potential buyers feel like that they understand the products which you are selling, they’re more likely to take a chance to purchase that item and spend their money. Video is believe to clears up a lot of that kind of confusion. And this is what your marketing is all about, to provide the quality content.

  • More than 57% Are Less Surprised By the videos of the Products

Those buyers who watch the videos of the products and understand that what they are going to buy are less likely to get surprised by the products when they arrive at their doors. As you may imagine, those consumers who are already aware of the product and its usage as well, are usually end up more happier. And happy customers don’t return a product for any refund or replacements.


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