The Benefits of Nofollow Links

The no-follow attribute i.e rel=”no follow” tells the search engine bots to not follow the links or essentially to ignore it. The link is not considered when search engine determines how trusted the web page is. For SEO purposes, these types of links may at first seem as worthless. They might not be passing the coveted link juice but here’s what they are doing as per the Fremont SEO experts.

  • Delivering Traffic to your site

Who do you care about more at the end of the day, the search engine spiders or the people that may buy your products or services? Hopefully, your answer will be ‘people’. No follow links look the same as any other link on the web to the people that are browsing the web. A majority of people out there don’t even know what nofollowed link is. If someone sees a link to a page that looks interesting, they will simply going to click on it.  If a link is nofollowed, but your target audience members, who really cares that, will see if it’s nofollowed?

  • Increasing sales

Links (follow or nofollow) deliver traffic to your site. Traffic generates conversions in the form of calls, sales, leads etc. Conversions equal money. So this is how it simply increases sales.

  • Generating other links

Apart from generating traffic to your sites, links are also generating awareness of your company/brand/business and what it offers. A nofollowed link can  result in links that ‘are followed’.

For instance, you publish a press release about an upcoming event. Press release links are nofollowed. It’s not going to do anything for SEO. However, an  influential blogger in your industry sees the news. Probably they will recommend the event to their audience and link over to your site from their blog. That followed blog link makes a natural link that does help your SEO.

  • Keeping you Link Portfolio Natural

When it comes to SEO link building one important thing to keep in mind is that its really important to have a diverse link portfolio. If all your links are from same few sources and are all those links are followed links then the Google might suspect over it and look into what you are up to. On the other hand, if a website has links from the varied relevant sources, it looks more natural.  Many links that you want to have today (press links, social links) are nofollowed so there should be a healthy balance.

  • Telling the search engines that you play by the rules

It is an SEO best practice to nofollow most, if not all, of the links that you create yourself. These links include content links (guest posts, press releases) and paid links (ad, niche directory). It’s quite obvious when someone responsible for the site is creating the link. Abide by the rules and allow natural links to build gradually over time to give you that ‘link juice’ that you desire.

Working with SEO companies in Salt Lake city, you will get a perfect guidance and help to build a solid link portfolio for your website.


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