Top Hacks to Generate more Sales and Revenue to your Website!

In our earlier post, we mention about some of the best tips to increase sales and revenue to your website. Since website is a significant business tool, here we are providing you with few more tips  which can help your website to grow significantly.

  1. Use an exit popup offer.

Generating traffic to your website isn’t that easy and inexpensive! Even if you aren’t using ppc management software and paying for every visitor, the time and effort which SEO and social media marketing needs assigns a financial value to every person who lands on your website.

Many visitors among them who leave will never return back, so why not to use best option to convert them?

Popup exit offers performs a great job to increase the conversion rates. Even the modest conversion increases must be welcomed. By the time this exit capture could actually improve your entire return on investment.

  1. Include testimonials and trust signals.

If your website visitors believe your business, there are more chances that they will make purchases and give in their information. Including testimonials from customers is an efficient way to make trust. Showing accreditations will also assist to make your visitors comfortable.

Whatever you do, make sure of not to include any fake testimonials. They can immediately make your customer distrust your brand.

  1. Split test landing page changes.

Many times the slightest changes might lead to the largest conversion. There are few easy-to-use tools available like unbounce which allow you to make multiple landing page with little differences to check what options convert better.

Sometimes as simple as changing color of your action button could produce shocking enhancements.

  1. Switch to simple flat fonts.

If you take a look at some landing pages which creates thousands of leads everyday, you will see that they are all simple while it comes to the font used by them.

Many company use to spend a fortune on paid search, and if that style fail to work it wouldn’t be using it. Using simple font also allow to look simple and elegant on all the devices such as mobile, desktop or tablet.

  1. Deliver your message with an explainer video.

Sometimes you have to take the attention of visitor in an innovative manner. Customers can become immune to some offers so you have to introduce smarter ways to grab their attention. By using an explainer video over your website or landing page companies to demonstrate your product or service can help your conversion to grow high.

A successful explainer video is tend to be captivate, entertaining as well as educating the viewer but make sure that you include a quality video. Because, if it is poorly produced then you are going to push away your visitors. Ensure that the quality reflects your brand.

These are some of the basic tips. Do you have any extra suggestions to add? Have you ever try to made any changes to your website which resulted in increase of sales and revenue? If yes, we would love to read your experience in the comments section below.

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