Why Instagram Surpassed Snapchat In 2017

The two major social media platforms creating the buzz from sometime are Instagram and Snapchat. According to top 10 SEO agencies there was a tough competition between the two last year and Instagram has managed to win with 600 million monthly active users till now. Albeit Snapchat is the craze among the teenagers but Instagram remained on the top by giving place to marketing also.

Why has Instagram been able to create all that noise?

1.Major changes in major offers:

Instagram has always been there with something new in its features. This social media app now carries upto 100 million users which had initiated its journey by just being an image sharing app. At present it provides the best place for marketing and marketers are making complete use of it in raising their business standards. It now offers disappearing photos and videos in Direct, bookmarks and many other features. Instagram is also  working hard to give its users their own safe place for self-expression. While if we see for Snapchat it was busy in its testing ads and filters without much enhancement.

2.Expanding user base:

As discussed above, Instagram had always been ready with something or the other. It has also provided many meaningful ways for entrepreneurs to connect with their ideal customers. Earlier people used to post only a simple picture whenever they wanted to tell it to the world where they are. But the newly emerged Instagram is more significant, which is no more a photo sharing platform but a huge place for businesses.

Demographics of Instagram are also expanding as stated by top 10 SEO agencies. At present, 30 to 49 years aged audience form the 28% of the Instagram users.  Another 11 percent of users fall in the 50 to 64 years of age.

The app offers different services to its users according to the age group. The unpolished and disappearing photos and videos appeal to teenagers and youngsters. On the other hand the exquisite content and product placement is liked by the older users. Instagram makes them want to get out their wallets and buy up all of it.

3.Proper use of resources:

As you all know the parent company of Instagram is the powerful of all, Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg invests highly in enhancing the app and its development every moment. There are many resources which are used to upgrade the performance and provide the best out of it. No other app has ever invested so much in resources to bring out so many features in a line back to back.

In the end…

Addition of tons of major features and specialties from multiple other networks in a single package has made Instagram The master of all the services. Its substantial existing size, is not going to see any downfall as Its ability to meet the demands of every section of  demographics is superb. It is surely going to beat Snapchat in the coming years too.

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