Best things to Start, Keep doing and stop with Email Marketing!

Email marketing offers a powerful tool to keep your customers encourage and engaged with your content. Email marketing practices is still growing. Gmail has more than 1 billion active users and according to seo company london, it will become more than 3 billion by the end of 2020.

No doubt, email marketing has been increasing tremendously, but unfortunately, it is not working well.

Here’s what are the key strategies which you should start implementing, avoiding or keep up in the future.

  • Send email to the list which wants to hear from you

If you have list of email with low engagement, stop sending them right at the moment. seo in york says that treat the email subscriber the same way you wanted to treat your inbox.

If you receive any email, with unnecessary content, you just delete it, or mark it as read. Same way, every time you send email to low engagement subscriber, it will decrease your domain reputation.

  • Have a goal for each email before you send.

If you don’t have a goal for the emails, the recipients won’t know what the aim is. Goals must include a contact filling to provide your team with more information .

Give recipients options like calls-to-action and links in text, and try to make your emails flexible.

  • Personalize and test your emails.

Email personalization had more clickthrough rates than emails which didn’t.

When it comes to personalizing, stick with basics. Personalize as per recipient names and company names, but avoid being creepy.

Nothing is less personal than writing a “Dear Customer”, so make sure you’re sending to recipient names.

  • Send emails from a personalized account.

Don’t send emails from “noreply” account. Enhance your engagement by personalizing “from” address to receive replies from subscribers instead of “”

  • Be thoughtful about your subject line.

Don’t write any subject lines without thinking. When people click on email and immediately bounce away when they feel that your subject line isn’t genuine, your clickthrough rates will decline. Try to personalize subject lines and experiment with emojis.

  • If people stop opening your emails, find out what’s going wrong.

If your email open rate is declining, it means you’re missing the expectations and you must prepare for worse outcomes. It’s an indicator that unsubscribes are coming, and you need to immediately shorten your un engaged subscribers that you’re responding to feedback.

  • Engage with them who’ve submitted forms, not with those whose information you’ve imported.

When someone fills a form and provides email address, their engagement rates are higher than contacts which you’ve imported. Because they want to hear from you and your content. Try not to  buy email lists, you’re hurting your credibility with people who haven’t asked to hear from you.

These are few of the basic things stated by the chester seo, which you should start implementing, avoiding or keep up with your email marketing. What are the strategies which you follow.

Don’t forget to mention them in the comment box below. We will be back with some more interesting and knowledgeable blogs. Till then stay tune!


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