Top Quotes By Sundar Pichai That Will Change Your Perspective Towards Work

Are you bored from your work or you want something interesting to be added in your work? If it so, then you must look forward to what Sundar Pichai has to say in this regard. Surely, it is going to be beneficial for you. Few days back Sundar Pichai visited IIT KGP. There he addressed 3500 students, professors and media in a talk of an hour. He felt nostalgic after visiting to his own place of education. Sundar Pichai’s invigorating session included something quite important for everyone present there.

Well, here are some quotes with their explanations that were said by Pichai to the people he was addressing at the IIT KGP campus. These quotes can prove of great value to the students and the employees of the various organisations including top SEO professionals to grow and prosper in their jobs. Let’s have a look on the following strong quotes by Sundar Pichai.

  • ‘At Google we have an ambitious approach to things we do we call it Moon shots.

According to Pichai it is essential to learn to let go at all level of the company or an organisation. It is important for a company head to trust others (employees) to do the right thing. He asks people to value creativity and experiences of doing things. Pichai further says that everyone does well in all phases of life and it is essential to have a perspective in life. Students were advised to believe in what they’re doing and to understand things deeper. He says to follow your dreams and how to play life is all up to you.

  • We try to work on things which billions of people will use every day.’

‘Ensure that you are surrounded by good people all around’, says Sundar Pichai. He says that the making other people successful is foremost to do, and eliminating the barriers and roadblocks is the secondary task to make such successful people. The things are progressing online in India at a rapid rate. He also believes that mobile is an amazing revolution in digital India. Since digital market in India is growing faster, more people are getting the advantage of it. Digital platforms in India tend to answer all the probable queries of the potential audience every day.

  • ‘We see to it that it solves real problems for them’

Value team work, it is quite important for every business to do. Pichai believes to set up a company where people love to work  together and set up collaborative cultures. Pichai also believe that with the technological advancements and increase in the adoption rate by Indian companies, the day is not far when top global companies will come from India.

  • ‘We aim high.’

Pichai advised the large audience present at the campus to aim high. He says that aims should be such that make you fall once or twice, coz if you’ll not fall down you’ll not be able to accomplish your targeted goals. Pichai believes that one has to be all rounder and he should try everything in his life. He urges people to take risks to fly high.


The aforesaid quotes of Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai enable a person to love his work life and enjoy everything that comes his way. These inspirational quotes are worth appreciation for you and every person working out there in the digital or technological era. The top SEO experts will be highly benefitted by these quotes and they’ll surely achieve success in their field.


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