Psychology Behind The Killer Domain Name!

For running a successful business, it is one of the most important thing that you choose the killer domain name. You domain name is the only thing which sticks to your brand, products or services for the very long time, becomes the label for your business and characterize your business.

seo in london stated that you should choose your domain name at the same time you decide your company name since, while choosing your domain name which matches exactly as your business name gives more chances to be remembered by the audience and allows to be unified with your branding.


The brain has the capability to make the things easily remember, especially if it has certain qualities. Take a look at all those factors:

  • Uniqueness

The best domains which people tends to remember is not the one which is ordinary. But of course the one which have the ability to stand out of the crowd. Try to make your domain name bit unique.

  • Visual

The brain has the tendency to remember which is allows to touch or something which is visual. According to seo services manchester visuality enhances the memorability.

  • Catchy

The more easy, readable and attractive it look, the more it is easier to remember it.

  • Ordered

Memorization is eventually related with organization. The more it is organized , more it is likely to be memorable.

Make it short

Your domain name have to be short enough, if you want it to be remembered by your audience or if your audience find it easy to type. Try to choose a short, sweet and easily memorable domain name, even if it does not contain any keyword. Don’t go unnecessarily for too much keyword, since it did not attract much traffic.

Make it relevant

A domain should always reflect some of your qualities of what your company does. Good company name posses certain features such as attention grabbing, unique and without being blandly declarative. Since blandly declarative name are more likely to be forgotten quickly by the people.

Keep in mind, especially if you are running a new startup to make your domain name relevant.

Make it Simple

The most simple domain names are the best one. Especially the one which contains one or two words, with dot in between. According to seo services manchester, here is the list of the domain names which you should alway avoid:

  • Hyphens:

If you chooses to make hyphens between your domain name, only few people will remember it.

  • Numbers:

This is so obvious that no one can remember whether you have marked “five” or “5”. therefore , it is strongly recommended to avoid using numbers in your domain name.

  • Abbreviation:

Using abbreviation in your domain name will make it look ugly and will be easily forget by people.

  • Creative spelling:

Some people like to twist the common spellings to make it more attractive. For example, instead of using ‘design’, people write ‘dzine’ to make it look creative. But actually, it might looks attractive and appealing in offline world. But it does not make effective domain names.

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