Here Are Some Awesome Lead Generation Plugins For Your WordPress Site

Generating traffic and conversion are the two final words which every business owner has on his mind. There’s no doubt for this, they present the best services and products along with a well structured website with beautiful content. But they need a little bit more every time. Everyone knows getting huge traffic and converting them is not an easy deal and you need to know about it more.

Well, WordPress is one of the most prominent platforms people are using today. There are several reasons according to top 10 SEO Firms In Fremont why people choose it to start their website and one of the reasons among them is the availability of plugins. There are many plugins which can even help you to boost your traffic and make your lead generation process easy.

So, find out about those plugins here:


An email list is the most important thing needed by a business which is operating online. You know that very well, so, mailchimp is here. Mailchimp is an autoresponder which helps to create lists, signups forms and emails in exactly the same way as you want.

The major problem which most of the people face is how to create a compelling opt in form but with the availability of mailchimp this problem is also solved. You have several doubts what to embed, how to design and many more but you do not have to be worried if you have Mailchimp installed.

2.Social platform buttons:

All the social networking platforms are your gateway to reach out to maximum people you can. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Snapchat and even Google plus are excellent platforms on which to share your content and to generate engagement. This is what the second plugin is all about. When you install Easy Social Share Buttons on your website, it becomes easy for your readers to share that content with their friends on any platform. Even you can share it easily with the audience.You can place those buttons in header, footer or within the content. Doing so will encourage people to help you get additional exposure so that you can grow your business.


The third and the last plugin which can help in you generating leads is Icegram according to top local seo companies services in Houston. It has more features than you would expect to find in a single tool that too for free. For instance, you can use Icegram to create pop-ups and notification bars that will surely increase your results. These notifications which include pop-up, slide in or stay on, can be easily setup based on purpose, screen size, type of visitor and where they’re from.

These three plugins are the ultimate thing you would need to achieve your final target, your leads. If you have not installed them till now you are losing a big opportunity right in front of you.

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