Are Customers Leaving Without Buying- Boost Your Conversion Rates

Being an online marketing company, you must be thinking of designing and launching a website that can help you drive customers and generate revenue for your business. It is good if you’re thinking the same. But, only designing an attractive website will not help you achieve your goal of conversion. It means that apart from driving visitors, it is quite essential to convert them into potential buyers.

The experts of the SEO services company opines that ‘getting tremendous traffic to your website is great, but that traffic should also be taking the most important step i.e. making a purchase’. Conversion rate optimization is necessary for your SEO company if it aims at making a huge profit. Though you have the best website in your industry, but it is useless unless visitors led to make a purchase and convert themselves into potential buyers.

Here are some tips that’ll help you to boost conversion rates of your business:

  • Have an obvious call to action

Avoid creating a flashy website that confuses the would-be buyer. More colours and buttons on a website are the biggest reason why visitors move away from your website and choose any other option. To ensure the stay of your target visitors on your website make sure that you remove the unnecessary clutter from your website and make purchase call to action clear, quick and obvious because the potential customers do not have much time and patience to invest in making purchases.

  • Give customers reason to buy

Make sure that you give your site visitors to rely on you to a purchase. Reviews and recommendations from customers, testimonials and samples of your past work projects may serve as a source of establishing credibility among your target audience. All these prospects may serve them a reason to buy from your website.

  • Look at the overall website before optimizing it for conversion

Before optimizing your website for conversion make sure that your past customers had a great experience with you and that is reflected through your testimonials. A slow and cluttered website with poor user experience will induce the visitors to click away from your website. So, ensure that the user experience elements are working well to optimize your website for conversion. These elements include- page load times, clear content and page authority.

  • Use the right images and colours

As you all know that images catch more attention than the words. But, make sure the images and colour you use in your website are correct and they should go with the message you want to convey to your audience. The different images evoke different emotions. So, ensure that the image used in the website brings emotion (that you want to convey) in your prospective buyer.

  • Use the right wording

It is quite essential to use the right wording in your website because every call to action needs to be specific and clear and also it should state the action you want your prospective customer to take. Consider using words that your customers will understand and are the ones that they want to hear. Try explaining them the use of the product or service in a clear and simple language.

  • Create custom landing page

Every website is required to have a dedicated landing page. These pages help in preventing a website from having too much clutter. You can also opt to customise a landing page, but make sure that you begin with the content first and then do the designing. In this way, the layout, colours and the design will highlight and support the call to action and will not detract from it.


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