How To Attract Millennials- The Hardest To Reach Generation

According to the top SEO experts, ‘80 percent of the internet is accessed through mobile devices’ and the reason behind this is the changing habits of the millennials. The millennials are frequently and very easily adapting the changes in the digital world. Though they are the hard to reach generation but, when it comes to the adoption of new technology and changes therein, they always welcome them. Because they want everything A La Carte and on-the-go!

To reach the millennials, it is mandatory to know how they consume or perceives the content and how their habits are changing- either by platform, moment or simply depends on their mood. It is important to creating a strong, vibrant and revenue-smart content strategy for your business that coincides with mobile lifestyles and also attract a large number of millennials.

  • Where are Millennials spending their money?

It is an important point to know when you’re thinking to attract the millennials towards your business. According to a study by the experts, ‘millennials consume news and a lot of it. Approx 80 percent of them keep on saying that the news is important to them and around 65 percent of them consume news daily. An inevitable fact about them is that around 40 percent of the millennials personally pay for the news out of their pockets’. To understand where they’re actually paying, you have to consider looking at other trends like ‘watching TV’ etc. Millennials want to cut the trend of paying to the channels rather they care about paying for the content they like.

The SEO vendors bring forth few tips that help the brands to drive millennials to their online business:

  • Start Windowing

You should consider granting free and unlimited access to your website and mobile site. If they’ll like the content on your website, then they’d like to purchase premium plans to access more content of your website. This is a great way to give people a sense of what premium offering feel like.

  • Micropayments

Millennials love micropayments a lot. When they aren’t ready to take a leap for the content they liked a lot, they’ll prefer paying for those articles or the content. They prefer all this because the payment process is speedy as well as simple. Also, the refunds are as quick as the payment is.

  • A La Carte Pricing For Special content

Many of the readers of your brand’s content fall into millennials demographic, where they may filter their choice of content they’re interested in. Since millennials are ready to pay for the content they want, they can choose separate payment options for the separate content type.

  • Selective Metering

Consider offering a great content in the low-traffic period or introduce ‘happy hour’ on your website. Because the adoption habits of people change from moment to moment, platform to platform and a meter can evolve as rapidly as a person can.

  • Smart Collaborations

Millennials consume a wide range of services and they love collaborations. When you collaborate with a good brand in your industry, there are chances to attract more millennials to your business website.

What Platform Do Millennials Love The Most?

It is a point that is essentially be taken into account while targeting millennials. At present, nearly 70 percent of digital media is consumed via mobile devices, as it is the key resource for content marketing. Experts say that around 35 percent of the millennials first grab their phones in the morning as soon as they woke up. Thus, smartphones or mobile is the biggest platform to market your content in order to attract the millennials.


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