Is Your Business Video Great Enough To Attract Customers?

Visual content is creating the buzz these days, in fact not only these days it has been spreading its magic from a long time since the mobile era came into being. People now have the fastest internet speed, small screens to carry anywhere and of course quick platforms to connect with your content anywhere, anytime. So, is your business video powerful enough to attract people’s attention where competition is on its peak? You are not sure because you created it just like that. But it seriously matters a lot as it will decide whether people understand your brand or not, whether they feel you are trustworthy or not and a lot more things.

If you are thinking of creating a business video here are some points to keep in mind:

1.Recording decisions:

According to top SEO firms, if you have to post several videos of shorter duration of time then your smartphone is the best option. Rather than taking a selfie video with your hand it’s better you use a selfie stick as it will maintain a distance and will also help to record clear videos. If you consider your smartphone to be the best option then there is no need to look over other points.

2.Equipments and light intensity:

You need a better video camera if you want high quality videos of longer duration. Along with it, also get a lapel microphone with a tripod stand to enhance your shooting. You will also need a  three-light kit that has square lights. Now when you have all the equipments you should know how to record. There are many excellent tutorials online about how to set up the lights and background. Top SEO firms recommend to go through some of the most popular videos on YouTube, how far they stand from the camera lens, and how much they move. Draw the exact positions on the piece of paper and practice accordingly.

3.Where can you shoot?

Decide the place where you want to record your video. Whether it would be indoors, outdoors or a studio. While shooting outside make sure you do not have a distractive background or anything reflecting there. There should be no noise of animals, cars or factories. It would be better to stand in front of a meaningful background which relates to your video.

4.What should you wear?

The rule says you should never wear anything containing stripes or small patterns because they will show up blurry. You should also avoid solid red or orange because they will appear too bright in the lights. People with light skin color should wear something dark specially when they are shooting in front of a light or pale background. On the other hand people with dark complexion should choose pastels to attract attention to their face.

5.What should be the content?

The most important point is the content which you will be showing in your video. First decide whether you are the video expert and need only the bullet points to cover the whole video or you need the entire script. If you are in the former category then there is no problem because all what you need are some points to be displayed on front of you and hang it higher than the camera on the tripod. You could also use those flip charts that have sticky backgrounds and put them as cue cards on the wall behind your camera.

You can rent a teleprompter or set up your laptop or iPad to become one.

  1. Call to action:

Always end your video with a call to action. For example you can say visit my website www. or, call us on the number displayed on the screen or, get a free copy of my ebook here. This will prompt the viewers to find out more about you.

These were some ways important for you to know while creating a business video. It is about your work hence it should not be taken lightly. Make your content catchy and informative and you will definitely see the results.

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