7 Tips For Creating Effective Content In 2017

Quality content plays a vital role in marketing, promoting or advertising the top SEO firms. Most of the business firms rely upon content marketing for demand generation and brand building, also content helps in targeting younger demographics. The millennials believe in content creation by the experts so that they can target approximately 80 percent of the audience to be entertained by content marketing itself.

To target audience to your niche, you have to focus on creating effective content in 2017. Here are listed below some tips that will tell you how to create such an effective content:

  • Write in your voice: Make sure that you create authentic content that can help you engage and interact effectively with your target audience. Authentic content created using your own voice enable the audience on the other side of the computer to understand what you want to convey to them. Using the same language that is known to your audience as well makes them engage with you as relatable, real humans behind the screen of a computer. Using your own voice and mode of expressing anything will make your content easy to read and understand by your target audience as they will feel like talking to you rather than just reading a content. They will feel interactive and the content will become interesting for them.

  • Optimize content for search engines: Creating an effective content that is engaging is not an only task to do to capture your audience. Your content should be easy for the readers to find on the web. For this, you have to conduct a short research to come up with the ideas that are appropriate to your industry or your brand. Insert in your content, the targeted keywords or keyword phrases the visitors will enter in while searching for your service or product within a subject. Consider creating different content based on those keywords, so that it assists in boosting your brand’s ranking in search engine pages.

  • Create content that informs and educates: If your brand is involved in organising any event or promotional activity, then you should present it as a portion of bigger conversation like audience engagement, industry insights etc. keep your target audience updated about products, services or any other related information of your brand. Consider informing them about product offerings, special holiday hours or unexpected closings, and anything in regard to your SEO company which will help them in staying interested and informed.

  • Publish content regularly: In order to keep your audience engaged, consider publishing your content regularly. If at a specific period of time, you’re having nothing to post from your content library, then, to fill the gap you can consider sharing content from the reputable sources of your industry. This will help you in standing at a safer side as empty space speaks much louder than the filled space.

  • Schedule posts ahead of time: If there is any event being organised by your brand or in your industry, then, consider publishing about it directly before it starts. It draws the more attention. You can also use scheduling feature to develop updates ahead of time. You can also consider creating an editorial calendar to schedule your routine, which includes blog entries, social media posts, press releases, and articles etc.

  • Be creative: Creativity is the essence to capture audience’s attention. To answer the queries of your audience or giving solutions to their problems, you can use animated GIFs instead of static images, videos instead of boring long content, insert GIFs in email or simple blog post to increase interaction. The GIFs, videos and images are easy to load and they help in understanding what the brand wants to convey to the audience.

  • Share content on social media: Increase awareness among the targeted audience by sharing your content or links to it on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. There may be various ways to post content on social media, you can use diversified ways to maximise the reach of your content among the diversified group of audiences.


Engaging, interactive and fresh content will help your brand in improving search engine optimization, drawing visitors to social media pages and websites, and establishing a more strong connection with current clients. Ensure to keep the above tips in mind while reviewing your content for 2017. It might take extra effort and time, yet it’ll pay off in the long run!


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